World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2265
Shen Xiang continues to keep this trade fair, but wants to have a look then to have any good thing, simultaneously he also plans the air/Qi Feng Family Patriarch Feng Hao. Feng Family lost Life Jade God Lotus, this matter has not passed on, Feng Hao takes Patriarch, definitely knows that this matter, Shen Xiang guessed he comes this trade fair, should want to take a look at Life Jade God Lotus to appear here, or exchanges and Life Jade God Lotus suitable King-Grade divine medicine. Although Feng Hao is Patriarch, but in Feng Family also several factions, Life Jade God Lotus is him governs, now has lost, definitely will be found the excuse to scold their by the people of other factions. Feng Hao, you do not have Life Jade God Lotus, is your this time, the plan gets rid Life Jade God Lotus?” A middle age asked with a smile: My Life Jade God Lotus to your family is very interested.” Feng Hao coldly snorted: Life Jade God Lotus is my Feng Family the treasure of town clan, moreover concentrates three lotus seed Life Jade God Lotus, perhaps you cannot afford!” lotus seed that the Shen Xiang secret nod, divine lotus concentrates is also quite important, takes lotus seed to come out, is used for alchemy, the premise is the lotus seed quality that concentrates must be high enough! Now Shen Xiang obtained three divine lotus, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Clear Heart God Lotus, with Purple Heart God Lotus that he obtained a moment ago, has grain of lotus seed, if are many grain of lotus seed, on that expensive one time. Yue'er, you put in spirit seed Six Paths Divine Cup, puts in Life Jade God Lotus Six Paths Divine Cup again, can look expedite lotus seed to come fast.” Shen Xiang said. Initially he entered spirit seed that in Nine Stars God Realm obtained, coordinated the Six Paths Divine Cup use, had the accelerate ripening divine medicine effect, he has not tried, but he made Yue'er plant many spirit seed in inside, now happen to can try. That was refused to accept by middle age of Feng Hao taunt very much, puts out a black box, said: Perhaps my box inside thing, your Life Jade God Lotus cannot compare!”

In people heart one startled, opens the eye to look that to black box that this middle age takes. The middle age turns on the cover, inside has a very big black fruit. What is this?” A person asked that although everybody could see this is a fruit, but actually does not know that was any fruit, unexpectedly will be more precious than Life Jade God Lotus. This you do not know! This named skeleton Divine Fruit, after eating up, can concentrate the skeleton.” Saying of that middle-aged loud voice: I obtained two in the past, I eat up one, concentrates the skeleton!” Feng Hao said with a sneer: This is only your statement of only one of the parties, my Feng Hao lived was so long, moreover I to some divine medicine also very big understanding, but had not actually heard skeleton Divine Fruit that you said!” Is believed by you, but I can guarantee with my life, after eating, can induce to the newborn skeleton exists, even if no to congeal immediately, but you will perceive skeleton that has indistinctly, so long as you will practice that skeleton in the future dedicated, quick can concentrate, like skeleton Divine Pill does not know that eats many to congeal.” This middle age very self-confident: I currently had five skeletons, the fifth skeleton concentrates by this fruit, at that time a pain did not have.” Those present you look at me, I think you, but shook the head, expressed not to believe that eats up to concentrate surely the skeleton, this was really too shocking, this Star Law God Territory existed many years, but had not heard this type of fruit existed. Shen Xiang also asked Yue'er, Yue'er also expressed that has not heard. Feng Hao jokes: Sees not to have, here nobody believes that you said that your this fruit only then, but you only have eaten person, is very difficult to make the powerful proof, only if you make me eat to look.”

Gave up any idea.” The middle age is somewhat annoyed, because here person does not believe that his words, he receives the black box. This you, I am interested to your this fruit, can you be able to exchange with me? However I explained first that I now High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill are not many, insufficient ten grains.” Shen Xiang said. „Below Ge Long, many thanks you believes me! Even if so, I easily will not exchange with you, you do not have enough High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, does that have quite precious divine medicine?” Ge Long stands up, has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Shen Xiang, nobody believes that his words make him very awkward, but Shen Xiang expressed that is interested to his fruit, therefore he will show the respect to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang thinks that said: You said a moment ago you are interested in Life Jade God Lotus, right?” Ge Long nods, said: Is interested, but Life Jade God Lotus is also insufficient received exchange for my this fruit, only if concentrates four lotus seed!” Four lotus seed? That needs meticulous care several hundred thousand years to have the possibility, my Feng Family Life Jade God Lotus, concentrates third lotus seed time, uses five hundred thousand years.” Feng Hao disdains very much: You counted on that this brat does have Life Jade God Lotus to be inadequate?” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: I also really have!” In Feng Hao heart immediately in great surprise, because their Feng Family just lost Life Jade God Lotus, moreover that elder also died, he does not know the Life Jade God Lotus whereabouts, if Life Jade God Lotus appeared now, then may is their Feng Family that. In a moment ago, Yue'er told Shen Xiang, she uses massive spirit seed, coordinates Six Paths Divine Cup, makes Life Jade God Lotus give birth to lotus seed successfully!

Shen Xiang two Life Jade God Lotus, one is to duplicate now, moreover gives birth to grain of lotus seed . Moreover the whole before Feng Family that is bigger. Oh?, if little brother you have Life Jade God Lotus, that otherwise takes to make us open mind!” old man said with a smile: You do not look like like somebody that stingy, definitely will make us have a look at the vision, right!” Those present, to Feng Hao do not have favorable impression, in the heart to approve of this old man words, Feng Hao is very stingy, moreover insults, Ge Long was enraged by Feng Hao a moment ago. Shen Xiang puts out a jade box, after opening, Lotus Flower that such as the deep green emerald carves immediately presents in the people at present, and has four grains of lotus seed. Where do you from obtain?” After Feng Hao sees, loud voice asked that the expression was severe. Where I obtain, what matter closes your?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Only then does Feng Family have? You want to say that this steals your Feng Family?” Feng Hao is familiar with own Life Jade God Lotus, he can confirm that now at present this is not their Feng Family, moreover compared with being much better of their Feng Family! Because have lost Life Jade God Lotus, now Shen Xiang this makes he very repugnant person have, therefore in his heart also very angry, wishes one could to snatch immediately. Trades?” Ge Long hastily asked: My Ge Long guaranteed with the life that absolutely my skeleton Divine Fruit effect said with me is the same! My Ge Long is Earth Dragon Star Star Master, time that if you will eat in the future, discovered that with is different, you who I said can come Earth Dragon Star to look for me at any time.”