World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2257

„The first Guan He third pass/test calculates quite normally, when the second customs standard can give Dan God institute ten grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to say. Does not give low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, must give 100 hundred million divine yuan stone! Does not have the means that who makes the Dan God institute influence big, this rule clarifies is he must snatch skeleton Divine Pill or divine yuan stone, if not defer to does, that he said do not want to inspect.” Jing Ze is also the whole face indignation. If the third pass/test were defeated, then must from start newly, hunts and kills King Level different divine beast once more, gives the Dan God institute thing once more?” Shen Xiang looks to Feng Wu, asked: Feng Wu, did you prepare third to close? You confident? If lost, must start over from the beginning, met convenient the Dan God institute.” I naturally confident!” Feng Wu said with a smile: I was having four Godhead!” Is so quick? One month!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. Does not have the means that luck good time, stops unable to stop.” Feng Wu smiles very happily. I have three.” Teng Yong curled the lip, said: Big brother, you have a look at us to buy divine medicine is right?” Teng Yong and Jing Ze give Shen Xiang storage pouch. Shen Xiang received, looked, said with a smile: Right, this is divine medicine that High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill needs!” Shen Xiang sees these divine medicine to be divided into, altogether 30 know, if completely refined into pill, were many. How many divine yuan stone?” Shen Xiang asked.

These are we alone separate to purchase, in addition wants 50 hundred million divine yuan stone one, but also is really convenient!” Teng Yong said that he and Jing Ze are very excited, if can refine Spell Bound Pill to come, is counted the failure, there are 20 grains! Regarding them, 20 grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill very big numbers, if they passed the Dan God institute before, at least must sell into servitude for over ten thousand years to obtain, this was in Dan God institute these old Dan God mood good situations, if they deliberately made hard for somebody, that must sell into servitude is longer. Was right, you did not say that before can look for that two quite strong True Disciple? Their manner how?” Shen Xiang asked. They were sent to work by the Dan God institute, now has not come back, but they promised me, after waiting meets them to come back, will comply with us to chat Outer Disciple to unite this matter.” Teng Yong said. Shen Xiang nodded: I then first help you build up become god pill these divine medicine, if possible, helping me collect some middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, because this is currently needs many, if gathers really massive Outer Disciple, when the time comes needs many.” Teng Yong and Jing Ze nodded, they purchase these High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, although has used many divine yuan stone, but this can obtain 20 grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, was gains regarding them in a big way. Feng Wu, you then must with True Disciple compete with right? I possibly am not when the time comes able to observe, you must try hard, do not lose to these Inner Sect fellows.” Shen Xiang has patted her shoulder, encourages to say. This is the affirmation, I certainly will when the time comes win! Hua Lang this brat crossed, I have also wanted.” Feng Wu said with a smile: Otherwise will be laughed by him my.” This is some High-Grade curing medicine, is only herbal powder, but also has the good drug efficacy, with gives a try to Hua Lang, should be able a little effect.” Shen Xiang gives Teng Yong one box of herbal powder.

Good! Big brother, how long time your this does alchemy require? If you want a bit faster to become True Disciple, must pay attention at the beginning of the month, otherwise, again had waited.” Teng Yong asked. Ten days later I will come out!” Shen Xiang said that hastily enters room, regarding him, refines these 30 furnace High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, has not taken ten days. „A your furnace can leave six grains, these 30 are 180 grains, do you want to give them completely? They definitely think that you refine more than 20 grains at most.” Yue'er asked with a smile. Gives them completely! They shouted that my big brother, how can I deceive them?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Only then this, can get up their condense, making them have the desire to do better, can become stronger! Sometimes drives, will have the unexpected effect, after all they can practice to hundred Godhead people.” Shen Xiang refines High-Grade Divine Pill to be relaxed now, because he when using World Creation God Furnace refines, this World Creation God Furnace is used to fight time, can release very fearful flame, but is used for alchemy, especially uses building up of source, can quick burn to build up the spirit bloodlines of divine medicine! After World Creation God Furnace and Shen Xiang fuse, can adjust the flame according to the Shen Xiang's regard various effects, when used to fight, the flame will be very strong, is used for alchemy, then releases various nature different flame according to the divine medicine situation. Three days, Shen Xiang refined that 30 divine medicine, was smooth, each furnace can leave the pill six grains! But then he is promotes mercy Divine Fruit and three disasters extinguishes the divine flower quality, he also needs to practice Godhead now, before his in second Divine sea five beast image and he has said that so long as he cultivates Completion hundred Godhead and skeletons, second Divine sea will appear. He now is curious to second Divine sea, after wants to have a look very much second Divine sea comes out, he will have formidable strength! Ten days of quick on the past, Teng Yong and Jing Ze already came back, they come and go out camouflages, will not make the person see them, otherwise this will cause others' suspicion, they are in Outer Disciple two quite formidable existences, if gathers together to be mystical frequently, definitely will annoy the person to cause suspicion.

Shen Xiang took a bath to come out in the room comfortably, this time he saw Hua Lang, the Hua Lang facial expression was very good, his waist also has a purple jade pendant, this was the symbol of True Disciple. A Lang, good!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, then looked to sitting in nearby Feng Wu, but her waist did not have the purple jade pendant. Feng Wu, can't you cross?” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that but does not look like like, because Feng Wu also smiles at this time. Who said! I smooth, I can say the luck to be good, was selected with that fellow who I hit is quite weak, was solved quickly by me.” Shen Xiang nodded: This is good!” Then he puts out a quite big jade box to come, to give Jing Ze. This is High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, Jing Ze and Teng Yong is very anxious at this time, in their hearts is very disturbed, because this is their first time makes Dan God help them refine Divine Pill, moreover High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, they do not know that has many grains. Jing Ze receives, opens looked, gushes out that medicine that to be fragrant from the jade box immediately, has blown him and Teng Yong, Feng Wu hungry Hua Lang also feels surprised, because this medicine fragrant was really too rich . Moreover the skeleton Divine Pill medicine was fragrant!