World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2276

This fellow was worried one died happily, therefore enraged Huo Yang, but also made Huo Yang little oppressive he?” A person said with a smile: This person is sick!” „It is not right, Huo Yang now is so angry, definitely all of a sudden solved him.” Is uncertain, although Huo Yang is crazy, but deals with this person, he can control, definitely before will let the opposite party at the point of death , before , suffers greatly.” All people thought that Shen Xiang must die without doubt, but only a person does not believe that was before blocks Shen Xiang's that guy! His present whole body is shivering, he does not know that Shen Xiang has made anything to him, makes him turn so! Starts!” old man shouted, his sound is also hopeful, how wants to have a look at Shen Xiang dead. Useless stinking insect, dies!” Huo Yang is suppressing anger and wild lightning strength, after starting, makes a fist on the thunder generally, the direct impact Shen Xiang's head. Useless stinking insect is you!” Shen Xiang unexpectedly can also smile, he also knocked out the fist, the speed was extremely fast, the eyesight good people can see that Shen Xiang left speed unexpectedly of fist compared with Huo Yang quickly. However, the Shen Xiang's fist has not been bringing any fearful strength, seems like only the ordinary quick fist, but what is frightening, Shen Xiang this fist unexpectedly welcomed to the thunder crazy fist of Huo Yang. Two fist collision together, not like people anticipated! They think that will erupt the deafening thunder cry sound, then the Shen Xiang's arm will wreak havoc by wild lightning strength split open. The matter that but, has now, stems from the anticipation of people by far, is unbelievable! After two fists clash, unexpectedly is tranquil, probably two fists gently have bumped, a strength fluctuation does not have. Huo Yang is actually sweating profusely, on the face full is the panic-stricken color, he can feel a moment ago clearly, oneself that powerful lightning Divine Power, after moving the Shen Xiang's fist, unexpectedly vanishes instantaneously without a trace, is similar to likes a stone dropped into the sea, mighty waves have not aroused. Moreover, the Shen Xiang's fist also gushes out unusual strength, pours into his arm! Huo Yang is startled to shout one, retreat several steps, feels own arm, because his arm is now itchy!

My bone...... Skeleton?” Huo Yang arrives at the extreme panic-strickenly, the bone of his arm did not have completely, but the skeleton hides in the bone, the bone vanishes, skeleton also with diverging. Shen Xiang used Transforming Bone Devil Palm a moment ago, Bai Youyou has taught to his devil art still has very big might to the present! The arm of Huo Yang was discarded No problem, the skeleton that but concentrates laboriously did not have, this for him is the huge attack. The nearby several elders saw that the Shen Xiang's strength is out of the ordinary, again before the association, he had said these provocative words, know Shen Xiang wrecks the event intentionally. A move, frightened the dog Huo Yang, the people have been startled by this dumbstruck, but these elders also realized that the Huo Yang strength and Shen Xiang had certain disparity. When the elders responded, Shen Xiang jump, palm Thunder Fire was steaming, this wild lightning strength, compared with a moment ago great strength of Huo Yang. The Shen Xiang's palm transforms one such as the person of same belief to say the hitting palm that the lightning gathers, fierce pounding falls, covers Huo Yang! „” Huo Yang called out pitifully. The people look compared with fighting one on stage, immediately creepy feeling, Huo Yang body unexpectedly was torn by that wild lightning strength, pulled the fragment stiffly. Bang! Shen Xiang wields the sleeve, emits one to bring the strong winds of raging fire, the volume to the Huo Yang that torn body, fires the ashes the fragment! Huo Yang died! Before was powerful, a move rumbled to kill the person, now is actually killed several moves, these by the person of Huo Yang severe wound were only thought this retribution also came to quickly a point, in the heart to like secretly, at least they were also living, but Huo Yang died.

I have defeated Huo Yang, my middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang is smiling to an elder lightly. In the people heart is jubilant immediately, this is the major drama! Originally Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains and big fontanel form an alliance, cause the program of this attacking to come, must let the big fontanel and Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains strikes awe, which knows that was actually smashed the field! The Shen Xiang present behavior is flagrant slapping the face, moreover beat the face of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains and big fontanel. On the scene has many people, over ten thousand, although majority are loose cultivator, but also has the representative who many other influences send! Big fontanel and Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains , if not give Shen Xiang skeleton Divine Pill, then has gone back on word, this is the matter that destroys the prestige, although all kinds do not hope, but they have given Shen Xiang grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill. Now I can challenge Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that disciple! middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill is not big to my use, I come to High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang said laughing. Saw that thought he smashes the field intentionally, but not for High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill! Does not need to worry, and you rest first, we have sent for informing that disciple, he will arrive quickly.” The Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder said that his face darken, the sound is low and deep, looks like very fearful, everyone could see that he is getting angry, but, cannot hold to pat dead Shen Xiang for face-saving consideration. Shen Xiang hopes actually he hits, like this he can justifiable instead killed. How to have come?” Shen Xiang sits in compared with fighting on stage, some are impatient. That is because we strongest disciple is still closing up, only then our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect first True Disciple coordinates you to hit, is patient, now you want to withdraw also late.” Smiling of that old man sinister woods. Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect first True Disciple! One listens to know that is fierce!

This fellow had been finished, that first True Disciple is hundred Godhead fellows, has several skeletons.” Is uncertain, he had not exhausted a moment ago fully, perhaps he is also hundred Godhead.” What background did this call Qi Tian fellow? Dares to provoke the day of star Big Shot influence, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but the Eternal Heaven Star first big influence, he definitely knows, but also provokes, is other day of stars sends to wreck the event?” The people were guessing! Shen Xiang sits in compared with fighting on stage, discovered that had more than ten old man to surround the ratio to fight the stage, was worried that he ran away! He guessed that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains wants to make that first True Disciple extinguish him kills, saves the face, simultaneously leaves foul odor. Bored Shen Xiang puts out middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill that rewarded a moment ago, smelled smelling, knits the brows: This middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill quality was also too bad, unexpectedly was the Low-Grade quality.” Saying, Shen Xiang was losing Divine Pill outward: This type of trash I do not want, who likes wanting who wants. Solemn Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but also was also known as that alchemy is strongest, unexpectedly takes this type of trash to deceive the person.” middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill said that lost lost, even if were the Low-Grade quality, that was also very expensive!