World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2280

After Dai Donggong walks, Shen Xiang is thinking, unexpectedly in this Blue Clouds City hides this person of high skill, but also suddenly emerges a familiar face in his mind. In Blue Clouds City, very mysterious omniscient old men, Feng Wu go to inquire many matters with Shen Xiang to him, and has very big harvest each time, Shen Xiang suspected now Dai Donggong looks is this old man! Before this old man also and Shen Xiang Feng Wu has mentioned, he was good with Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean relationship, afterward had some contradictions, meets does not meet. Yue'er also thinks of that old man: „Before this fellow, has held that trade fair, it seems like some people inquires the matter to him frequently, therefore he reconciles these people! However, how he knows beforehand?” He knows many matters probably...... This need very many manpower can collect these matters, he is......” Shen Xiang suddenly is surprised: Had a possibility, this fellow was Undead God Clan!” Undead God Clan Heaven's Divination Technique is fierce, can calculate many matters, use time meets the die sooner die sooner, but Undead God Clan life essence is almost infinite, therefore they do not have this to worry, can the unscrupulous use. Should be in Undead God Clan quite fierce Heaven's Divination Master, otherwise he is impossible that with ease, like Huang Jintian and Lian Fei they, although is Heaven's Divination Technique, but compared to Undead God Clan these established Heaven's Divination Grandmaster actually to miss.” Yue'er said: This Heaven's Divination Master pinches is almost counted on the fingers that can calculate many things, but does not need long time.” Before Shen Xiang, has seen Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian uses the Heaven's Divination Technique calculation, needs to depend upon magic treasure to assist . Moreover the time is quite long, but that old man actually does not need. Walks, has a look to know?” Yue'er said with a smile. Shen Xiang also has such idea, but he has not moved immediately, he had found Huang Jintian, told Huang Jintian this matter. Real? I and my fool big brother have calculated several times, have not figured out on this Eternal Heaven Star to have Undead God Clan clan.” Huang Jintian is somewhat accidental: But listened to you saying that he was really very likely my Undead God Clan inside Heaven's Divination Grandmaster, such fellow can also avoid us to track down him, but why does he want to hide us?” Master, we have a look! Perhaps this fellow thought that this will compare the security, but he few fortunately survives at that disaster.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Said again, now is our guesses, perhaps not?”

Huang Jintian leaves the mountain village with Shen Xiang, goes to that old man to be in the small lane that. Shen Xiang draws in Huang Jintian, to let Huang Jintian is better to confirm! Although Yue'er has the bloodlines of Undead God Clan, but this bloodlines strength are not many, therefore cannot induce obtains, but Huang Jintian was different. Soon, Shen Xiang arrives in that small lane with Huang Jintian, Shen Xiang induced to the Dai Donggong aura, this before him guessed was the same, that set up formation person of high skill who Dai Donggong must win over, if were really the old man who that nothing which is was not. „Can Master, induce aura?” Shen Xiang asked. Cannot induce, if he is really the grandmaster rank, I cannot induce easily, let alone now has not seen him.” Huang Jintian said: I can induce to the Dai Donggong aura actually.” Comes to the end of small lane, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian enters in that small room, seeing Dai Donggong to sit in that old man opposite. Dai Donggong sees Shen Xiang to arrive somewhat accidentally, but that old man does not have, obviously is knows that Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian will come here. „Is this that Dan God that you said?” The old man looked at Shen Xiang. Old Mister hello, we met!” Shen Xiang smiled: Has not thought that I also really guessed right.” His named Wu Zhi, his teacher and I am a good friend.” Dai Donggong sighed, on the face has ashamed look, could see that his teacher to this Wu Zhi has the shame. Shen Xiang nodded, Wu Zhi looked at Huang Jintian at this time, but also very much lightly looked at one, Huang Jintian also displays very normally. Wu Senior, comparing Elder Dai should say many matters with you.” Shen Xiang said: Wu Senior, if joins us, we definitely will have to erupt from now on are.”

„Will you refine King-Grade Divine Pill?” Wu Zhi asked directly. I also understood that refines three lotus Divine Pill, because my wife was poisoned, needs this Divine Pill to untie, I arrive at Star Law God Territory from very far place.” Shen Xiang said truthfully. Then you understood that refines Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill?” Wu Zhi also asked that obviously was somewhat excited, but he must confirm that Shen Xiang was real alchemy is very fierce. Before big talent of Shen Xiang at trade fair, he was very certainly clear, he was very already curious to Shen Xiang this person. If Senior has Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill herbs, I can refine a furnace to look to you on the spot.” Shen Xiang is very self-confident, he already can refine, but Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine is quite difficult to get so far as. I am not Dan God, do I know the skeleton Divine Pill home remedy? Where lane skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine do I go to?” Wu Zhi said with a smile. This is Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill that I refine!” Shen Xiang puts out one grain, has thrown. Before Wu Zhi, has wanted skeleton Divine Pill to Shen Xiang, but is low-grade, that grain of skeleton Divine Pill he currently also has, at this time he is not difficult to see that this grain of Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill and that grain of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill are the same person refine. Good, I join you! However you must comply to give my treatment first.” Wu Zhi gives back to Shen Xiang that grain of skeleton Divine Pill. Please say!” Shen Xiang is lacking now looks like Wu Zhi this fierce person, especially his quick news, is for him important. This treatment, only then I and you know!” Wu Zhi looked at Dai Donggong and Huang Jintian.

Dai Donggong sets out immediately, goes out of this small room, Huang Jintian also leaves, Wu Zhi does not want to know condition that obviously he pledges. Wu Zhi is set up formation Grandmaster, he pounded on the table, the table has released a brilliance immediately, turned into barrier, was covering the small hall. What condition?” Shen Xiang asked. First I must ask you, you know that what status a moment ago with old man that you did walk is?” Wu Zhi serious asking, this made in the Shen Xiang heart dark startled, he can affirm that this old man saw Huang Jintian is the Undead God Clan status. He is Master, with my together many years, if no him, I do not have today.” Shen Xiang knits the brows to say. „Didn't you know about him really?” Wu Zhi pursues asks: I did not care that you and his relationship, I only cared whether you understand him.” Good, he is Undead God Clan, moreover is Heaven's Divination Master!” Shen Xiang said. Your unexpectedly knows!” Wu Zhi is somewhat surprised.