World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2268

These three grains of lotus seed that itself Shen Xiang refines now are hard to burn to build up, in addition Divine Pill will release strange strength that the resistance burns to build up, therefore he must build up lotus seed to be difficult, requires very long time to build up! King-Grade divine medicine, the interior the congealing crystal, was very firm! After congealing crystal, divine medicine can store up a more formidable energy, builds up time, can produce very strong resistance strength. Now Shen Xiang use building up of Imaginary Fire, is equal to letting divine medicine burns to build up, burns own energy, such one, can reduce many work. Shen Xiang comprehends this method, but has not used, does not know to become, now he must start to use on these three grains of lotus seed, if can succeed, building up of this Imaginary Fire will refine the King-Grade Divine Pill best method. Naturally, this must coordinate source to build up to use, this can make many King-Grade divine medicine energy fuse together. Shen Xiang put in that three grains of lotus seed World Creation God Furnace a moment ago once more, according to Heaven Refining Technique inside sutra chant, starts to display building up of Imaginary Fire, this is a invisible flame, although cannot see unable to feel, but actually still consumes his massive Six Paths Power. Yue'er, I refine these three lotus Divine Pill probably to need to be many some time, you plant in Hidden Jade Ring multi- select spirit seed, looks to cause skeleton Divine Pill King-Grade divine medicine.” Shen Xiang said to Yue'er. Now he has succeeded to release Imaginary Fire, what making him not expect, this World Creation God Furnace unexpectedly can strengthen the Imaginary Fire intensity. Worthily is World Creation God Furnace, what flame can strengthen the promotion quality, it seems like I will burn to build up these three grains of King-Grade lotus seed time to reduce.” Shen Xiang starts forcefully and three grains of lotus seed carries on the mind reading. Even if low level spirit herb saint medicine uses the intelligence very much, the wisdom that let alone this King-Grade divine medicine, King-Grade divine medicine had is not inferior to humanity, must know that some strange flowers different grass luck are good, can practice turn into a human! Lu Qinlian is Lotus Flower turns into, so long as these Heaven and Earth Treasure have the opportunity, can be reborn, melts the turn into a human shape later strength not to compare humanity to be bad.

Shen Xiang does not know how long, he has wrapped three grains of lotus seed with Imaginary Fire, tries to invade their minds, but actually for a very long time cannot succeed, this comes according to Heaven Refining Technique inside method, according to the above method, shells the divine medicine ostium unceasingly. Unknowingly, Shen Xiang suddenly has had the induction with three grains of lotus seed, at this time three grains of lotus seed become very tame, Imaginary Fire had the function, starts to burn in three grains of lotus seed. Less than a while, three grains of lotus seed semblance suddenly split open, in the fissure overflow very dazzling multi-colored sunlight, separately is green, white and purple tricolor. Finally arrived at this!” Shen Xiang shouted the one breath, was more relaxed, he also worried that wants to complete for a long time. After three grains of lotus seed present the fissure, Imaginary Fire wells up from the interior, starts to burn down becomes very frail outer layer, soon, in World Creation God Furnace presented three groups of clay common light groups. „After High-Grade divine medicine and Highest quality divine medicine build up, is the liquid shapes, but Highest quality wants High-Grade is thicker! This King-Grade divine medicine is the thick liquid!” Before Shen Xiang heart Zhonglian remembers him, crystal Divine Pill that refines, divine medicine was used by him after at that time dashes the law promotion quality, from the solution turns into the medicine thick liquid, finally concentrates crystal Divine Pill. Now he sees these three groups of medicine thick liquid, can definitely concentrate pill time, definitely is crystal Divine Pill! „After King-Grade divine medicine builds up, certainly is the medicine thick liquid? Why haven't I heard? I remember that I have looked at ancient book, above had said after King-Grade divine medicine builds up, is the solution, but slightly will be thicker than Highest quality, but could not have achieved this thick mud shape by far.” Shen Xiang has doubts very much.

To this step, he has needed to use building up of source, seeks for the spirit bloodlines of three grains of lotus seed! He had found quickly, the spirit bloodlines of three grains of lotus seed are obvious, after he lets the bloodlines of three Dao Spirit fuse together, three groups of medicine thick liquid also start to fuse, the process of fusion is also quite relaxed. Other Dan God build up King-Grade lotus seed time, possibly consumes the massive lotus seed internal energy, therefore finally is also only the solution shape, but building up of Imaginary Fire I use, consumes the divine medicine energy to be minimal, can therefore with ancient book on different.” Shen Xiang thinks, only then such explained. Three groups were very thick the thick medicine thick liquid to fuse together at this time, and was also pressed smaller one group, now is not the thick liquid, but turned into the solid state! Is very thorny! Now was very firm solid, if continued to compress again, can definitely the congealing crystal, the process also very be definitely difficult.” Shen Xiang has refined two paracrystal Divine Pill, first time failed, turns into the pebble to be the same, second time has Liu Meng'er they to use building up of help seven soul, successfully concentrates crystal Divine Pill. This time may nobody help him, moreover crystal Divine Pill that this time concentrates be much fiercer than before, because this is King-Grade divine medicine refines. Should anything not be good to fear that I some these many Godhead, cultivation base have promoted a big truncation compared with before now!” Shen Xiang is divided into three parts that circular stone sphere immediately, after dividing, will let rounding off again. start to condense pill, succeeds at present!” Shen Xiang concentrates completely Godhead strength, wraps that three quite big round bead, so long as will compress to the steady state, even if congealed pill. Turns into crystal Divine Pill time will be quite difficult to compress, but also advantage, if will be defeated will not diverge, but will turn into the quality quite bad pebble, the interior had the efficacy.

Under the Shen Xiang vigorous Divine Power compression, that three round bead gradually from the interior shrinkage, the process is very unusual, but also sends out clear glittering light glow, is similar to is ordinary by the multi-colored sunlight of crystal, this is really the characteristics of congealing crystal. Is very good, so long as this way, will certainly succeed.” Although Shen Xiang can feel three groups of things that he compresses are inflating, the pressure that but the inflation has is actually not very strong, he can also be able to control, so long as will compress to will not have the expansive power, even if will congeal the pill success merit, at that time the quality will also enhance many. Concentrates pill's process to be difficult, Shen Xiang clear remembering, he has used for seven days seven nights of time, presses the pill pellet size the round bead, at this time the expansive power is also the strongest time, if he cannot insist, the opportunity explodes immediately! However has World Creation God Furnace, even if will explode not to cause anything to destroy. „Becoming to me!” Shen Xiang lowers roars, World Creation God Furnace internal suddenly explodes dodges a glare, he congealed the pill success merit, three grains of three lotus Divine Pill refined smoothly, moreover crystal Divine Pill. Finally was good!” Shen Xiang has wiped the perspiration of forehead, opens pill furnace, takes out three grains of crystal three lotus Divine Pill: Quality is very good, if this, King-Grade is Divine Pill that then I refine crystal Divine Pill?” King-Grade Divine Pill is not really good to refine, you have used for two months.” Yue'er said with a smile: Can succeed well, contrasts other Dan God, the time that you use is least!”