World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2255
Shen Xiang understood after Inner Sect situation, he thought that he has very big assurance to be able a dig out Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains corner, completely poaches the disciple who Outer Sect goes. Enters Inner Sect not to be easy from Outer Sect, disciple who so long as can go, is very outstanding, has fought many battles, every day crosses on the blade to lick the day of blood, can say that is very outstanding War-God! Shen Xiang and Feng Wu have contacted, therefore he quite understood. In Outer Disciple, two are quite strong, but we and they are not ripe, but about them quite knew that although usually did not speak, but their manner was good, often in secret helped Outer Disciple.” Teng Yong said: They definitely also frequently receive the bird air/Qi of Dan God institute, can attempt to win over.” Shen Xiang said: My goal is disciple completely condense together that all Outer Sect come, but this must come in secret, cannot make Inner Sect know. If can achieve this step, from now on we will have the opportunity to wrest away entire Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains.” Teng Yong and Jing Ze have inhaled cold air, Shen Xiang's ambition unexpectedly is so big, must swallow Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains! Shen Xiang puts out two grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, gives Teng Yong and Jing Ze separately, said: You win over that two quite strong Outer Disciple, first is gets up Outer Sect strongest True Disciple all condense first, then wins over other Inner Disciple by you, A Lang is responsible for nosing other Outer Disciple situations, if the moral behavior is incorrect, did not consider.” In True Disciple strength ranking, four are Outer Sect, words that wins over completely, Hehe!” Hua Lang said with a smile: Big brother, when the time comes our Outer Sect real condense gets up, is not a weak influence.” Dean is hundred Godhead and nine skeletons, what pass/test does he also shut? Didn't this reach the limit?” Shen Xiang asked. This was the limit is difficult saying that possibly never had the person to step, therefore was the limit, now Big Shot of major influences are finding the way to break through this limit.” Jing Ze said: As far as I know, the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard, have the fellows of hundred Godhead and nine skeletons! But I now am also only hundred Godhead and four Godhead!” Teng Yong one startled: Your unexpectedly four skeletons? I now am three skeletons!” The skeleton is very difficult to promote, regarding many True Disciple, three skeletons was the limit, Teng Yong knew that Jing Ze had four skeletons, in the heart an impulse wells up, he must promote.

„After breaking through hundred Godhead nine skeletons, what can that be? Star Law God Territory is so big, did nobody break through really?” Shen Xiang is curious. In Legend has!” The Jing Ze suddenly complexion enforces: Is Undead God Clan and Dragon God Clan old Patriarch, it is said broke through this limit, is missing to disappear! Therefore other Heaven-rank Stars Big Shot, in having the ideas of these God Clan, want to find the method of breakthrough from them.” Yue'er hears such view, is very shocking, she also thought that this has the possibility, she for a long time has not come back Star Law God Territory very much. I must close up one month of alchemy!” Shen Xiang takes several papers, gives Teng Yong, Jing Ze and Hua Lang separately, said: These refine skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, if you meet, buys to give me as far as possible, I help you refine, low-grade middle-grade should not be inexpensive, is mainly High-Grade!” On these papers has the design, looked that can recognize, Teng Yong they carefully look at this time that this refines skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine. In the past to yo dozens Godhead fellows, everywhere had bought many this divine medicine, afterward had been grasped by Law Enforcer, therefore you are more careful! These divine medicine definitely are easy to buy, otherwise that fellow was impossible to buy a big pile, ate three skeletons.” What Shen Xiang said is Yang Tianyi, now remembers this matter to come, cannot help but admires him. Good, our goes, one month later we look for the big brother again.” Teng Yong said that since knows that is any divine medicine, so long as bought to give Shen Xiang to refine that's alright, had more than enough radically any divine yuan stone. Shen Xiang does this, purple bead that also to ease the divine medicine pressure, he comes out concise uses on middle-grade wastes radically. After Teng Yong they walk, Shen Xiang runs in the room, the preparation starts own practice. Shen Xiang, you must a bit faster become stronger, leading me to look for the cat clan and Stars and Moon God Clan.” Yue'er said: You practice to hundred Godhead, uses Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, whom basically did not fear.”

Um, I must such do now! High-Grade Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill have not been able to satisfy me, therefore I must refine Highest quality Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang said. He purple bead that uses Life Slaughtering Technique to congeal, most can promote to the High-Grade divine medicine rank, is unable to enter Highest quality! However, Six Paths Divine Cup actually! He put out Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill to say two divine medicine that needed, put in Six Paths Divine Cup, then put out the Divine Mirror of Six Paths coordination. Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill want two divine medicine, but these two divine medicine here also many, here alchemy master does not know that this is the treasure, but thinks that can explode. A double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang putting in Six Paths Divine Cup inside mercy Divine Fruit and three disasters extinguishes divine flower to take. Also insufficient, but also was worse becomes.” Shen Xiang hastily goes in these two divine medicine. Also the past double-hour, after he extinguished the three disasters divine flower and mercy Divine Fruit took, has promoted Highest quality! Succeeded!” Shen Xiang said excitedly: Is only a pity now not enough many purple bead, otherwise I must duplicate a big pile! If Meng'er they because of were good, their Godhead completely are Life Murdering Godhead, using Life Slaughtering Technique be much better compared with me.” Shen Xiang has used for day, through Six Paths Divine Cup, causes six Highest quality Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill divine medicine!

This Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill can only leave pill one grain, throughout is unable to break through!” Before Shen Xiang, has made the attempt, but has not succeeded. Has been OK, the Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill efficacies were so fearful, leave pill one grain to be enough.” Yue'er said: If Highest quality, should be able to make you very rapid setting Godhead come!” Um, certainly be better than High-Grade Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang said: First how I try the Highest quality efficacy, if insufficient, I refine King-Grade again! This also to refine three lotus Divine Pill prepares.” ...... Since Shen Xiang purchases Clear Heart God Lotus after 780 grains, the Dan God institute is uneasy whether sitting or standing all day, because Eternal Heaven Star suddenly presents such mysterious and formidable Dan God, and by their Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains control, not being made them very terrified, if this Dan God refined other pill, may refine was skeleton Divine Pill! This can endanger to Divine Pill that the Dan God institute foundation is. Therefore, the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard join up, making Elder Courtyard send for investigating thoroughly this matter, they must know that mysterious Dan God where!