World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2260
If you thought that they are quite useful, assassinates me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally, now they were the deceased people, was definitely useless.” You...... Do you want to do?” Sword unexpectedly of elder is vibrating, his unexpectedly is fearing Shen Xiang. I only want to carry on the inspection of True Disciple.” Shen Xiang earnest replying. Although this elder is an elder, but he also feared at this time that Shen Xiang this time imposing manner presses him not to gasp for breath, he lived many years old fellow as one, naturally knows that at present this person has danger(ous) how, in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect, in the the surface of elders and many disciples, kills three people after continually, but also is without turning a hair is merry with him, such person he may not blow. Elder, in death person, had the Great Elder grandson a moment ago, we have informed Elder Courtyard, do not put him to walk.” Disciple shouted, he just said that the elder on a fierce sword thorn to the Shen Xiang's throat, which knows was held the long sword by Shen Xiang suddenly, was pinched vigorously by Shen Xiang. I do not want to kill your!” Shen Xiang said that a foot tramples to the abdomen of this elder, after Meteor God Energy wells up, passes through the body of elder, flies the old man bang, bang, body when hitting wall, within the body poured into wild Fire God strength explodes, is blown to pieces this elder. Walks quickly!” Also does not know that who bellows, then the disciples four fly to run away, suddenly ran does not have the shade. Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, something were he cannot control, he planned in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains dull a period of time, ambushed here, then won over to be many some Outer Disciple, which knows that now suddenly has this matter! Naturally, if he endured a moment ago, definitely also on the past, but before him, endured twice, he is impossible to endure again the third time, for him, from newly makes a plan at most. He obtained Clear Heart God Lotus, and wins over Teng Yong with Jing Ze these two quite formidable True Disciple, has them to be responsible for in this inside, his plan same will do.

This aura...... powerful is big!” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled: Is Elder Courtyard Great Elder?” Should be, peak expert of these influences are fearful, is not Divine Country these God Emperor can compare, even if the black stone god Venerable is also worse than them!” Yue'er said: Otherwise Undead God Clan will not exterminate the clan.” I have thought them actually with these God Emperor similar strengths!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Properly speaking these God Emperor are also the peak, the strength should not miss too many are right.” Some differences, skeletons of these God Emperor perhaps only then 78, even are less, but expert of here peak, completely concentrates nine skeletons! Is, they stagnate this stage many years, in fining own Divine Power, making Divine Power stronger.” Yue'er urged: First walks, the peak when you practice, had enough strength and they have hit, the present is only peak expert comes, if came 2-3 again, you troubled.” Shen Xiang teleport leaves here immediately, returns to following that Immortal's cave, Feng Wu is preparing to exit, her suddenly sees Shen Xiang to appear here, is surprised. Feng Wu, you cannot stay here now, follows me!” Shen Xiang walks, is drawing her arm, simultaneously puts out the pass on message jade symbol, subpoenaed to Hua Lang, him in matter simple telling Hua Lang that above was. Feng Wu induced to a expert aura a moment ago, she also very much curiously what happened, wants to come up to have a look, which knows that Shen Xiang suddenly arrives, does not wait for her to ask that Shen Xiang brought her teleport to leave Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains. Matter probably is this!” After Shen Xiang Feng Wu carries off, simply the process tells Feng Wu, because of Feng Wu and he in Immortal's cave, if traces, Feng Wu definitely will have much troublesome.

„Have you killed elders and three disciples really?” After Feng Wu hear, thinks unbelievable, Shen Xiang unexpectedly fight, moreover elder who kills. Good!” Shen Xiang nodded: Does not have the means that I have given them the opportunity.” Feng Wu took a deep breath, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Great, these fellow court death, gets what one deserves! My previous time inspects, was almost grasped by them! However...... Oh, True Disciple that I just inspected, like this was useless.” Thinks that Shen Xiang is fierce Dan God, Feng Wu thought True Disciple does not have any use, moreover she is Outer Sect True Disciple, will still be looked down upon. I also planned establishes the influence in the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains secret, then gives to seize Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, now did not work.” Shen Xiang said: Plan must change, can only in the Outer Sect quarrying a mountain vertical faction, but must wait for Teng Yong and Jing Ze buys massive divine medicine to start.” Quarries a mountain to stand in this Star Law God Territory sends not to need other any Divine Pill, so long as there is skeleton Divine Pill to be enough, here resources were quite rich, other Divine Pill were quite many, moreover was inexpensive like skeleton Divine Pill, only then skeleton Divine Pill was controlled by the big influence, therefore was high-cost, the quantity was rare. Hua Lang still near Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, he receives Shen Xiang's to subpoena, immediately returns to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, confirmed matter that Shen Xiang said! Shen Xiang makes such matter, making him unable to believe that after determining, in his heart admires Shen Xiang secretly, unexpectedly handles the matter that many Outer Disciple for many years have wanted to handle. Big brother, they are looking for you now, knew your name.” Hua Lang returns to own Immortal's cave, to the Shen Xiang pass on message.

„Do they know I and you, Teng Yong Jing Ze has the contact?” Shen Xiang asked. Feng Nanyi told Great Elder at your Immortal's cave matter Teng Yong, knows Feng Wu and you in Immortal's cave, but also found out you before and Feng Wu had hunted and killed Armored Dragon Alligator.” Hua Lang said: I will tell the brave brother this news immediately, making him not come back!” You?” Shen Xiang compares to be worried about Hua Lang, Hua Lang comes and goes out in his Immortal's cave frequently, definitely had been seen. Does not need to be worried about me, I drop around frequently, this is the matter that many people know.” Hua Lang said with a smile: They asked a moment ago I have about your matter, I have made out of whole cloth a point to them, I must continue to stay here, helping the big brother win over Outer Disciple.” Good, but you are also careful!” Shen Xiang said: We approximately place of meeting, I give you some middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, making you win over is more relaxed.” Shen Xiang and Hua Lang agreement meets in Blue Clouds City, Shen Xiang waited slightly quite a while, when finally Hua Lang, he also worried that Hua Lang was grasped. 50 grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, this should suffice you to use to win over a period of time, when I finish other matters, comes back to look for you again. When the time comes you let A Yong and Jing Ze find a place to stop over in Blue Clouds City, I will come back here.” Shen Xiang said.