World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2267

After Shen Xiang arrives at Star Law God Territory, discovered that the formidable Dan God status is here higher, for example he now, can win over to hundred Godhead Teng Yong and Jing Ze!

He thought that he is alchemy, all day exits to kill is not good, this matter should give others to make that's alright, he usually builds up alchemy, accompanied own woman to flirt with one another that's alright, if had the matter that under could not solve, he went into action again personally. Why this is also he planned here reason that must establish a strong presence, he thought that Star Law God Territory is the end of world, all strengths arrive at the peak expert to gather here, here establishes a stable influence , after can let him, can on the peaceful life, with concentration the study breakthrough peak. Refines Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill with refining Highest quality Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill is the same, the difficulty is not very big, the time of but requiring, he has used three double-hour to refine, this is also the Highest quality divine medicine comparison the reason that is hard to burn to build up and fuse, but after he was familiar, can refine directly instantaneously with the skeleton of eyes. Five grains, were short!” Shen Xiang sighed that these five grains of Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill qualities are very good, but before him, refines High-Grade and middle-grade time, is the pill six grains. Is insufficiently familiar!” Yue'er said: But was also very good, Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill, I have not seen!” Not is quite familiar, the second furnace should be OK!” Shen Xiang nodded, then starts to refine the second furnace. Before time that the second furnace uses not, that many, two double-hour built up, moreover leave the pill six grains, this lets his satisfied nod. Now can refine three lotus Divine Pill, must a bit faster help Xueyi detoxify, thinks that this dragon brat remains unconscious, I love dearly.” Shen Xiang said that puts out three grains of lotus seed.

Clear Heart God Lotus is the white, Life Jade God Lotus is the imperial green, Purple Heart God Lotus is the purple. Three lotus Divine Pill may not only be detoxifies! Otherwise these three divine lotus will not be precious.” Yue'er said: Casual independent one type, has very big use, if fuses together to congeal pill, the effect will be stronger.” I am not clear, in brief first refined to say again!” Shen Xiang puts in World Creation God Furnace three grains of lotus seed, he had pinched these three grains of lotus seed a moment ago, is not general firm, by his strength is unable the crumb, the refinement time certainly wants in the demon to be very long is good. First time builds up King-Grade divine medicine, does not know that meets is what kind of!” In the Shen Xiang heart is a little also anxious, he deeply inspires, making oneself tranquiler, then controls the World Creation God Furnace release flame. Really is very difficult to build up, King-Grade divine medicine is different.” Shen Xiang release very fierce flame incinerator the period of time, that three grains of lotus seed did not have a response unexpectedly. If the World Creation God Furnace present flame falls in one ** on ten Godhead God Monarch God king, can burn them quack yelled that responded slow, was fired the ash is not impossible. However these three grains of lotus seed were burnt down well such for a long time, unexpectedly fortunately! Shen Xiang stops burning down, takes to place in the palm lotus seed, cannot help but lowly scolded: His mother, so is unexpectedly icy cold, this lotus seed understood one release corresponding strength to protect itself, King-Grade divine medicine is really inconceivable! strength of this self-protection, endures compared with hundred Godhead expert.”

Didn't have the means to build up to melt?” Saying of some Yue'er worries: Your World Creation God Furnace so was fearful, burns motionless this lotus seed, that other are Dan God more difficult?” Therefore refines King-Grade Divine Pill, is not 1-2 days can complete! Tens of thousands of years are uncertain, other Dan God should be to rely on Earth Core Fire comes to burn down for a long time, consumes the divine medicine resistance strength.” Shen Xiang said: I have World Creation God Furnace and Heaven Refining Technique, definitely will not use that dead means.” Only can use the old means that looks for the method of solution difficult problem from Heaven Refining Technique, Heaven Refining Technique I also understand now little, does not know really Heaven Refining Technique is that fellow makes, was really too fearful.” Shen Xiang said: „Does the Star Law God Territory person know existence of Heaven Refining Technique?” I also think very strange, Heaven Refining Technique this divine art, should go beyond hundred Godhead nine skeleton expert categories, in other words, can found this divine art fellow, the strength is willing the Dingyuan ultra peak!” Yue'er said: In four taboo divine art, was most fearful on number Heaven Refining Technique, other divine art could also convince.” Shen Xiang also more and more knew about Heaven Refining Technique that to inside many sutra chant, as well as the small methods of various wondrous uses was very familiar, now he turns in the memory looks for various methods, then carefully analyzes, has a look whether to solve the difficult problem that he comes across. Had, if meeting is hard to build up divine medicine, needs to congeal a special flame, this type of flame is called Imaginary Fire!” Shen Xiang said. Imaginary Fire? What is the concrete function?” Yue'er asked that regarding fresh thing, she was curious. Said?” Shen Xiang thinks that said: Imaginary Fire is not the substantive flame, this type of flame has the user, with can see by burning down, can induce obtains, will not have the quantity of heat, other people cannot see......”

Can't see? After being burnt, will be what kind of?” Yue'er asked: „Can't the induction force very much induce?” Cannot induce! On Heaven Refining Technique calls Imaginary Fire, but I thought that is called the fire of mind to be quite appropriate, is equal eats up Linked Heart Divine Pill to me and you, I give you to transmit in the heart to think, only then you and I know how other people again are fierce, is unable to know.” Shen Xiang said: Imaginary Fire is similar form, is equal uses this type of flame to me, after divine medicine establishes the mind reading the condition, then directly the flame transmits divine medicine!” Quite has the mind reading in me and you, then in my heart thinks anything, regardless of you in many where, you can receive to obtain.” Shen Xiang was explaining carefully: I use Imaginary Fire, forcefully makes divine medicine establish the mind reading with me relationship, then I fill him the flame forcefully, carries on to build up. Flame formation time in my heart, transmission in the past, in divine medicine, moreover flame that this type of flame imagines from the innermost feelings.” Yue'er is very surprised, asks: Flame that imagines?” The Shen Xiang nod said: Good, I through the Heaven Refining Technique method, use my Divine Power to imagine, concentrate Imaginary Fire. Then transmits your there through the method, at this time you had the burnt down illusion, then you were burnt, this type of flame only then you and I can see.” Heaven Refining Technique is really fearful!” Yue'er praised: „If not need Imaginary Fire to come alchemy, is used to deal with the person to be able?” Naturally! I can spy on others' Divine sea directly, if I use the skeleton of both eyes to break the defense of others Divine sea, releases Imaginary Fire in Divine sea directly, that is easier to succeed.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.