World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2272

Here, Dai Donggong was very excited and angry: Their unexpectedly found the excuse saying that because did not have enough low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, therefore sold out! They know that I must change the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains present situation, when the time comes will affect them, therefore they must to me demonstration of authority, sell out Clear Heart God Lotus.” In the Shen Xiang heart secretly rejoices, understands why the Dan God institute will take the sell Clear Heart God Lotus, the Dan God institute definitely does not lack low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, but auctions this precious Clear Heart God Lotus, actually is intentionally. Senior, it seems like you and I are predestined friends! Franks, I come Star Law God Territory from very far place, to seek for three lotus Divine Pill divine medicine, refines three lotus Divine Pill to detoxify for my better self! A short time ago, I happen to refined furnace three lotus Divine Pill, I have made the person send back now!” Shen Xiang said. Dai Donggong is immediately excited, holds the Shen Xiang's shoulder, asked: Three lotus Divine Pill divine lotus that so long as the lotus seed refinement then, you obtain, at least also two grains of lotus seed, then, you should have surplus lotus seed to refine three lotus Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang nodded: Good, goes back me immediately to close up, is the Senior favored daughter refines three lotus Divine Pill.” Good, good and good!” Dai Donggong is excited at this time, Shen Xiang truly is predestined friends with him, delivers his son's relic, moreover quick can refine three lotus Divine Pill to detoxify for his daughter, at this time he joined Shen Xiang firmly they. Shen Xiang afterward and Dai Donggong spoke in detail period of time, told Dai Donggong in the Blue Clouds City mountain village address him, then has given back to some Dai Donggong skeleton Divine Pill, this was to let him wins over Outer Disciple to use. Now Dai Donggong despaired to these Inner Disciple, before was threatened by the Dan God institute, makes his heart cool, but Shen Xiang can refine three lotus Divine Pill to give him quickly, even if to feel grateful Shen Xiang, he must join Shen Xiang. Dai Donggong returns to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, Shen Xiang returns to the Blue Clouds City mountain village, alchemy in secret room. I in Star Law God Territory, Dai Donggong had not taken over control of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains in the past, in the past these many years, he had also stepped into the peak! At that time in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, he was not the strength is strongest, however Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains old Dean saw him to be good-hearted, therefore passed to him the position of Dean.” Yue'er said: Has him to join, later our here strength will be also more formidable, this did not fear other day of stars the influences.”

Influence Big Shot of other day of stars are the older generations?” Shen Xiang asked. Should be, otherwise they to not lengthen life essence but is ruthless to Undead God Clan.” Yue'er coldly snorted and said: These fellow unexpectedly must to all God Clan fight, they sooner or later by the retribution.” Where then Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains old Dean did go?” Does not know that worth is Dai Donggong, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains old Dean is also a good person.” Yue'er sighed: Is after only a pity he walks, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains turns into this damned type.” Shen Xiang puts out three grains of lotus seed, starts to refine three lotus Divine Pill, the Dai Donggong present weakness is his daughter, his daughter already the deep sleep many years, if solves now has revived poisonously, Dai Donggong will not be negative. Had the previous experience, this time he refined three lotus Divine Pill speeds to be quicker, one month refined, he went out of the secret room time, had known that Huang Jintian received Outer Disciple that more than ten Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains came, but ten people that before closed up, came out at this time, they congealed successfully the skeleton. In this mountain village gathered more than 20 powerful Outer Disciple! After Shen Xiang has seen these disciples, chatted the period of time with them, and everyone has given several grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill. Hua Lang, helping me arrange, passes on a letter to ten thousand Dean Gu, lets him, in the previous place meets.” Shen Xiang said that Hua Lang they also know at this time, Shen Xiang has won over Dai Donggong, at that time they did not believe that afterward after Dai Donggong let these more than ten Outer Disciple come, they are willing to believe that this is real. Hua Lang nods hastily, then leaves mountain village.

Feng Hao stated categorically that you rob Feng Family Life Jade God Lotus, moreover Feng Family other elders do not know that has believed why, now Feng Family is looking for you everywhere!” Feng Wu said: You made me warn Feng Hao before, he not only does not listen, but also continues to spread you to sell the Divine Pill matter in private massively.” Um, now does not need to pay attention to Feng Family, when us prepares appropriately, tidies up them again!” Shen Xiang said: Feng Family is just the small role, does not need to care! Feng Wu, you have the words of time , helping me find a place, best in open country, has the mountain to have the water, the place of enchanting scenery, the place must be big enough, moreover does not have any different divine beast.” Good!” Feng Wu does not know that Shen Xiang must come to do, sounds to be used to construct the place of manor actually. ...... Shen Xiang goes to the place that previous and Dai Donggong meets, after Dai Donggong arrives, Shen Xiang immediately puts out two grains of three lotus Divine Pill to hand over. This is two grains, if a grain insufficient, again eats one grain!” Shen Xiang said. I for these years, seeks Clear Heart God Lotus, but you actually such quickly found three divine lotus!” Dai Donggong exclaims: It seems like your alchemy technique imagines me is more splendid, one month refines furnace King-Grade Divine Pill, moreover leaves the pill two grains, this is fiercer than Dan God institute these fellows.” Shen Xiang is light smiles: Senior, you may are more careful in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, if you untie your daughter's toxin, did not feel relieved that she keeps Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, can make her come to my mountain village, I can assure her security.” Good!” Dai Donggong: I also will leave after a period of time Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, enters in the mountain village, then all hear of you dispatch.”

Dai Donggong very grateful Shen Xiang, these two grains of three lotus Divine Pill are precious, if must use low-grade skeleton Divine Pill receiving in exchange, needs many to be good, but he for many years searched high and low three divine lotus, made him lose everything, therefore now he is also in the pouch shy. Dai Donggong attains three lotus Divine Pill, departs in a hurry, this is must help his daughter detoxify, this is his only family member. Shen Xiang was loose at this time much, but now his middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill are not many, he has hoped Teng Yong and Jing Ze a bit faster came back, like this he had divine medicine to use, did not need to duplicate. Yue'er, that skeleton did Divine Fruit duplicate? First makes one, then I am used for alchemy to give a try!” Shen Xiang asked. Did not have! You need to congeal many purple bead to be good, coordinates the spirit seed use again, quick that's alright! Also does not know that skeleton Divine Fruit is any rank divine medicine.” Yue'er said: Although seems like King-Grade, however duplication time actually needs many purple bead, are more than these divine lotus.”