World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2254
Sees the Feng Wu such good facial expression, Shen Xiang to know that Feng Wu congealed the skeleton to come. Some how many?” Shen Xiang smiled, asks. Feng Wu stretches out three fingers, sweet smiles to Shen Xiang: I must hunt and kill different divine beast now, my skeleton also needs Divine Soul!” Good, careful!” Shen Xiang nodded. Feng Wu had three skeletons, this promotes the True Disciple lowest standard! middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill has not been suiting her, what now need is High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill! Returns to Immortal's cave shortly, Hua Lang came. Brave brother came back, moreover with his brothers together, he makes me want to tell you, they wait / etc.!” Hua Lang appears is very excited. A Lang, do you such happily do? Did you concentrate a skeleton?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Naturally does not have, I have not planned to practice now, wait for the idle time to say again!” Hua Lang said: I excitedly because of brave elder brother's brothers, fame above brave Brother, moreover was missing for ten thousand years, does not know how the brave brother is found him!” Was missing for ten thousand years?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised: „Is he also the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains disciple?”

Naturally is, is the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains legendary disciple, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains every other a period of time big ratios, but brave brother brothers, once in this greatly compared in, defeated many True Disciple, therefore praises, but afterward he also offended the Dan God institute, forced out the hundred thousand year by the Dan God institute, he was that time is also missing.” Hua Lang said. Dan God institute so-called forcing out, does not give Divine Pill and helps to refine Divine Pill! Regarding the disciple this is very fatal, because True Disciple can purchase skeleton Divine Pill by very materially beneficial price like the Dan God institute, but needs to help the Dan God institute handle something, but always not being able to buy High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill is better. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Brave elder brother's brothers should be hide, has not been missing, he rather divine yuan stone to other influence, does not give the Dan God institute evidently.” Hua Lang then narrated that has the matter about Teng Yong that brothers, named Jing Ze, already cultivated hundred Godhead, moreover Sword Dao that cultivates, many skeleton nobody know that only knows he in True Disciple, can arrange to first five, Divine Sword of use is King-Grade Divine Sword. Teng Yong came, he was calling the Shen Xiang's name outside Immortal's cave. Shen Xiang opened the door hastily in the past, after the gate opens, Teng Yong hastily wears the person of bamboo hat to draw of his side. This person takes off the bamboo hat, to Shen Xiang lightly smiled, he is Jing Ze, is one looks like very gentle middle age, keeps two to cast aside the beards and a handful beards, when he smiles narrows the eye, is very kind. Big brother, this is my brother Jing Ze!” Teng Yong said: I ran many places to find this bastard.” A Yong his manner I understood, since he called you for the big brother, but I arrived here with him, then explained that perhaps I must shout you a big brother.” Jing Ze said.

Before Teng Yong, had said with him Shen Xiang to the High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill matter, this really has big attraction, does not need massive divine yuan stone, does not need to handle some excessive matters, can obtain High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill. This is two grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, since you must call my big brother, then I cannot stingy.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: To be honest, I must establish a small influence, for the present my own security, you should be able to guess correctly that I was Dan God, my alchemy technique not compared with Dan God institute these old fellow difference, but I do not want to be controlled by them, therefore can only go out of one to say.” Does against with the Dan God institute! This is the matter that Teng Yong and Jing Ze love, moreover now Shen Xiang must smash the rice bowl of Dan God institute, but after having pounded, will be threatened by the Dan God institute, truly needs some people to protect is good. They can want to understand quickly. Big brother you could rest assured that so long as is the Dan God institute does against, I support certainly!” Jing Ze received that two grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, his hand also somewhat shivers, he has been busy for nearly ten thousand years, gets so far as two grains of quality poor High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, but now just and Shen Xiang met obtains two grains. Our present strengths must with the Dan God institute Elder Courtyard resistance, but also is far from enough, therefore we must result in win over to be many some expert, the Divine Pill aspect does not need to be worried.” Shen Xiang said: Now what I am worried is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean, his strength is very definitely strong, when the time comes is also we biggest threat.” This actually, Dean other people are very good, in the past also helped us seek the sentiment, but he is also the involuntary person.” Teng Yong said: Big brother, you possibly did not know about our Dean that you contacted him to know!” Hua Lang nods to say hastily: Dean already could not get used to seeing Inner Sect to bully Outer Sect, therefore he has wanted to change such rule, must make Inner Sect these original resident disciples also hunt and kill different divine beast, but this is not good to realize.” Oh? why, he is Dean!” Shen Xiang some did not understand: He should not be the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains strength is strongest, authority biggest person?” Naturally is not, that must look at Elder Courtyard and Dan God institute, is that batch of original resident True Disciple, so long as they join up not to listen to Dean, Dean does not have the means! You must know, in Inner Sect, authority biggest is the Dan God institute, is Elder Courtyard, finally is that crowd of True Disciple.” Hua Lang said.

These True Disciple do not wrap to carry on the arm our two, we are Outer Sect go, whatever, was regarded as Outer Disciple, only then their crowds locally born is true Inner Disciple!” Teng Yong said. Shen Xiang understood, he nodded, said: Then, if Dean must change the rule, that crowd of locally born Inner Disciple packages carry on the arm large quantities of formidable True Disciple not to agree that this means that they are going to be the same with Outer Disciple, moreover every month must hunt and kill different divine beast, they cannot live again leisurely.” This, for these years, our Outer Disciple eats they cannot realize painstakingly, moreover must be looked down upon by them, but must be been desolate by the Dan God institute, our Outer Sect goes, can work as the elder also can only in the Outer Sect deacon.” Jing Ze sighed: Our Outer Disciple these many come, may die much, is hunts and kills different divine beast dead, therefore our quantity some, this will not always threaten the Inner Disciple status.” Shen Xiang thinks, asked: Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard people strong? If we join up Outer Disciple, can resist them?” Teng Yong and Jing Ze regarded one mutually, is pondering. Was difficult saying that these Inner Disciple and our different was, they did not have the life and death to experience, little and different divine beast preying, but this to us was actually the potluck, if hit, our fight experiences will be richer, can spell! But their superiority are, they have the rich resources, they obtained Divine Pill to be easier than us, their anything did not need to do, every month had the distribution, moreover be more than us.” Jing Ze said.