World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2273
Shen Xiang also can only wait for Teng Yong and Jing Ze now comes back to refine skeleton Divine Pill again, when the time comes they definitely bring massive divine medicine to come back, but they on hand more than 100 grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, sell out can receive in exchange for massive divine yuan stone, suffices them to purchase many divine medicine. Big brother!” Shen Xiang just must enter secret room condense purple bead, actually suddenly hears some people to shout. Huang Jintian hastily flies to leap up, afterward sees only him to hold the guy who a whole body is scarred. Is Li Qi!” A disciple in mountain village said: Big brother, he and Hua Lang relationship is good, moreover he already must join our, for coordinates Hua Lang in Inner Sect, therefore he has not come to the mountain village.” Injures very much heavily!” Shen Xiang hastily puts out grain of Divine Pill, puts in the Li Qi mouth, then puts out a jade bottle, many split open the wounds on him drips into some white size. Li Qi comes in has fainted, after eating up Shen Xiang's Divine Pill, he wakes up quickly, wound was also better. Said slowly!” Shen Xiang smiled to Li Qi: Is who injured you?” Yes...... Elder Courtyard, they discovered that Hua Lang and we, Dean on the mountain, they to our fight, Hua Lang had not been grasped exactly by them.” Li Qi very angry saying: Elder Courtyard this group of bastards, unexpectedly do not permit us to walk! We have delivered fortunately a letter to all Outer Disciple, if they believe that quick will come here.” „Was Hua Lang grasped Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains by them?” Now Shen Xiang most cares is this, his facial expression becomes is very serious. Does not know, fight is not the Elder Courtyard person, is not Inner Disciple, we do not know that group of people, but their strengths are very strong.” Li Qi said: We know that they are Elder Courtyard send, moreover they and big brother you have enmity.”

Shen Xiang thinks that immediately understands: I know that was who! Big fontanel!” The big fontanel handles some matters of doing things stealthily frequently, but also nothing, this definitely is the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard asylum! Dai Donggong son's death is related with big fontanel, otherwise Universe Treasure Vase in Tianmen, Elder Courtyard cannot call big fontanel fight now, explained that they have the deal in secret, Shen Xiang suspected, the Dai Donggong son is Elder Courtyard and Dan God institute makes the big fontanel get rid to kill. Master, you receive the disciple who comes one after another here, I go to a big fontanel!” Shen Xiang said. Big brother, we also go!” Person of shouted, other more than 20 individuals also shout that must go to the big fontanel to rescue Hua Lang with Shen Xiang. Does not use, you stay here! Now I did not determine that very Hua Lang in the big fontanel, I moves also quite the convenience! But you have the matter to do here, if there are other Outer Disciple to come, you may probably receive them, convinced them to stay here.” Some Huang Jintian here, Shen Xiang does not need to be worried that Dai Donggong attains three lotus Divine Pill to give the daughter to detoxify, suddenly does not know that will have this matter, therefore he has to process now. ...... Shen Xiang arrives at the city that the big fontanel is , after arriving, directly soars mountain village that the big fontanel is at! Front door Outer Sect of big fontanel, is decorated with lanterns and colored streamers at this time, out of the door is standing some handsome youngster, person who is greeting with a smile. Congratulations, today was big fontanel and date of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains forming an alliance . Moreover the big fontanel hundred thousand year celebrated.” Arrives at entrance old man said while loudly laughing.

Many thanks supports, in requests personally.” A man compensates to say with a smile. Shen Xiang thought one guess ** did not leave ten, this big fontanel and Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, although formed an alliance, but was actually equal to becoming the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains attached influence, later Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains transferred more convenient. So long as no matter, puts on more dignified can go, Shen Xiang changed an appearance, looks like very noble aura by oneself, then swaggering walks, goes, he also contains saying that some words of pleasant to hear, suddenly was very smooth goes. After Shen Xiang goes, immediately emits colored cord hung on a child's neck for good luck on his first birthday Divine Soul, seeks for the Hua Lang trail everywhere, at this time in Tianmen jubilant, is full of the happy talks and laughters everywhere, in central plaza, the people who is holding many table of banquets, coming in drinks to joyfully celebrate there. Found!” Shen Xiang's wisp of Divine Soul, induces to a Hua Lang aura, that is in a distance Tianmen middle plaza quite far mountain. Here is the domain of big fontanel . Moreover the big fontanel just and Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains formed an alliance, today also many Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains skilled people come here, therefore the big fontanel did not fear that some people caused trouble, the alert was quite loose. They also hope that some people make on one noisy, then gets rid the person who teaches one these to cause trouble, is equal to punishing one as a warning to others, after all the big fontanel beforehand reputation is not good. Shen Xiang is very relaxed arrives at the back side of the mountain, here the dungeon, he determined position that Hua Lang is, then direct teleport in the past. Hua Lang was closed in four walls is in the formation barrier secret room, the diminutive his whole body is on, the hair is randomly chaotic, that the laughing face, full is the blue and purple is inflamed all day at this time, but his eye still is very smart, he sees Shen Xiang suddenly to appear at present, is almost startled the eyeball to fall. Big...... Big brother!” Hua Lang has not thought really that he was just pass/test shortly, Shen Xiang came. Your brat also very energetic!” Shen Xiang has patted his head, said with a smile.

I assign hardly, cannot die.” Hua Lang laughed: It seems like Li Qi this fellow ran away smoothly, I also worried that he dies on the road.” Has not died, but was also seriously injured.” Shen Xiang looks in the Hua Lang hand that firm azure chains, wants to tear vigorously, but has not actually succeeded. This chains may be fierce, is Highest quality divine tool, is the Dean refinement! Dean in the past has refined many things for the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard.” Hua Lang said: Does not open fond of playing jokes!” Who said?” Shen Xiang puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, he controls Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to turn into the dagger to be equally big, then cuts gently, like shearing string simple, that azure chains was cut off. Quite fierce!” Hua Lang stares the big eye: Cuts Highest quality divine tool like cutting the dish, big brother your this broken sword was also too good!” Shen Xiang puts out some solutions and Divine Pill, making Hua Lang eat up the breakthrough, his injury changed for the better. How do they discover?” Shen Xiang thought that very felt strange: „Do some people betray you?” Yes, has a fellow is Outer Sect inspects, but the facial skin of this fellow is very thick, so long as sees Inner Disciple, whom sees to kneel anyone, kneels to lick the posture and method may be called first-class, therefore he deeply liking of these Inner Disciple! Our matters, were known by this fellow.” Hua Lang said: Blames us being careless, has not expected this fellow unexpectedly also to flatter some Outer Disciple, therefore he also knows many matters.”