World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2266

This Ge Long unexpectedly is stars Star Master, this lets Shen Xiang and people present is very surprised!

Yue'er said: Earth Dragon Star should be Earth-rank Stars, he has five skeletons, can become Star Master, explained that he has very abundant background, otherwise this strength also insufficiently makes Earth-rank Stars Star Master.” Shen Xiang hesitant, said: Good, I bet, I believe the Brother Ge words!” Ge Long Ha Ha said while loudly laughing: You also really dare to bet! Does not know how the little brother did call? The person like you, should be very famous is right!” Shen Xiang has pushed Life Jade God Lotus, smiles lightly: Shen Xiang!” Ge Long just about to received that jade box, extended past hand actually suddenly to stiffen, because he had heard this name, those present have also heard! In the person who Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains slaughters, is you?” Ge Long took a deep breath, asked. That's right! Brother Ge should not be will fear Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, doesn't dare to trade with me?” Shen Xiang he he smiles, oneself earn a great reputation, he has not thought outside haughty. I did not fear! Brother Shen is really the good courage, unexpectedly to dare to do against with Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, admire!” Ge Long gives Shen Xiang own black box: If were chased down by Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains does not have the place to run, comes my Earth Dragon Star to sit! Although Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains controls a Heaven-rank Stars big influence, but I did not fear!” Has the opportunity certainly to go!” Shen Xiang has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Ge Long. Twice exchanges successfully is Shen Xiang facilitates, other people know the Shen Xiang's status at this time, in the heart somewhat is disturbed, they may not have Ge Long that type of energy, they worried that exchanges with Shen Xiang, after Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains knows, can by the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains envious hatred. Shen Xiang stands up, says with a smile: Everybody, I already the thing that oneself wanted, first said goodbye!”

He looked at that old man that is responsible for managing, asked: „Can here matter reveal?” old man said: We cannot guarantee that can reveal, but can actually promise you, if here matter reveals, who we trace surely are reveal, then kills them.” Good, said goodbye!” Shen Xiang has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to old man, then leaves this great hall. Feng Hao that is one hates, he wants to obtain Life Jade God Lotus very much or is Purple Heart God Lotus, but his financial resource are limited, cannot trade, this lets his envious hatred Shen Xiang. Feng Wu has also broadened the outlook today, why her very curious Shen Xiang can suddenly put out four lotus seed Life Jade God Lotus, moreover this Life Jade God Lotus compared with beforehand mostly! Feng Hao that fellow must be irritated!” Feng Wu said with a smile lightly: Before he in my eyes was existence of keeping aloof, but now looks like also mediocre!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, then goes to Teleportation Formation of city, the transmission leaves this Blue Profound Star, returns to Eternal Heaven Star Blue Clouds City. Jing Ze and Teng Yong rush about now, they planned that with very long a period of time, runs through the Star Law God Territory famous stars, purchase as far as possible refines skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine much, they are only think that can turn into precious skeleton Divine Pill these Hua Hua carelessly, immediately is competitive. They gave Shen Xiang 30 High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, Shen Xiang have given them 180 grains, this has given them very big power and fervor. Big brother, I have won over to ten fellows, they plan to be separated from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, goes to mix with you!” Shen Xiang returns to Blue Clouds City, receives the pass on message of Hua Lang. You make them wait a bit a period of time first, I must arrange the arrangement.” Shen Xiang responded to Hua Lang, he now is every insufficient, Teng Yong and Jing Ze went out, in a short time did not come back.

Shen Xiang thinks that decided subpoenaed to Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian, they now not in Blue Clouds City, but they and Shen Xiang crossed the agreement, every other a period of time will come back one time, the receive pass on message. Feng Wu, or you go to and Hua Lang attachment first, disciple calm that draws back from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!” Shen Xiang has given Feng Wu 20 grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill: You find the way to sell, makes some divine yuan stone, then distributes to these disciples.” Good!” Feng Wu is very also idle, but Shen Xiang wants alchemy, naturally has no time to have scruples these matters, she has come, cannot be Shen Xiang handles any matter, now is just about. ...... Feng Wu has bought a mountain village in Blue Clouds City, Shen Xiang in a mountain village underground secret room. „Did Yue'er, analyze that skeleton Divine Fruit?” Shen Xiang asked: With is the same, ate up to concentrate the skeleton that Ge Long said?” This is unable to determine, but I discovered that this skeleton Divine Fruit has to be similar to the skeleton same thing! Should say is, this fruit congealed the skeleton, but this skeleton not like human that type, if humanity has eaten, can perhaps concentrate really the skeleton.” Yue'er somewhat is also excited: Has not thought that also really has this type of mysterious thing, I frequently fantasized before, if there is this type the thing of congealing skeleton to be immediately good.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I thought that is best this thing refined into pill! I first refine three lotus Divine Pill to be good now, untied the Xueyi toxin said again.” Three lotus Divine Pill are King-Grade Divine Pill, Shen Xiang does not have the absolute assurance to refine now, he makes Yue'er use spirit seed and Six Paths Divine Cup first, making three divine lotus concentrate many lotus seed, when the time comes he took lotus seed to refine that's alright, but did not need to duplicate entire divine lotus. Now first concentrates selects purple bead, coordinates Six Paths Divine Cup, duplicated Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill to say again that I must refine several Highest quality Divine Pill, can try King-Grade.” Shen Xiang revolution Life Slaughtering Technique, condense purple bead, suddenly on the past three months!

Four lotus seed, have refined Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine ten, Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill divine medicine has not gone to make temporarily.” Yue'er said that she is also quite relaxed in inside work, dilutes with purple bead to the water in waters spirit seed, making spirit seed take root to germinate, grows into rough rice such, grains of peel again. After spirit seed coordinates Six Paths Divine Cup, there is a very major function, now Shen Xiang understands, in Six Paths Divine Cup why the black stone god Venerable will have Heaven-Grade King-Grade divine medicine, is that spirit seed makes. Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill, does not know that Star Law God Territory does have to auction?” Shen Xiang looks at these familiar divine medicine, before he refined was Heaven-Grade middle-grade, the present is Highest quality. No, this type of thing who is willing to sell! Is leaves attacks eighth Godhead or ninth Godhead.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: But quick wanted some people to sell.” Shen Xiang becomes stronger and stronger, Yue'er was also very happy that only by doing so, can protect her cat clan and Stars and Moon God Clan is bullied. Highest quality skeleton should Divine Pill not be difficult to refine to you?” Yue'er asked. „It is not definitely difficult, skeleton Divine Pill has been very good to refine!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, after several Highest quality divine medicine put, displays Dao Heart Eye, then uses building up of source, starts to refine.