World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2263
Feng Wu sees Feng Qing of under foot to suffocate, is somewhat excited: I no longer fear Feng Family now, all day is thinking uses me to exchange more benefits!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, has emitted small group flame from inside, then controls this group of flame to fall on the body of Feng Qing, fires the ash the body of Feng Qing instantaneously. Sees these flame to be so fearful, Feng Wu hastily retreat several steps. What flame is this? Too scary!” The Feng Wu complexion was frightened pallidly. Does not need to fear that these flame under my control, will not burn to your, even if you move the flame to be also all right.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Feng Wu spits the tongue, happily said with a smile: It seems like these fellows were dislike low-grade skeleton Divine Pill to be too many, unexpectedly ran to return to you! You in vain obtain Life Jade God Lotus now.” Shen Xiang smiles not to speak, he saw Feng Qing to track before, guessed that the opposite party wants to their fight, to bring back Life Jade God Lotus, before this matter him, has met, therefore he intentionally directs to go out of town Feng Qing, the definite opposite party must after their fight, he instead kills the opposite party. Where now do we want to go to? You also miss divine lotus now, can refine three lotus Divine Pill to detoxify to your wife.” Feng Wu at present one bright, said: Or we old man who goes to Blue Clouds City to look for that anything to know, can perhaps ask anything.” Right! How I have not thought that early should try.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I have not thought before that I have thought he only knows some and pills not related matter, gives a try first.” Feng Wu said. Afterward, they return to Wind City, arrives at Blue Clouds City through Wind City Teleportation Formation again! Shen Xiang and Feng Wu look for that mysterious old man once more, after this old man sees them, but he he smiles.

I have not guessed wrong words, Universe Treasure Vase should in your hands!” old man said with a smile, his news was so quick, Yu Zhen he is known by the earliest possible time that Shen Xiang killed, at that time also very surprised Shen Xiang's strength, unexpectedly such, but also dares to cut to kill Yu Zhen in the presence of everyone. Shen Xiang had not replied, but smiled. Old Mister, we ask you to inquire that divine medicine whereabouts, do not know you do have the reasonable news?” Feng Wu is smiling asking. Asked!” old man said with a smile: What had a look at you to ask is any thing, I said the price again!” Purple Heart God Lotus!” Shen Xiang said. old man thinks that said: Grain of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, I told you!” You are really black, is one by one expensive! But grain of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill value ten hundred million divine yuan stone.” Feng Wu said hastily. Shen Xiang has not thought that the opposite party initial price is so high, compared with beforehand higher. „Do you also want to know the Purple Heart God Lotus whereabouts? After I told you news, you had very big opportunity to obtain Purple Heart God Lotus, if were slow, must not have.” old man said with a smile. Shen Xiang has put out grain of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, he does not love dearly, but Feng Wu routine thinking counter-offer. Old Mister, please say!” Shen Xiang said that only misses Purple Heart God Lotus, his collection Qi Sanlian Divine Pill divine medicine, quick has been able to refine Detoxification Dan.

On azure profound Earth-rank Stars, passes probably three days again, there will gather some influences Big Shot, carries on to exchange pills there! The condition that going in must have precious divine medicine or is Divine Pill is good, naturally, but must pay five million divine yuan stone.” old man was saying, takes a paper, gives Shen Xiang place detailed writing. Has Teleportation Formation to Blue Profound Star in Ten Thousand Ancient City, after going to Blue Profound Star, you must be careful, there will be quite chaotic.” old man said. Knew that the Purple Heart God Lotus whereabouts, Shen Xiang and Feng Wu hurry to immediately, they go to Ten Thousand Ancient City, transmitted Blue Profound Star through Ten Thousand Ancient City again, the transmission expense also spends much, Feng Wu for many years saved many divine yuan stone luckily, moreover she does not need to purchase skeleton Divine Pill now, therefore did not love dearly divine yuan stone. Earth-rank Stars is different, was worse than Heaven-rank Stars is too far.” After Shen Xiang arrives at Blue Profound Star, thought that breath some are uncomfortable. This is natural, Earth-rank Stars is this, stayed in Heaven-rank Stars for a long time, went to will think that to other stars too did not adapt! I did not matter actually, I hunt and kill different divine beast, runs everywhere, was already used.” Feng Wu said with a smile: Here should be safer, we at least do not need to be worried about Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains and Feng Family.” Now Shen Xiang and Feng Wu do not have change appearance, uses the original appearance, goes to that trade fair. Shen Xiang and Feng Wu arrive at the city that old man said that this city quite small, moreover is also very chilly, they think that does not understand why must hold the trade fair in this city, isn't good because of Heaven-rank Stars? In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts, Yue'er said: Will hold this trade fair in this place, mainly to avoid Law Enforcer, some Law Enforcer likes mixing this matter very much, because this matter is contrary, if conducts in Heaven-rank Stars, was easier to be discovered! Therefore this trade fair, generally is in secret, among the friends passed on mutually, will not make Law Enforcer know.” Feng Wu and Shen Xiang arrive at outside this small urban mountain village, he and Feng Wu must walk, the guard of mountain village entrance is vigilant. Who is introduced that you do come?” A guard arrives. Yes...... Blue Clouds City omniscient Old Mister.” Feng Wu gets a sudden inspiration, said.

The guards nodded, said: Come in!” Shen Xiang has not thought that old man unexpectedly such has the face, does not need to report on his name, these guards made them come in! This makes him feel that old man conducts curtain descendant of this trade fair. After entering the mountain village, immediately some people receive Shen Xiang they, welcome them to a living room, then specifically was responsible for confirming old man of attending qualifications. Attends the trade fair, generally has the thing exchange, does not know that what thing you when the time comes with will go to and others exchange?” That old man moderate asking. This line?” Shen Xiang puts out two grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, asked. old man nods hastily: Has sufficed!” High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill contrasts many high level divine medicine not to be regarded expensively, but is very rare, only then the big influence fixed time auctions can flow comes out. Feng Wu has paid five million divine yuan stone, because she accompanies Shen Xiang's, therefore only paid that's alright of person. The Shen Xiang's main purpose is Purple Heart God Lotus, moreover this time has also made the quite sufficient preparation, this is the trade fair, if when the time comes low-grade skeleton Divine Pill is insufficient, he can also exchange with Six Paths Divine Cup inside these King-Grade divine medicine, Six Paths Divine Cup King-Grade divine medicine is the duplicate. Now Shen Xiang is also in this mountain village honored guest, has very luxurious residence, in two days will start the trade fair, but massive purple bead that these days, before Shen Xiang uses Six Paths Divine Cup coordinates him, condense to come out, duplicates Life Jade God Lotus.