World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2270
Must construct the entrance on Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, this means that must overthrow the present Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains above influence completely, will also bring in other Heaven-rank Stars big influences to encircle, the matter that because Shen Xiang handles is breaks the Star Law God Territory rule the matter. Shen Xiang puts out a jade symbol, records own sound in inside, has not said anything, is important contract ten thousand Dean Gu meets in a place, chatted alone. Hua Lang said: „After Dean goes out, inspects Outer Disciple frequently, I can see him frequently, must give him not to be difficult this thing.” Shen Xiang nodded: Then you as soon as possible do now!” After Hua Lang walks, other ten disciples also in abundance leave to close up the practice. Feng Wu said: These days Feng Family spreads everywhere has about your matter, said that you break the rule, trades skeleton Divine Pill everywhere! Is, does not know how they know you to cut to kill Yu Zhen.” This should be related with Blue Clouds City that old man, that omniscient old man definitely revealed the rumor, although he complied with me not to reveal these matters, but Feng Hao asked his other matters time, he will say unavoidably.” Shen Xiang said: This does not need to manage him temporarily, affects to me is not very big.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: Can't affect? Law Enforcer is catching you everywhere, was caught to close into Hell, even might also be extinguished kills.” Shen Xiang Ha Ha said with a smile: They, if can find me to be best, I must have a look at them to have the big skill but actually!” Feng Wu, since Feng Family spreads my matter everywhere, that with me for the enemy, you finds the way to tell Feng Hao, making him restrain a point, otherwise I formed my influence, immediately extinguishes his Feng Family to strike awe.” Feng Wu nodded: „The big fontanel, they believe firmly that Yu Zhen is you kills, everywhere is investigating your whereabouts.” „The big fontanel of doing things stealthily, I will extinguish him surely!” Shen Xiang said: I go to and ten thousand Dean Gu meetings first, hoping this time to discuss successfully.”

Shen Xiang uses space wind, suddenly vanishes in the hall, left the mountain village. ...... Outside Blue Clouds City has piece of top heavenly pillar rocky mountain, the summit above the clouds, Shen Xiang now in peak of mountain, is looking under that surging snow white sea of clouds. At noon, the solar overhead, Shen Xiang above summit insolation, but this does not have to his influence. Soon, grazes a spoken parts shade to the sea of clouds distant place, Shen Xiang distant sees that is wears the white robe, the crane sends the young face, full of energy old man, this person is ten thousand Dean Gu, Dai Donggong! Dai Donggong flutters to Shen Xiang nearby suddenly, he is wrinkling the bird, reveals anger, because Shen Xiang slaughters in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, making Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains lose several Inner Disciple and an elder. Feels Dai Donggong anger, Shen Xiang secretly is also vigilant that this Dai Donggong is peak expert, it can be said that he so far runs into the most formidable person. However what makes him feel relieved, although this Dai Donggong is angry, but actually very much can restrain . Moreover the body glows a noble, now he understands why initially Big Shot of other day of stars collaborated extinguishes kills Undead God Clan the time, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that only Dai Donggong governs has not gone, because he is passing a healthy tendency from top to bottom, this person will not handle that matter. You are my enemy, I should cut your!” Dai Donggong sized up Shen Xiang long time, has depended on the tastes first. But I actually never regard as the enemy you!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: You as Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean, calculates that the comparison failed, if you can make the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains environment fair harmonious, I will not be insulted, will not present the matter of my slaughtering! This matter you have mistake.” Dai Donggong slightly frowned, in that bright eye reveals a sorrow, Shen Xiang does not know why own words will make him have such big response.

You said right!” Dai Donggong looks at the vast implication, look becomes very remote, has sighed deeply. Senior, do you have what hard thing to bring up?” Shen Xiang thought that such old man of whole body healthy tendency, will unable to control the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains aspect, obviously has the secret facts. Dai Donggong has not replied him, but asked: You make me to come, what has?” He in the back to Shen Xiang, was explaining that he does not have the heart of guard to Shen Xiang, he also saw that Shen Xiang is well-meant to him. With the Universe Treasure Vase related matter.” The Shen Xiang's words make the Dai Donggong whole body tremble. Dai Donggong has turned around suddenly, the look becomes very sharp, but he can control his mood very much, asked slowly: „Do you know Universe Treasure Vase and my relationship? Such being the case, matter that you should also know my beloved son?” I know that Universe Treasure Vase is Senior you refines and gives to your son, afterward your son...... Died, Universe Treasure Vase was missing.” Shen Xiang said: Now Universe Treasure Vase in my hands, but......” Shen Xiang sees the Dai Donggong complexion to change, hastily retreat, loud voice said: But he is not I kills, Universe Treasure Vase is only I came from another person of hand, whose but I actually know Universe Treasure Vase actually in hand.” Continue!” Dai Donggong took a deep breath, he revealed greatly strengthened killing intent a moment ago. Shen Xiang to let his mood is stabler, he takes out Universe Treasure Vase, gives Dai Donggong. Universe Treasure Vase is I came from the Yu Zhen hand, but Yu Zhen me who which from comes is unknown.” Shen Xiang said that but truth, he also said: I thought that this matter affirmed has the connection with Dean of big fontanel, this to Senior, was the only clue.” Dai Donggong receives Universe Treasure Vase, this is his son's relic, important! Although also goes back Universe Treasure Vase, but Shen Xiang has not thought to be a pity that Universe Treasure Vase to his use is not very big.

You ask me to come, should not say the Universe Treasure Vase matter!” Dai Donggong lived was so long, where won't be able to see Shen Xiang that thoughts? Shen Xiang takes Universe Treasure Vase, to eliminate him and Dai Donggong the contradiction between. Good!” Shen Xiang smiled: Senior, I help you retrieve Universe Treasure Vase, and helps you obtain the clue, should you thank me?” Dai Donggong nodded: „The Universe Treasure Vase very vital significance, I will feel grateful for me your!” Shen Xiang receives the smiling face, serious saying: Senior, you definitely have the hard thing to bring up in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, therefore or will be Elder Courtyard will divert by the Dan God institute, causing you unable to change Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, right?” Shen Xiang saw a moment ago! Yes!” Dai Donggong acknowledged: But from now henceforth, they cannot control me again! I was the time do to select Dean this time of doing.” Dai Donggong makes the decision of any pain likely, he such can control the mood, but is still not able to conceal this sorrow, reveals with the surface, obviously this decision makes him very suffer.