World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2262

Shen Xiang and Feng Wu walk quickly, after walking long journey, the Feng Family elder and storekeepers are still tracking them, to present Feng Wu had not discovered that track in the following two, this is Shen Xiang tells her. „Do they want to do? To nose our status?” Feng Wu to Shen Xiang sound transmission, now she was not anxious, because she sees Shen Xiang to be very calm, regarding this matter, she does not have many experiences. Went out of town knew, in brief is not any good deed!” Shen Xiang said: Does not need too to be worried that their strengths in Feng Family should be good, but is not too in my eyes strong.” Feng Family is the same with the big fontanel, is at most more formidable than the big fontanel, but Great Elder of big fontanel with ease was killed by Shen Xiang, the Feng Family elder who now tracks is not definitely stronger than big fontanel Great Elder, Feng Wu thinks of these, felt relieved, she is even thinking must get one with this elder, had a look at itself and disparity of Feng Family elder. Feng Wu brings Shen Xiang to take the shortcut, quick arrives at city gate, the Feng Family elder and pawnshop storekeeper still very tightly! Goes out of town!” Shen Xiang said. Feng Wu brings Shen Xiang to go out of the city gate, then they dash about wildly, before long is far away from the city, arrives in mountain forest. All the way, their speeds are not quick, this is also Shen Xiang wants to have a look at the following two to have what attempt. Shen Xiang and Feng Wu enter a canyon, just about to departs the canyon time, the front presents two people suddenly, the Feng Family elder and pill spread the storekeeper! Really is Feng Qing and this storekeeper!” Feng Wu gives Shen Xiang sound transmission hastily: Now wants fight?” Temporarily does not use!” Shen Xiang said. If you want fight, leaves me Feng Qing, is that Feng Family elder.” Feng Wu said: I want to take a look at my present strength and he miss many!”

Good!” Shen Xiang nods to comply immediately. Feng Qing and pawnshop storekeeper picked up speed a moment ago, flies from the upper air, then descends in the mouth intercepts Shen Xiang and Feng Wu, at this time their on the face shows a mean smiling face. Two, your what is this? Reneges on a promise the transaction of Life Jade God Lotus?” Shen Xiang said. Good, we have reneged on a promise, we thought that Life Jade God Lotus should value two thousand low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, you only give us 900, you also owe us 1100.” Feng Qing said with a smile deceitfully: You , if not give, do not want to live is leaving here! You now have owed us 1000 low-grade skeleton Divine Pill.” If reneges on a promise, we didn't do business that's alright? I give back to your that's it Life Jade God Lotus.” Shen Xiang puts out a jade box really: You must give back to me 900 skeleton Divine Pill. I may not have 1100 skeleton Divine Pill to give you now!” Since you are unable to repay, that takes Life Jade God Lotus to pay off a debt in labor!” Pawnshop storekeeper said while loudly laughing, puts out a very big hammer. Shen Xiang frowned, said: Your Feng Family was also the honored and popular respected family, unexpectedly was so despicable. You did not fear that passes on to be laughed?” Feng Qing said with a sneer: Naturally did not fear, because you will quickly turn into the deceased person, how do you also pass on?” Shen Xiang called Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, seeing him to put out this fearful remnant sword, in the Feng Wu heart was secretly panic-stricken, previous Shen Xiang deducted sword handle Armored Dragon Alligator with this two sections. That old man gives you!” Shen Xiang said to Feng Wu that before Feng Wu had said that she must compare notes with the Feng Family elder. Shen Xiang said that flew toward pawnshop storekeeper, the speed is extremely fast, the pawnshop storekeeper and Feng Qing have not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will attack on own initiative.

Does not know the self-confidence of which really your coming, unexpectedly thinks can extinguish kills us?” Shen Xiang seems like overran, but flies to rush to 50% times, spreads the storekeeper suddenly teleport to pill behind, during the speeches, grasps the sword only, chops gently, is similar to delimits under void, airborne flashes before a pale white semicircle light arc, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword also gently cuts the body of pawnshop storekeeper, will cleave in two slantingly. Um? How dead easily? I also think you strongly! Early knows that I did not use sword!” On the Shen Xiang face reveals surprised, said. Feng Wu also in same place, Feng Qing also stands side the pawnshop storekeeper, looks at tread that by the body of cleaving in two, the whole face with amazement, this pawnshop storekeeper is nine ten Godhead, Wind City and even Feng Family, is quite strong, but now is the same with the bean curd, gently all of a sudden became two halves by Shen Xiang. Feng Wu responded hastily, the arrow step flies rush over, the arm gathers full very wild strength, unexpectedly is the strength of shake, Divine Power by her four transformations of skeletons and more than 80 Godhead, becomes wilder. Feng Qing perceived that Qi Energy, wants to fend, but was actually worried that Shen Xiang will get rid, at this time his in the heart panic-stricken arrives at the extreme, he and pawnshop storekeepers has not thought that these two look like very young people, unexpectedly has so fearful strength. A Feng Wu palm hits, her shake Divine Power wells up, turns into the invisible strength vigor, from Feng Qing also has a distance time, has attacked the past, hits on the body of Feng Qing. Feng Qing sent does not plan to fend, because he moves, definitely will be observed closely by Shen Xiang, therefore he defends same place, body golden light sparkled, released firm golden divine armor, Feng Wu the palm strength impact past time, he also just put golden armor. Bang! Feng Wu shake Divine Power is very strong, the strength vigor of that shake, is similar to the mountains and rivers impact, hits to fly Feng Qing, but he looks like does not have what to obstruct greatly, obviously his divine armor is fierce, can absorb so strong striking power. Shen Xiang looks in the one side, does not have fight, now he saw, the Feng Wu strength must above this Feng Qing! Feng Wu has calculated that accurate Feng Qing will resist with divine armor, after she takes control , shortly after estimates the position that Feng Qing was struck to fly, Feng Qing just fell to the ground, fist of Feng Wu already pounding maliciously to the head of Feng Qing.

hōng hōng hōng! The consecutively several fists of Feng Wu, are bringing very wild shake Divine Power, penetrates the defense of Feng Qing, shakes the forehead of Feng Qing, is only these fists, makes Feng Qing dizzy, the eye braves golden star. Old bastard, who has a look at me is!” Feng Wu falls change appearance under. Feng Qing blurry sees clearly the Feng Wu appearance, afraid to say a word startled shouted: You...... You are Feng Wu, your little slut......” Courts death!” Feng Wu is angry, to the abdomen stepping on next foot of Feng Qing maliciously, the strength of shake is penetrating divine armor, enters Feng Qing within the body, shakes the body of Feng Qing is similar to the mud. Shen Xiang hastily walks, uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse for Feng Qing, absorbs Feng Qing strength of Divine Power and Divine Soul, will then mix together, opens Feng Qing storage equipment, takes out that nine hundred low-grade skeleton Divine Pill from inside. This fellow unexpectedly has grain of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, with ten grains of middle-grade skeleton gods, very rich!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.