World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2278
He uses this method, can extremely evil and cruel? Star Law God Territory rule?” That rule is useless to him, where after all no one could say these hearts to come, Star Law God Territory had that many stars, looked for low status stars to get so far as a big pile casually, these strength faint mortals were killed, nobody cared.” Shen Xiang hears some people to discuss that this matter, he has not heard unexpectedly, now many people low voice are mentioning this matter, it seems like in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains nearby person, majority knows that this matter, is only shortly, many people the impression to this Jin Xiongyao are very bad. Xiongyao, homicide, his corpse, whatever you handle.” The elder said. Jin Xiongyao sees the Shen Xiang's time, is both eyes shines, he has used any secret technique probably, can see that Shen Xiang's fleshly body is powerful, for him, when this is alchemy best auxiliary herbs. Your this fellow has not matched to be the alchemy master.” Saying of Shen Xiang coldly. Matches, you said does not calculate, moreover you are a deceased person! You were regarded material alchemy by me, this is the good fortune that your eight lifetime cannot repair, dies in my hands, you were also lucky.” Jin Xiongyao said with a sneer: Your fleshly body is good, no wonder can kill Huo Yang with ease.” Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder suddenly shouted: Starts!” This starts to shout suddenly, Shen Xiang also planned to say several, but Jin Xiongyao turned into golden light to fly to shoot, looked in the distant place that his body at this time is similar to a handle golden long sword, fierce thorn to the Shen Xiang's throat. Snort!” Shen Xiang has not avoided, but puts out a hand, pokes with two fingers, on his these two fingers including having a very fearful thermal energy, this is the flame that his to rely on World Creation God Furnace has released. Jin Xiongyao also knew about the flame that at this time he feels fire Qi that front suddenly presents, he must approach Shen Xiang immediately, but he actually promptly receives, dodges arrives compared with fighting near stage, in his heart startles greatly, he is unable to imagine itself to be poked by that two fingers is what kind of fate! Regarding the fear of that type of flame, Jin Xiongyao is unable to conceal, on the face full is the panic-stricken color, this makes all people feel has doubts, because they only see the Shen Xiang simple stamp two fingers, has not made anything, frightens retreat Jin Xiongyao.

The Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean Shen Mingguang of elder and big fontanel is also unreadable, because they have not induced to the flame that the Shen Xiang fingertip covers are fearful! The pressure that only then Jin Xiongyao can clear feeling, that type of flame release, making the flame of his within the body shiver, is similar to sees the ruler in flame. You...... How you practice this type of flame!” Jin Xiongyao looks at distant place motionless Shen Xiang, loud voice exclaims, everyone can hear in his sound to have the fear. This fear only then he is clear, that came from the fear in soul! Jin Xiongyao sees Shen Xiang dull standing to be motionless there, in the heart thought strange time, that type flame aura suddenly that made his soul shiver appeared, moreover in his, Shen Xiang unexpectedly arrived at him! You died!” Shen Xiang's finger to a Jin Xiongyao back of the head point, Jin Xiongyao was only thinking gently all in own Divine sea burn completely, after Godhead in his Divine sea was burnt, explodes in abundance, is only several instances, his Divine sea completely collapses. Flame of Shen Xiang use, can burn all, in anything including Divine sea! Jin Xiongyao Divine sea is only because poured into that type of flame by Shen Xiang, the short several instances, were burnt down! The Jin Xiongyao headache wants to crack, but also saw the advance party in Shen Xiang of his distant place, at this time gradually is changing pale, that unexpectedly is only illusion. Shen Xiang this move of attack, but releases the formidable flame with World Creation God Furnace, then in the method through Heaven Refining Technique, the transformation is Imaginary Fire, captures in Jin Xiongyao Divine sea. Regarding Jin Xiongyao this evil and cruel Dan God, Shen Xiang can always kill kills, in the instance of Jin Xiongyao kneeling place, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder, realized with Dean of Shen Mingguang this big fontanel that Jin Xiongyao was defeated, they get rid, in compared with fighting near stage old man also hastily clashes. However, instance that they clash, actually saw the Shen Xiang's fist to turn into roaring flame dragon head, is hitting downward to a top of the head fist of Jin Xiongyao, the Fire Dragon roaring hiss instance, releases an arrogance of spurting up, kneeling covers in Jin Xiongyao of ground. Roar......

A dragon roar deafening sound horizon, the Shen Xiang's Fire Dragon fist brings the flame that World Creation God Furnace is releasing, rumbles the smog the Jin Xiongyao whole person, does not have including the dregs! Extinguished him!” The Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder gets angry exclaims, eye is red, now they could not attend to are said this and that was extinguished by Shen Xiang continuously kills two outstanding disciples, had been laughed. Is calm Shen Xiang to the present, sees the light group and divine tool that the people hit, his teleport arrives at the upper air, both hands ties seal, earth suddenly shivers. Heavenly Dragon Seal, Earth Dragon Sacrifice!” Roar roar roar! The people hear sad dragon roar to transmit from the ground likely, but at this time the ratio fights stage that region slightly the bulge! Run!” Some people shout. Roar! Heaven-shaking roaring hiss suddenly crack comes, unexpectedly transmits from the ground, saw only the earth to emit huge hole a moment ago suddenly, several flame big dragons flew to leap up in abundance from under. Ten thousand dragons offer sacrifice to heaven!” Shen Xiang displays move of Heavenly Dragon Seal, under airborne suddenly landing all kinds of angry dragons, such as the thunder, such as the wind, such as the great river flows rapidly, is striking against below these elders unceasingly.

This fellow is Dragon God Clan!” old man panic-stricken shouted. „The Dragon God Clan photo kills!” Shen Mingguang the hair is dishevelled at this time, sky over unexpectedly runs, grasps a big sword, is separating to divide a sword to Shen Xiang spatially, flickers to check makes myriad red Sword Qi, is similar to Taotao sea raises the high sea, covers Shen Xiang. Cloud Mist Heaven Imitation!” Shen Xiang uses Heaven Imitation Divine Ability, body suddenly turns into the fog, although these Sword Qi penetrate his body, but actually cannot become the injury to other party. Afterward, he teleport to Shen Mingguang behind, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword already in his hands! Death!” A Shen Xiang sword wields, the body of Shen Mingguang turns into two, Shen Xiang holds his head with the hand immediately, very crude displaying Engulfing Devil Art, devour Shen Mingguang memory. so that's how it is!” Shen Xiang found later that oneself wanted from the Shen Mingguang memory, a move of Cloudy Fire Spirit palm, gets down to the body bang that Shen Mingguang is falling dangerous. Huge fire palms is similar to the universe of burning down flame, the after body of Shen Mingguang moves giant palm, the instantaneous gasification, fire palms is similar to great mountain Zaluo in the ground, a hot surge to all around, the entire big fontanel was annexed and destroyed by sea of fire instantaneously.