World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2274
Has such matter Shen Xiang, although has not expected, to will sometimes plan to have the mistake unavoidably, now he wins over the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Disciple matter in secret already realized by the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard, and they also had the motion, will be starts to incorporate other middle-and-small influences. Shen Xiang thought that next may is Feng Family, because Feng Family also hates him, now Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains made this start, forms an alliance with the big fontanel, if can big fontanel many advantage, then many other influences will be glad. Does not form an alliance any advantage with Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains...... Naturally, this is regarding other low and deep juniors of influence, so long as forms an alliance with Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, these people of will influence be when the time comes same to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Outer Disciple.” Shen Xiang said that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains unites in other small influence, this does not have what threat for him. They do not know fortunately Dean mixed with you, even if knows that does not have anything, they have not been able to take Dean to be what kind.” Hua Lang said. They know that I do have the massive skeleton Divine Pill matter?” Shen Xiang asked. Knew, moreover they also affirmed that before bought the Clear Heart God Lotus person is the big brother you, does not know where they obtained skeleton Divine Pill that the big brother you refined, adopted the contrast to be definite.” Hua Lang can eavesdrop on that in Inner Sect many news, many quite secret matter he can eavesdrop on. A Lang, I deliver to go out of town you now, you should know how to go back?” Shen Xiang sees the Hua Lang injury to change for the better, said. Big brother, do you want to continue to stay here to destroy their good deeds?” Hua Lang said with an evil smile: I also want to stay here to have a look.” „It is not good, you first go back, your wound also not completely good.” Shen Xiang shook the head: They know that now I can refine massive skeleton Divine Pill, this can endanger to their status and benefit, they then hate the hand to my definitely meeting under.” Hua Lang nodded, his strength is limited, if hits, he runs cannot be inescapable.

Shen Xiang uses space power, careful opens space passage, delivers Hua Lang to the big fontanel, then he does not display Transformation Technique, changed an appearance, goes out of this dungeon. Above is still very lively, they do not know that Hua Lang left, at this time they are joyfully celebrating heartily! In the Shen Xiang heart thinks funny, the big fontanel now is so happy, does not know completely the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard to seek for the new slave, form an alliance with the big fontanel, the floor disciple of big fontanel also thinks that flatters on Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is a good matter, celebrates. Profits perhaps also only then Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains high level, but they are Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains work very much long time ago, now is just justifiable joining Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, betrays the entire sect disciple. Shen Xiang arrives at middle plaza, he comes time heard some people saying that must joyfully celebrate for several days several nights, here banquet were also getting more and more, entire plaza covered during the thick wine and jubilant. suddenly, the plaza middle person stands, raises one's wine cup the table to move things out of the way, sets aside a very big place, old man walks, waves to release one looks like very firm martial arts contest stage, afterward several old man arrive, puts out many formation plate, arranges barrier. old man gets on the stage, loudly said: I am the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder, Dean have the matter not to come, therefore Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains and big fontanel forming an alliance incident is under the charge to me! Thanked everybody to come this to support, therefore we decided temporarily that increased a program to add to the fun.” Our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains and big fontanel separately select a disciple, first by the disciple of big fontanel holding the arena stage, if some people can defeat him, can obtain grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill! After defeating the disciple of big fontanel, is my Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains disciple is going on stage, if defeats my Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains disciple, can obtain High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill.” Hears here to reward, the people were ready to make trouble immediately, win have been able to obtain middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, even can also obtain High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, in many old fellow hearts had decided that must mount the stage to try.

old man sees a people face anticipation the facial expression, then said with a smile: I see everybody to be interested, the person who participates will be definitely many, is somewhat difficult to arrange! Or this, we make the disciple hand hold secret Zhi a box, so long as catches the black bead from the box, can the disciple who comes to power and challenges us to hold the arena.” Shen Xiang looked at all around, really hundred disciples hold a box to walk into the crowd, many people rush to be first enters in the box to grasp the bead the hand. Is one's turn the Shen Xiang's time, he uses Dao Heart Eye to be very easy to see the black bead, will then have grasped, his power of observation, discovers in these beads, in 100 only then black, but those present several thousand people participate, finally also only then dozens people attain the black bead. Although many people complained one do not have the opportunity, but can also understand, if several thousand people turn are challenging to hold the arena, then holding the arena stage definitely will die of exhaustion, but dozens people are turning the challenge, pours is also quite fair. „The friend who attains the black bead, welcome register to here lining up.” The sound that Shen Xiang hears that elder, stands immediately, walked. Just walked in him shortly, is blocked, that is a guy of devils. brat, gives me the black bead in your hand, I give you hundred thousand divine yuan stone.” This guy rough big hand of according to the Shen Xiang's shoulder, unexpectedly is pinching the Shen Xiang's shoulder bone vigorously. Snort!” Shen Xiang lightly snorted, has used Ice Spirit Devil Aura, leaves use light cold air from the shoulder bone, pours into the hand of this guy. The guys felt that the arm suddenly ice is cold, unexpectedly passed out, making in his heart startle greatly, he wants to curse angrily the Shen Xiang's time, the throat actually cannot make the sound, his whole body by the strange Ice Spirit Devil Aura seepage, caused his retreat several steps, sits on own chair.

This guy seven ten Godhead, a Shen Xiang palm can rumble to kill him, unexpectedly also dares to threaten Shen Xiang! But Shen Xiang has also given his painful lesson! After Shen Xiang arrives at the registration the place, discovered one are last, in his heart criticized a moment ago that guy, if not for that guy prevented a little time, he definitely not in such behind. Names?” old man looks at the black bead that Shen Xiang has handed over, determined after , asked. Qi Tian!” Shen Xiang has arranged a false name temporarily. Good, you are 53 rd , is last! The young fellows you are not very smart, otherwise after will not arrange such! However you do not need too to be worried that perhaps they exhaust strength of holding the arena disciple, is one's turn you exactly, you can pick big convenient.” That old man said with a smile, hands over that black bead to Shen Xiang.