World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2275

Shen Xiang just registered, starts some people to come to power to challenge the disciple of big fontanel! old man had introduced a moment ago this holding the arena disciple, named Huo Yang, was good at using Ice Thunder Divine Power, was the big fontanel is youngest the outstanding disciple, was long quite Junqiang, looked like, although not overwhelming power, but was actually passing a spirit, to person very strong feeling. That old man also told everybody, this Huo Yang had nine ten Godhead, but had not said that his many skeletons, this generally was very secret matter. 90 three Godhead, four skeletons! More than 50 fellows of this strength in front of regarding me, simply does not have the stratagem which ensures success!” The Shen Xiang heart said that simultaneously told Yue'er. He has Dao Heart Eye, the words that the centralized spirit observes, can see the skeleton of others fleshly body indistinctly, but Divine sea Godhead is uses the skeleton of both eyes to come to see. Really, person who first coming up, only then eight ten Godhead, were flown on the bang by a Huo Yang palm, flies while to spit blood, understood at a glance that definitely received the extremely heavy wound! Huo Yang starts points to be heavy, instead also intentionally under heavy hand! Before the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder had said that is seriously injured in the process that the ratio fought, even was killed is very likely. Sees that to fall the person in ground to suffocate, lines up more than 50 people, immediately more than 30 leave the team, they also think the adding to the fun opposite party that today contends in martial arts will show mercy, oneself can also put together the luck, which knows that this opportunity will not put together the luck to them, will make them lose one's life directly. They are very clear, the opportunity that oneself go all out continually does not have, therefore aware withdrawal. But continues to line up, has certain confidence to oneself, even if cannot hit, cannot by the severe wound! Person who second challenges the person giving an open challenge has come to power, this is old man, after starting, he releases the raging flame, covers the entire martial arts contest stage, but his person also disappears in sea of fire. A little way, unexpectedly integrated in the fire by oneself, this seems like displays space wind such! I integrated in space wind by my body, moves with the wind.” Shen Xiang said. This person seems like the pains has studied diligently various types with the hot method, seems like very fierce!” Yue'er said.

Huo Yang explodes roars, the double fist attacks fiercely to the tread, hits the earth to shake intermittently, when his double fist moves the ratio fights the stage, cold air with wild strength wells up, the cold air covers the entire ratio to fight the stage suddenly, sees only flame suddenly to be extinguished, that integrates the flame old man to reveal true colors, instance that but he just revealed true colors, frozen. Afterward, Huo Yang arrow step rush over, to was fighting with the fists by frozen old man, immediately the thunderclap explosive, the fist is similar to the blood-colored lightning in darkness, passes through that to be frozen becomes ice piece old man. Bang! That pack ice time broken becomes ice crystal, that old man also turns into the ice crystal to scatter in all directions, under the fierce positive illumination, the ice crystal melted rapidly. The people secretly knit the brows, but others congratulate, a unexpectedly fist kills others on the bang, moreover today regarding Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains and big fontanel is the celebrations, should not cause the human life to be right. This is the big fontanel is demonstrating, was telling others, presumptuously thought to occupy from their here to convenient!” In the Shen Xiang heart is sneering. Sees the big fontanel to be relentless , more than ten withdrew personally, the Shen Xiang front person is also less than ten! In this people eyes, these also dare to continue the person who lines up to attack, not awfully. Bang! The thunderclap resounds together, old man overcame the stage, what simply is, this old man by the severe wound, he falls to the ground cannot come to a stop, but has spurted a big blood.

Person who dares to keep, is really a little skills, although cannot win, but has not actually died, fiercest unexpectedly and Huo Yang more than ten moves, this has made the people admire. Soon, in front of Shen Xiang nobody, in other words was one's turn him to come to power! Everybody, you, if also joins the big fontanel, can become and disciple on our stage is equally formidable! Moreover the big fontanel has to lead to the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect inspection passage.” That Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder suddenly shouted: You must know that enters my Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect disciple, in a short time, will be trained by us so formidable, this named Huo Yang disciple is so, he continually six ten Godhead different divine beast could not kill before.” In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing the shamelessness of this elder, unexpectedly said such words to deceive people to enter Inner Sect! „The Inner Sect competition of our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is very brutal! Everybody should also hear many rumors! However, where hasn't competed? Doesn't have the competition to become formidable? Is gluttonous and lazy to become formidable? The loser in Inner Sect blames god and man, in all directions circulates our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect environment bad rumor, everybody please do not believe.” This elder said loud. Shen Xiang thinks very funny, because of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Disciple, is gluttonous and lazy become stronger to be big, moreover they in order to continue, will continue to abduct more people to enter Inner Sect, becomes their slaves. This fellow also in idle talk! To me, bastard!” Shen Xiang had not been called to come to power, because that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder is making a great fanfare here, because the people see Huo Yang that fearful strength, the elder added that Huo Yang entered Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect practice three years. Shen Xiang looked at the crowd, many people yearned for at this time, by the words of that elder flickering. After the elder coax, steps down the stage, after Shen Xiang side time, he said with a smile: Really is embarrassed, I also think that you plan to withdraw! You look like such young, but also is really courageous, if you enter Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect to pursue advanced studies for several years, definitely will have great accomplishment, was inferior that do not come up, direct pay respects to join big fontanel.”

Before front of Shen Xiang is old man, therefore the people think that Shen Xiang this young people definitely were inferior these old men were formidable, but unexpectedly also dares to run now, thought that he will kill mostly. Shen Xiang nodded, but stepped onto the ratio to fight the stage! Huo Yang is probably impatient, he sees Shen Xiang also overestimate one's capabilities runs, said: You plant, but this was also your this whole life last time has to plant, from the beginning I must use strongest strength and you fight.” Last, moreover looks like so is weak, but also dares to run, this overestimate one's capabilities person, making Huo Yang loathe very much, he thought that this is losing his time completely. Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: I quite feared that you do not use fight, almost scared to death me! You said again several scary words, perhaps I will be frightened to spit blood to fly.” The people are really unexpected Shen Xiang unexpectedly also dare to say such provocative words! Sees Huo Yang to be angry immediately, the people saw the Shen Xiang's result. Huo Yang whole body lightning glow sparkles, he had been enraged by the Shen Xiang's words, he cultivates the thunder Divine Power person, is very hot tempered person, was enraged very much easily in a few words.