World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2258

Can create such effect, explained that jade box inside skeleton Divine Pill, Hua Lang and Feng Wu set out hastily. Big...... Big brother, did you give mistakenly?” After Teng Yong took a deep breath, said hastily. He and Jing Ze recognized that was Shen Xiang is wrong their jade box, but also unavoidably shocked, some Shen Xiang unexpectedly these many High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill. If Shen Xiang has the formidable backer, can not fear the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard, depends on these High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, can definitely dig turns the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains corner. Has not taken wrong, this is your divine medicine refines!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: I may be different from other Dan God, my alchemy time, always pursues peak! In other Dan God hands, possibly has pill to have 12 grains, but to my hand, I can refine six grains!” Teng Yong and Hua Lang their several people could not speak, a High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill unexpectedly furnace can refine six grains, in their opinion, this can counter overturn the heavens, they heard that inside quite fierce Dan God of Dan God institute, most was also only three grains! Teng Yong and in the Jing Ze heart is moved and likes, Shen Xiang has not taken away some skeleton Divine Pill secretly, but gives them completely, they thought that Shen Xiang each furnace to them two grains, they will die happily, definitely will not suspect! This makes in their hearts recognize that Shen Xiang is their brothers. Many thanks big brother!” Teng Yong and Jing Ze very affected saying, because after them, with being mad Dan God institute, will not be needed to be organized by the Dan God institute. Thinks to go to the Dan God institute to pound a pulp really now!” Teng Yong gets hold of the fist, at this time he very excited, suddenly wants to make the comparison violence the matter to vent the joy in heart. Big brother, if I look for divine medicine, you do help me refine?” Hua Lang asked hastily, but at this time Teng Yong grasped High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill to fill in the Hua Lang hand from the jade box.

Naturally helps!” Shen Xiang he he smiles, Teng Yong grasped skeleton Divine Pill to give Feng Wu at this time, does not love dearly. A Yong, A Ze! Your these many years, should have the means to sell a good price these Divine Pill here in secret! You need massive divine yuan stone now, then runs through major Heaven-rank Earth-rank Stars, the divine medicine massive purchases of up and down three skeleton Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang said: When we have enough many skeleton Divine Pill, has enough formidable strength again, our quarrying a mountain vertical faction.” Teng Yong they hear the Shen Xiang's words, immediately is ambitious, if Shen Xiang quarried a mountain to stand has sent, they when the time comes definitely were the elders of high weight! Although they have the good strength, however in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, had not attached great importance, only then Shen Xiang such takes seriously them. We do now, these High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, can we trade many divine yuan stone! When the time comes we want male tyrant entire Star Law God Territory.” Teng Yong very excited saying. Shen Xiang nodded with a smile: I first carry on the True Disciple inspection now, do I want to take a look at these Inner Disciple but actually strongly?” Hua Lang indignant saying: I and Feng Wu just became True Disciple, many little things taunted to us, they as if very much refused to accept, these small mixed fish, from slightly were born in Inner Sect, enjoyed that rich resources, usually did not need to go all out to hunt and kill different divine beast, but could not come the inspection of True Disciple, but also had a face to say us!” Is, especially knew that I just entered Inner Sect shortly after become True Disciple, they envied, is one group of useless ghosts, if I like them, already committed suicide to remelt to rebuild.” Feng Wu said that she and Hua Lang, although becomes True Disciple, but many Inner Disciple still look down upon them. This group of fellows sooner or later know that our fierce, we will make them experience to them are tiny, temporarily makes them jump the period of time again.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: Now we continue to win over the disciple who Outer Sect comes in secret, must make them a bit faster practice to be many some skeletons.”

Ordinary Outer Disciple on allows me to come, True Disciple saw the brave brother they.” Hua Lang said. I also join, my present good and bad was also True Disciple, so long as usually we Outer Disciple that helped these just come, can seek their favorable impressions, chatted with them again, can win over very much easily them.” Feng Wu fights in Outer Sect such for a long time, was also quite familiar with these methods. You give me some quite disappointing low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, I refine is good, I may not give up to the Dan God institute.” Shen Xiang said. Jing Ze puts out more than ten grains to give Shen Xiang immediately, sometimes because purchases the quite rare and precious thing, needs to make the transaction with skeleton Divine Pill. Afterward Hua Lang carrying on the step of True Disciple inspection told Shen Xiang. The present is early this month, the disciple who participates in the inspection also has many, but majority are Inner Disciple is in the majority! Shen Xiang arrives at the summit Elder Courtyard inside great hall, seeing dozens young men and women to encircle there chats, they see Shen Xiang to arrive, is peaceful on hastily, looks at Shen Xiang with a look of despising. Shen Xiang now has discovered finally, he looks like with the clothes that these Inner Disciple wear is almost same, what is only different, now he puts on is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains provides, works somewhat roughly, but on these Inner Disciple puts on, then makes with the quite good material, understands at a glance some differences.

Recently these many did Outer Disciple carry on the True Disciple inspection? This fellow thinks that he also does have dogshit to transport inadequately?” The man said with a smile lowly. Front had two fellows to pass, they were really also in luck, then should have the Outer Disciple inspection one after another, was tries one's luck!” A tall female is holding the chest, high and low is taking a fast look around Shen Xiang, she discovered that Shen Xiang is quite attractive, and has the makings very much, most Outer Disciple is different from she has seen. Especially Shen Xiang releases that light might now, making this female unable to smile. Shen Xiang has experienced many storms people after all. What is most important is he has certainly strong strength, cuts to kill God Emperor, naturally will not be enraged by here little rascal, now he looks here these Inner Disciple, with looking at the vision of ants looks. When do you enter Inner Sect? How hadn't I look at you before?” That tall attractive female walks up, asks. Had one month, I usually below.” Shen Xiang replied her honestly, but has not actually looked at her one eyes, but looks at great hall front that table, waits to have old man to come, when the time comes can register. This fellow owes to hit, I pass to teach him.” A man walks, because must wait for a period of time, starts to register, now they want to look for a pleasure.