World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2279
People float in the air, looks at distant place calm and composed Shen Xiang, in the heart arrives at the extreme with amazement, Shen Xiang at is not wrecks the event, but is exterminates an entire family, the entire big fontanel includes Dean, was killed by a palm bang a moment ago! Many people can see clearly the situation, discovered that has anything not to be right, in abundance flies to leap up to run away, the disciples of many big fontanel also escape this tribulation, however their Dean and several elders actually died, the entire big fontanel was burnt down by the fire. „Did unexpectedly run? The solemn Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder, gets rid of the ally unexpectedly, flees to the wilderness, is really funny, I looked that in Eternal Heaven Star also who dares you to form an alliance?” Shen Xiang looks at the distant place that several disappearance person's shadow, coldly smiled: In any case is some ineffective and worthless troops, making you live cannot be remembering any storm, you will sooner or later die.” Shen Xiang used space wind to walk, people also in abundance were far away from the big fontanel! The matter that today has, making many people think that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains declined, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder was hit flees to the wilderness, but the ally that just formed an alliance was extinguished to become dregs, a response does not have! No one thinks clearly, but Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains a big influence in Star Law God Territory, unexpectedly so will be provoked, this is the huge shame! But no one knows that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect was decayed, these Inner Disciple are pampered, including hits different divine beast to fear death, let alone meets expert to besiege! Therefore they also only dare to bully the small and weak person. But Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is only competent, wants to make Dean of important matter, actually joins up the resistance by the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard, resulted in the heart to be cool by the pit, now has also hired oneself Shen Xiang, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains truly declined now. When Shen Xiang returns to the Blue Clouds City mountain village, person here were unexpectedly many, over a hundred people, these people once entered the Inner Sect disciple from the Outer Sect inspection. Here, Shen Xiang also saw initially to lead into Eternal Heaven Star that young elder him, Lin Shuyi!

Lin Shuyi is also very accidental, does not have to think person who one initially recruited, now unexpectedly has become his big brother. In addition, Shen Xiang initially was responsible for handling the elder of trivial matters in these that Outer Sect met, for example was responsible for the inspector general hunting and killing the different divine beast man old before his time, these were in Outer Disciple the strength are quite formidable, they do not want to keep Inner Sect, therefore ran up to Outer Sect to work, this did not need to be a scapegoat. Shen Xiang through chatted with them, knew that this was Dai Donggong draws them, Dai Donggong had the graciousness to them in the past, moreover Dai Donggong has pledged to them, he had enough skeleton Divine Pill to provide, such one, they also very simple being separated Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains. suddenly comes these many people, before Shen Xiang, has not expected, at this time he distributes middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill and High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, quick sent, just sufficed. Temporarily only then these Divine Pill! I have made the person collect divine medicine, so long as they come back, I can immediately alchemy, therefore everybody does not need to worry about these matters! Thinks that everybody had residence here, first goes back to practice the skeleton. Possibly not long, we must start on the battlefield.” Shen Xiang said. Skeleton Divine Pill that Shen Xiang distributes were also many, the people are satisfied, they just arrived, can obtain many skeleton Divine Pill . Moreover the quality is very good! But before them , when Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect, bleeds to perspire many years, obtains a little. Speaking of the battlefield, here person did not fear that their for many years life and death experiences do not know had many times, this for him was also only the potluck. The big fontanel was extinguished, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains elder flees to the wilderness, these matters not only spread in Eternal Heaven Star, entire Star Law God Territory slightly is well-informed a point the stars to know! As Star Law God Territory side Big Shot, wrests away this Heaven-rank Stars Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, unexpectedly so loses face! The matter passed for several days, Dai Donggong came back finally, moreover was leading a face round adorable young girl, this young girl was making a long braid, she somewhat anxious playing with was hanging at this time in the front long whip.

„Is this your daughter?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, put out a hand to trace face of that young girl, this young girl the face was red immediately. Dai Xiaorou, this is her mother to the name that she gives.” The tracing daughter's head that Dai Donggong loves tenderly, understood at a glance she is poisoned is 14 or 15-year-old, now the deep sleep so was unexpectedly long. Brother, Detoxification Dan thank you.” Dai Xiaorou looks up Shen Xiang, discovered that Shen Xiang is very long is handsome, on the face brings to wipe the light smile, the whole body is passing an indescribable charm, making her small heart thump thump jump madly immediately. Does not use politely, now is all right that's alright.” Shen Xiang smiled: Later you look like in your family are here same.” Feng Wu!” Shen Xiang called Feng Wu, then simple told Feng Wu the matter, said that this was the Dai Donggong daughter, after all here was the man are many, only then Feng Wu was a female, shy Dai Xiaorou with Feng Wu should better, but, after all was the female. Xiao Rou, I lead you to be familiar with here.” Feng Wu knows that Shen Xiang and Dai Donggong had words to say, then pulled Dai Xiaorou to leave. Dai Donggong some did not feel relieved that is looking at Feng Wu and Dai Xiaorou departs. Senior, you do not need to be worried the place that we are is covert, moreover many expert, here is very here safe.” Shen Xiang said. Dai Donggong sighed, nodded: She was poisoned before, making in my heart have the shadow!”

Shen Xiang and Dai Donggong enter in the hall. I on the road, had known that the matter of big fontanel, that is you do?” Dai Donggong smiled: Your strength looks like compared with me imagines stronger.” Senior, Outer Disciple in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains basically arrived here now, you do not need to return to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains again! Naturally, if later has the opportunity, we will re-enter Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but drives away that group of fellows first.” Shen Xiang said: You later can continue when here Dean, but my prime task is alchemy.” Dean is you comes, I made Great Elder that's alright! Like this I will feel better.” Dai Donggong smiled: It seems like you must be a waving the arms about storekeeper, this is also good, after all you are Dan God, needs to put in order Heaven Refining pill.” Good, although now the person are not many, Divine Pill that but needs to consume are also many! When divine medicine arrived, I must close up alchemy.” Shen Xiang said: Great Elder, do you have understanding set up formation Grandmaster? Here temporarily is our shelters, we must complete the defense.” Dai Donggong wrinkled the wrinkle, then stands, gets to the hall entrance, sincere saying: „Has, but looked that now I can invite him, if there are him to join us, we will become safer. He also in Blue Clouds City, I now looks for him, you wait a bit.”