World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2261

Um, the big brother felt relieved that I will certainly win over big brother’s satisfied disciple.” Hua Lang admired to Shen Xiang at this time, he returns to Inner Sect time, how heard the disciple on the scene to describe Shen Xiang to kill people at that time. After Hua Lang walks, Feng Wu asked: Where do we then want to go to?” Feng Family!” Shen Xiang said: Feng Family has Life Jade God Lotus, refines three lotus Divine Pill one divine medicine, I must obtain, therefore first goes to Feng Family to say now again that they have not sold at the auction, now can only I ask them personally in the past.” Feng Wu, you could rest assured that has me side you, you do not need to worry that was married others by the Feng Family force!” Shen Xiang said with a smile to Feng Wu. I believe you!” Feng Wu nodded with a smile, Shen Xiang alchemy is not only fierce, when the strength also was very much stronger, she saw Shen Xiang to cut to kill Yu Zhen of Armored Dragon Alligator and big fontanel before knew. Shen Xiang this is makes Feng Wu lead him to go to Feng Family! Urban named Wind City that Feng Family is , is also the quite big and famous city, the major cities use Teleportation Formation to Wind City.” Feng Wu said that bringing Shen Xiang to arrive to transmit plaza. Pays divine yuan stone, enters Teleportation Formation, suddenly, Shen Xiang and Feng Wu arrive to be away from Blue Clouds City very far Wind City. Shen Xiang, how do you plan to purchase Life Jade God Lotus from Feng Family?” Feng Wu asked. If uses massive low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, this?” Before Shen Xiang, buys Clear Heart God Lotus with many low-grade skeleton Divine Pill. Should, when the time comes chat with them knows.” Feng Wu said: Feng Family also lacks low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, the price that if you pay is high enough, they will definitely sell for your.” Wind City is very big, is very lively, Feng Wu at this time change appearance, was not worried that was discovered by Feng Family, she brings Shen Xiang to walk on the street quickly, arrives at a Feng Family pawnshop.

This is the Feng Family biggest pawnshop, here can also pawn Divine Pill, many small sect do, the big will influence not say anything.” Feng Wu said to Shen Xiang: „The storekeeper in this pawnshop is quite puissant, if you can see him, that is hopeful with Feng Family discusses the Life Jade God Lotus matter.” Shen Xiang nodded, then and Feng Wu enters this pawnshop, inside person are many, is lining up to pawn the thing, can receive in exchange for divine yuan stone. After coming, Feng Wu has referred to a direction, has a gate there . Moreover the out of the door also two people guard. This sliding door receives honored guest specially, you direct in the past, then put out some to indicate the status honored thing.” Feng Wu said to Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang thinks that walked, guarded blocks him immediately, guards just wants to speak, Shen Xiang put out small case, after he small case opened, inside has dozens grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill! These two guard recognizes certainly this is low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, promptly opens the door, making Shen Xiang go. After going, Shen Xiang and Feng Wu were received and instructed a secret room by an inside female. Our storekeepers were discussing with other honored guests, waits for him to come, please patiently wait.” The female said with a smile sweetly, however retreat left the secret room. Shen Xiang and Feng Wu waited for the less than half double-hour, the storekeeper enters this secret room, could see that he really is quite busy, the honored guest of interview are many. The storekeeper is the middle age of scholarly, as soon as he comes, contains to say with a smile: This friend, you come in dozens grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill that reveals, do not know that what you can pawn? Has other needs?” Life Jade God Lotus!” Shen Xiang comes straight to the point, said: I know that your Feng Family has Life Jade God Lotus, I can receive in exchange with low-grade skeleton Divine Pill.”

This...... Life Jade God Lotus may be beyond control I to take responsibility, if the friend you understood that recent matter, that definitely knows that beforehand has Clear Heart God Lotus to sell to 700 eight low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, but our Life Jade God Lotus, are only more expensive than Clear Heart God Lotus, is not absolutely low, can you prepare low-grade skeleton Divine Pill? If prepared, I can chat with our Feng Family elder, making him come as soon as possible.” The storekeepers have not thought that unexpectedly is buys Life Jade God Lotus, he truly cannot take responsibility. Shen Xiang puts out a very big jade box, places the tabletop, then opens, inside is creamy-white low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, understood at a glance that is the quality excellent. This storekeeper sees at present these many white Hua Hua low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, cannot help but has inhaled cold air, although he is the storekeeper in this big pawnshop, but he has not seen these many low-grade skeleton Divine Pill. My this informs elder, making him come as soon as possible.” The storekeepers fill to go out of the secret room, elder comes quickly, Shen Xiang and Feng Wu waited for the small moment. old man comes, sees on the tabletop these low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, in the heart is also secret one startled, but Shen Xiang sees him to come, receives the box on suddenly. 800 grains!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: What kind of?” Life Jade God Lotus be better than Clear Heart God Lotus, but Clear Heart God Lotus can sell to 780, you now are also only the additional 20 grains!” old man said hastily: 900 how?” In Shen Xiang knit the brows, pretends to consider the period of time, sighed: Good, but how you must make me have a look at the Life Jade God Lotus quality!” old man puts out a jade box, after opening. Inside is one Lotus Flower that is similar to the emerald carves, the ray shines, the entire flower is insightful, but also sends out a faint trace silver-white brilliance, very beautiful. Under our careful attendances, quality good.” old man said. This is nine hundred low-grade skeleton Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang puts out a big jade box, places the tabletop.

old man nodded, then starts with that storekeeper inventory quantity, quick to take inventory, they were also very happy, because these low-grade skeleton Divine Pill qualities are best! In the Feng Wu heart is secretly panic-stricken, she guessed that these Divine Pill are Shen Xiang before closed up refines, then the short time can refine these many to come, how this was really makes her want not to think clearly. Gives you!” old man gives Shen Xiang Life Jade God Lotus. Shen Xiang careful inspection, nodded, puts in Hidden Jade Ring. After the transaction is closed, Shen Xiang and Feng Wu leave the pawnshop immediately, is strolling on the street. I want a bit faster to leave Wind City, I am worried about to be discovered me by them here, when the time comes annoy to trouble am not good.” Feng Wu gives Shen Xiang sound transmission, at this time she is cautious and solemn: That elder had not seen me a moment ago, therefore had not been discovered by him.” We were tracked, is that elder and storekeeper tracks our, does not know that they must do!” Shen Xiang sound transmission said: Feng Wu, leading me to go out of town, we are far away from Wind City to have a look at them to have any goal.” Knows is tracked, Feng Wu suddenly is anxious, but thinks that the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, she feels relieved that she fear to Feng Family, because she thinks that was too weak, currently not only has powerful Shen Xiang in the side, her adolescence, has not needed to fear Feng Family again.