World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2271
Shen Xiang and Dai Donggong, although chatted several, but actually understands that what Dai Donggong and Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God institute Elder Courtyard is not, even was coerced by them, causing him to change the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains present environment unable to work. Senior, do they coerce your? Perhaps I can help you!” Shen Xiang said. Nobody helped me, for many years, I for the one's own selfish interests, have made Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains more walk am more crooked, I have disappointed old Dean in the past to my great expectations! Now I had decided that must discard certain things, only then this can change Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains.” Dai Donggong long sighed. Shen Xiang said: Senior, franks, I seek your real cause, wants to win over the influence that you join me to found!” Shen Xiang comes time really has such idea, but he had not decided at that time, therefore plans to have a look at ten thousand Dean Gu first is what kind of person. Dai Donggong has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is having such goal, he wants to know why very much Shen Xiang has such big self-confidence to win over him. „The Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains present environment was incurable.” Shen Xiang said: This you should be clearer than me, how regardless of you then do, you will become the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains enemy!” They have been familiar with be gluttonous and lazy for these years, your suddenly makes them brave life danger(ous) to work, this is equal to wanting their lives! But Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains strongest strength also this group of people, you, if makes them hunt and kill different divine beast forcefully, they affirmed that the meeting strength revolts your.” Good!” Dai Donggong sighed: But...... Can Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains such end? Star Law God Territory is not peaceful, this way, if later has the conflict, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains must die without doubt, even if I know the result, but I must try, always compared with like this continues to get down rottenly.” The Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Disciple majority cannot compare Outer Sect to come, but Outer Sect comes in is always actually forced to handle the danger(ous) matter, for many years died or departed many good Outer Disciple, now can support Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains becomes day of star Big Shot, only then that Dan God institute, but Inner Disciple is some snobbishness.

Hears Dai Donggong such words, in the Shen Xiang heart dark startled, this Dai Donggong is knows likely Star Law God Territory must have any disaster such, Star Law God Territory for many years was very peaceful, is only these days other day of stars Big Shot for Long Life, extinguished Undead God Clan. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Why do you let Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Disciple hear of you? Can you give them Divine Pill? Perhaps does not listen Outer Disciple your, because you cannot bring the advantage to them, they entered Inner Sect before hopefully, which knows all sorts of matters that encounters, break their all dreams! Outer Disciple also continues to remain, selects Divine Pill for the lane, has the Dan God institute is the entire Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains core! But you, but is a quite strong goon.” The Dai Donggong bird is but actually vertical, Shen Xiang poked the sore spot in his heart, although he was Dean, but in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains truly did not have the rallying point, Inner Disciple to dislike he, but he cannot improve the Outer Disciple treatment, Outer Disciple also said that he was a good person, but will not listen absolutely his. Shen Xiang laughed: „The Elder Courtyard present accusation protects the Dan God institute, thus obtains Divine Pill! But you must change Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, must first control the Dan God institute, but the Dan God institute will not make you prevail absolutely, he will make Elder Courtyard cope with you! Even is joins up to resist you.” Dai Donggong had nothing to say in reply, his present situation is so awkward, he closely was pinching the fist, the body was trembling frequently. Reason that you will turn into this, this is related with your weakness! Before you are very early, was threatened by the Dan God institute, therefore you cannot earlier fight, but now you think fight time, discovered that the Dan God institute is not you can resist, you have missed the best opportunity.” Shen Xiang also said that this lets on the Dai Donggong face full is the color of pain, because Shen Xiang also said. „If you, how you will do now?” Dai Donggong long sighed: I am not truly suitable to govern a big influence, because my heart is not very black, is not very ruthless, moreover there are too many worrying, causes this.” Shen Xiang said: I have been doing now, I win over the outstanding disciple who Outer Sect inspects, had more than ten people with me! Because of me at the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains slaughtering incident, causing me to have the prestige in Outer Disciple very much, this you should be clear.” I am defeated, was dug the corner, unexpectedly has not known.” The Dai Donggong forced smile said.

Truly so, because you are indecisive, even if you formidable strength, but also has what using?” Shen Xiang said: Knows wrong changes, you also with enough time change yourself now!” Dai Donggong has not thought that little rascal unexpectedly was preaching to him, but he is actually not able to refute Shen Xiang. Senior, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect was now decayed, only then destroys completely always! When the time comes you can also from the beginning come.” Shen Xiang said. I only want to know why you can win over that many Outer Disciple, this only does not depend on the prestige to achieve!” Dai Donggong asked. Depending on me is Dan God, has this sufficed?” Shen Xiang smiles lightly: I have given each of them several grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, you thought that they do hold true by do not mix with me, but continues to keep Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains?” Can refine skeleton Divine Pill Dan God, this was enough! Dai Donggong was said somewhat excited by Shen Xiang. Senior, does if wanted join me?” Shen Xiang sends out the invitation once more: If you also join me, then you go to inspect into the Inner Sect disciple elder to win over Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains again, then makes Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains run its own course.” Dai Donggong hesitated, he is considering! Senior, I understood that now refines Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill, King-Grade Divine Pill is also a cinch, even if you do not join us, later you will look for my alchemy I not to reject.” Shen Xiang has smiled saying with a smile.

You understood really refines King-Grade Divine Pill?” Dai Donggong has not thought that Shen Xiang looks like young, unexpectedly has this skill, he understands a King-Grade Dan God status. Naturally!” Shen Xiang said that he refined three lotus Divine Pill before. Good, so long as you comply to help me refine furnace King-Grade Divine Pill, I join you!” Dai Donggong unexpectedly like this complied, Shen Xiang somewhat is also unexpected. Reason that then, Senior was coerced by the Dan God institute, because of the alchemy matter?” Shen Xiang guessed. Yes!” Dai Donggong nodded: My daughter was poisoned, needs three lotus Divine Pill to detoxify, she already deep sleep tens of thousands years, but I for many years also sought Clear Heart God Lotus, I give the Dan God institute Clear Heart God Lotus, making them help to look, which knows them actually...... Actually sold out Clear Heart God Lotus.”