World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2277

The Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder gave Shen Xiang's that grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill a moment ago, is the quality is quite indeed bad, seeing Shen Xiang to discard this grain of skeleton Divine Pill, the people are criticizing him in the heart, the unexpectedly such ruined family, conveniently discards grain of precious middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill. Skeleton Divine Pill that Shen Xiang discards was caught by a guy, he nodded: Quality is truly not much!” We had not said that must reward any quality skeleton Divine Pill!” Elder cold sound track, he has despised Shen Xiang at this time, Huo Yang, but the potential good disciple, such had been killed by the Shen Xiang bang, this loses regarding the big fontanel and Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains. Also right, you truly have not said that must to any quality, therefore cannot say anything, I think very accidental, your Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God can refine quality such bad skeleton Divine Pill to come unexpectedly.” Shen Xiang laughed \; This before your Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains some differences of propagandizing.” How this elder was making a great fanfare a moment ago Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but Shen Xiang must puncture them now, must make the people have a look at Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is what kind of influence! The elder has not managed Shen Xiang again, but closes one's eyes, is enduring the anger in heart, waits for Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains first True Disciple to approach. At this time, old man grazed to come, to descend from distant place, in the ratio fought by stage, in the side of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that elder! Is Dean of big fontanel, Shen Mingguang!” Before Shen Xiang, hear of Feng Wu have mentioned the matter of this big fontanel, therefore he can recognize this old man. Is you kills Huo Yang?” The Shen Mingguang sound fills incomparable anger, is roaring lowly asking. Huo Yang is in his Tianmen the young and promising disciple, Yu Zhen that before died be worse than Huo Yang, now unexpectedly is killed.

That's right! Shen Xiang nodded, sound is very light, probably kills Huo Yang is not chapter of matter such, this makes Shen Mingguang angrier, wants to rush to tidy up Shen Xiang, but he controls his mood, this fighting the matter he is also clearer, moreover the Huo Yang beforehand ratio fights has also killed people. If before Huo Yang, has not killed people, Shen Xiang will also show mercy, but is responsible for conducting this compared with fighting the big fontanel and Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, think that the Huo Yang strength was very strong, therefore has not formulated the rule, can cut to kill the opposite party, it can be said that reaps what has been sown. Presents these many people to look that there are much is the representatives who the big influence sends, if Shen Mingguang runs to attack Shen Xiang, others definitely will laugh their. Shen Xiang smiles lightly: If Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains first True Disciple does not come, I did not mind that compares notes with Dean of big fontanel, like this everybody also attractively looks at the big fontanel Dean strength strong.” If I have won, gives me grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill then!” Wins big fontanel Dean, wants grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, this clarifies is looking down upon Shen Mingguang, this makes Shen Mingguang arrive at the extreme angrily, he wants to come up really very much. Mingguang, wait / etc.!” Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder shouted: Do not come up, our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains first True Disciple can solve him, if you came up to defeat him, how our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains True Disciple also did display?” Good!” Shen Mingguang calms down to think, his solemn Dean, if fight, definitely will reduce his status here. Why I thought that this Dean is weaker than Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains True Disciple?” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: If I defeat Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains True Disciple, then can challenge Dean?”

You are impossible to win, our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains first True Disciple does not have unearned reputation.” Elder coldly said: At the point of death you before recalls well the good time, you were dying quickly.” The Shen Xiang's goal is stirs here earth-shakingly, destroys matter that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains and big fontanel form an alliance, therefore he can make in a big way the matter, will make in a big way. You should make your True Disciple not come, he comes to here, only then at death's door, I will not make you live am leaving.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Kills Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains True Disciple to have grain of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, this also very well gains, if kills Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains each True Disciple, had skeleton Divine Pill to be good.” „Before at the point of death, said that several words of courting death, will only die by oneself miserably.” Elder gloomy and cold is staring Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually smiles, does not fear him. The people at this time with compared with fighting stage maintain the 1st Stage distances, they were worried great war that and other erupts will affect itself, Shen Xiang killed Huo Yang that a moment ago, still clear is playbacking in their mind, everyone can see that the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, kills Huo Yang not to exhaust fully. Shen Xiang is also quite understood to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that now Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains does not have Dean, that Dean had been poached by him, but Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard, although has peak expert, but did not have Dean now, their strengths set the base in the Star Law God Territory super influence. Came!” Some suddenly person of shouted. Sees only golden light from far to fly to shoot to come together spatially, several suddenly, this golden light descends in compared with fighting on stage, explodes lightens [gold/metal], sees only one to wear the handsome man of white robe to appear, in the ratio fights on stage. Shen Xiang watches the skeleton of opposite party within the body with Dao Heart Eye immediately, unexpectedly has six skeletons, but Godhead is full! Regarding the young people, this truly was very strong, hundred Godhead and six skeletons, were away from the peak to be very close, no wonder will be called as Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains first True Disciple!

However, a Shen Xiang pressure does not have, his skeleton has 14, what in addition he cultivates is Six Paths divine art concentrates Six Paths Power that be more intrepid than Divine Power of other people. This is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains famous golden light God king, is really fierce, I who how he comes do not know, moreover golden light that the body sends out is very hot, I was shone by this golden light, Divine sea becomes very unstable.” golden light god glow, this is he most adept method, golden light Divine Fire that it is said that he uses is more fearful, after all he is the disciple who in the Dan God institute can alchemy be able to fight!” Itself is Dan God, and has powerful strength, this Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains first Inner Disciple really lives up to reputation.” Shen Xiang hears the people to discuss that to at present this so-called Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains first True Disciple also many understanding, his named Jin Xiongyao, the father book is in the Dan God institute the quite competent elder, therefore he can since childhood alchemy. It is said that he also has another title, named Heavenly Evil Dan God, he has studied independently very weird alchemy technique, uses the live person as auxiliary herbs, it is said also will sometimes use the hearts of many people...... Especially pure boys and girls' heart, he most liked using! In the Dan God institute, has such a group of people specially to help him be responsible for collecting this material.”