World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2259

Shen Xiang already knows that Inner Disciple most likes the disciple who bullies Outer Sect to inspect, but has not thought that unexpectedly arrives rampant so, if usually despises, or taunted several, unexpectedly also wanted fight to move the foot. Shen Xiang grips the tight fist secretly, after that must teach his man comes, several man laughing running over, understood at a glance that they are one group, they at this time in Shen Xiang behind. suddenly, a man got rid to pat the Shen Xiang's head, the strength was not very big, was only racket gently, superficial, but actually very indignant, especially after having hit, they also laughed. Shen Xiang has turned around immediately, is staring a man, this man grasps a folding fan, after seeing Shen Xiang turns around, he receives the smiling face, berated: What looks at to look that you think is I hits your inadequate? After your brain, has not kept eyes open, how you know that is I does?” The Shen Xiang's complexion is very gloomy, the fist that pinches tightly makes the giggle sound, to this rank, even if after the brain, does not keep eyes open, who can also see clearly is hits him. Calm, calm, I must participate in the inspection!” The fist that Shen Xiang pinches tightly relaxed, he told himself, temporarily do not haggle over with these people, he must continue to keep Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, must build up own influence secretly, temporarily swallowed an insult that's alright. When the Shen Xiang innermost feelings told oneself were calm, suddenly several disciples arrive at him behind, laughing, Shen Xiang knows that they must do, straightly where therefore he stood. Really, some people have patted his head, after patting, they laugh, before Shen Xiang now body back, several men, intentionally grasp his. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, suppresses the anger in heart, before he comes, has not thought when these Inner Disciple bully Outer Disciple, unexpectedly is so rampant, a point restrains. Endures!” Shen Xiang has turned around, looked to hit his back of the head man a moment ago, he must recognize pats the two people of his head in the back, at this time he saw old man to walk, this should be the elder who was responsible for inspecting.

Sees the elder to arrive, the air/Qi in Shen Xiang heart has also disappeared much, because that elder has also looked here, therefore these Inner Disciple definitely will restrain many! Shen Xiang must walk, but has not thought that was actually blocked by these men, those who let in the Shen Xiang heart the anger spout is, the elder actually disguises not to see, does not pay attention to him, from Gu Mang own, the disciple who the registration participates in the true line inspection. suddenly, a man trampled foot Shen Xiang's buttocks, moreover makes an effort, making Shen Xiang almost forward throw down. Ha Ha...... This fellow stands very steadily, unexpectedly has not trampled but actually him.” Male said while loudly laughing, as if they frequently so play tricks on Outer Disciple . Moreover the disciples who that side gathers see Shen Xiang to be trampled, sends out one to laugh. Shen Xiang has stood the body, why also does not know, the anger in his heart welling up vanished, because these anger changed into strength, integrated in his body, by his skeleton Godhead absorption, turned into very fearful strength. Sees Shen Xiang to be so tranquil, these disciples also think that he is enduring! Shen Xiang forwarded several steps, arrived at one to pat in front of his back of the head man a moment ago, this man also intentionally threw out the chest to keep off him. A moment ago was you in the back dozen my!” Shen Xiang light asking. Hey, hits you to be also what kind of? Has to plant to return!” This man laughs: Comes, my head here, hits, hits quickly! The idiot who Outer Sect comes, thinks really own unmatched in the world?”

This man estimates the short lower part of the body, delivers to front of Shen Xiang, is pointing at own head, making Shen Xiang hit him. Shen Xiang raises the hand, a palm has patted! Bang! A deafening sound, these were ridiculing still the Shen Xiang's disciple, at this time dumbstruck, Shen Xiang really has hit, moreover cranks up smog the head of that man. All people are hard to believe all these that one personally see, Outer Disciple, a palm kills Inner Disciple on the bang! Shen Xiang is very calm, teleport, arrived at another to pat the man of his head a moment ago behind, palm like electricity, racket maliciously, was a explosion sound, the head of man became by Shen Xiang such platoon piece of spark, the splash four directions. This...... This, murder!” After a disciple responded, bellowed: Outer Disciple murder!” After Shen Xiang immediately teleport to trampled his person a moment ago, palm suddenly that raises emits the raging flame, he jumps high, the palm claps downward, transforms a giant flame palm, the pressure falls after that male body, the sad and shrill pitiful yell such as kills the pig to resound, in an instant, this man was pressed the black salt by a Shen Xiang palm. Shen Xiang kills three people continually, moreover in a short time completes, what making these Inner Disciple panic-stricken is, Shen Xiang cut has eight ten Godhead and three skeletons that a moment ago kills, but, is actually not able to resist one move, was rumbled to kill directly.

Although these Inner Disciple are usually rampant, but critical moment time is not silly! Can three moves of bang kill three strength not weak Inner Disciple, even if they besieges, that fate is also same, therefore they disperse immediately, is far away from Shen Xiang! They also suddenly remember now, Outer Disciple is not truly weak, inspects from Outer Sect, the condition is harsh, if becomes True Disciple, then the strength is stronger! Usually Outer Disciple was also limited by the Dan God institute, therefore always bears the burden of responsibility, has not looked like Shen Xiang so to attack brutally, Outer Disciple of direct murder appears, this lets many Inner Disciple hearts on the scene terrified, secretly rejoiced that oneself had not come up to bully Shen Xiang a moment ago, otherwise their heads will also be patted broken. That elder saw certainly these matters, he also gawked some little time to respond that at this time his hastily flushed. You have a look, what have you done? You know that what you had made a moment ago?” This elder has put out a long sword, was exclaiming to the Shen Xiang anger, he does not dare to act unreasonably, may be many Outer Disciple that he was more formidable. I know certainly that I am doing? I have eradicated three trash, such one, after our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, does not need to give them three to provide the resources, then we can divide to more resources, this is the good matter.” Shen Xiang unexpectedly is smiling. The elder holds the sword to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is with smile on the face to walk, making that poke the sword on own throat, he said with a smile: Elder, you thinks that I am quite useful, that three will only make the excrement the waste to be quite useful?” Disciples backs send coolly, killed three people, the elders used the sword, Shen Xiang unexpectedly was still talking and laughing merrily, did not care the matter.