World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2281
What does this have at the worst? I and he look like family members, moreover I defeat him for the master time, knows that he is any Undead clan, but his memory had not awakened at that time, it is said is the transcends tribulation failure, causing him dead has returned, now he passed that any tribulation, consciousness remembers.” Shen Xiang said: Was right, he also has the twin elder brother, exactly the same as him!” Twin's Heaven's Divination Master? This in Undead God Clan, only then a pair, they are also living well!” Wu Zhi long sighed that evidently likely is very happy. Wu Senior, you are also Undead God Clan? I knew the Undead God Clan matter, moreover I from very far place, to help my Master and Senior Master retrieves the separate clansman.” Shen Xiang said. Is impossible, Undead God Clan should better scatter in various places! The reason that your Master they should already Undead God Clan exterminated the clan told you, you should also be clear, if we gathered the together consequence.” Wu Zhi said. Gathers together, if were discovered that that definitely will be exterminated. Yue'er suddenly runs from Hidden Jade Ring, shouted: Senior, is my paternal grandmother also living?” Sees suddenly to run a small white cat, and has the snow white wing, Wu Zhi pleasantly surprised shouted: „Are you Yue'er? Your paternal grandmother mentioned you frequently, she also thinks that you forever did not come back, you were missing such for a long time, making her be worried very much.” First replied me, my paternal grandmother now how!” Yue'er also is worried about her paternal grandmother, but her paternal grandmother Undead God Clan. She in Stars and Moon God Clan......, but can wake again does not know!” Wu Zhi had considered half sound, answered the Yue'er issue. „The undying bloodlines opportunity in within the body screened out, but we have carried on many attempts, for example gives her to transport the undying bloodlines, but has not let her within the body is not the bloodlines regeneration, now the grandfather uses Stars and Moon God Clan inside time secret method, her seal in time static large formation, in order to avoid the time passed to cause her forever dead.”

Wu Zhi mentioned this matter is very sorrowful, could see that the Yue'er paternal grandmother was very high in Undead God Clan inside status. Yue'er is very sad at this time, loves her paternal grandmother's present situation not to be very optimistic. Shen Xiang, you should be able to save my paternal grandmother.” Yue'er suddenly has thought of Shen Xiang that unparalleled alchemy strange technique. Um, I will try to save your paternal grandmother, don't worry, Wu Senior also said a moment ago, she by the seal in time formation, the situation was been stable.” Shen Xiang touches the small head of Yue'er. Wu Zhi eliminated the vigilance to Shen Xiang at this time, his eyes can see that Yue'er relies on to Shen Xiang, he thought that Yue'er obtains the Shen Xiang very big help. Right Senior, you open the condition quickly!” Shen Xiang said. This...... We were also the acquaintance......” Wu Zhi suddenly thought some difficult start to talk now. You said that's it, after you join us, many matters must be done immediately, moreover later also needs you to provide many messages.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Good, gives me every year 30 grains of Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill!” Wu Zhi said.

Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang has readily agreed that this for him at is not the matter. Ah? you comply really simple, was I said that was short?” Wu Zhi has gawked staring, said with a smile, although he in Undead God Clan was Heaven's Divination Grandmaster, but he was still very deficient to Divine Pill. Let alone Undead God Clan has exterminated the clan now. Shen Xiang, you establish an influence, what goal has? To be easier to collect divine medicine, what goal there is other?” Wu Zhi is very curious, he knows that Shen Xiang at the matter that the big fontanel handled. Mainly is looked that now Star Law God Territory these Big Shot are not familiar with! Is, I am Dan God, I usually also think selling point Divine Pill anything, but under the controls of these big influences, I can only like the mouse quietly carries on!” Shen Xiang said: I can refine high level Divine Pill, to collect divine medicine, I need to exchange with Divine Pill, but if were known by these anything Law Enforcer, will be very troublesome.” Moreover to help Yue'er also has my Master they, after avoiding, was chased down! These fellows for Long Life, are having the idea of God Clan, they have offended the past Star Law God Territory rule, will definitely not punish to oneself as Law Enforcer them, therefore I must punish them.” Wu Zhi hears to nod again and again, he is quite confident to Shen Xiang, itself Shen Xiang has won over Dai Donggong to arrive at the peak like this expert, then some he joins, from now on the Shen Xiang's will influence be definitely stronger! But Shen Xiang is very fierce Dan God, so long as there are him to provide massive skeleton Divine Pill, soon after they can jointly establish powerful sect. Grandpa Wu, now cat clan and is the Stars and Moon God Clan situation what kind of?” Yue'er asked. „It is good, your father demon star also once for a while going for serveral days the star disturbed!” Wu Zhi strokes the wool that Yue'er is carrying on the back gently. Senior, later was our elders! When we attack Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, decides a sect's name again.” Shen Xiang said.

Wu Zhi nodded, joins matter that a reliable influence is he has also wanted to handle, but not appropriate, although now Shen Xiang this influence just started, but he thought that the future is very broad, therefore in the heart also has plenty of fight in one at this time. „Are other day of stars very fierce? Three big do God Clan that now only saves collaborate unable to eliminate them?” Shen Xiang has experienced to the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains strength, he thought that is also such. Wu Zhi shakes the head saying: Star Law God Territory Heaven-rank Stars altogether 12, one is the unmanned day star, all some people in also has 11! The Eternal Heaven Star strength is weakest one, this mainly has relationship with a Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains many years of management, declined to the present.” Moreover, Dai Donggong is younger generation, most expert of other ten day stars are the beforehand these elders. Initially encircled killed our Undead God Clan time, Dai Donggong has not joined them, by ten Great Heaven Star isolation, this was also therefore caused the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard anger! But he thinks to be unfair to me , because he had not gotten rid to help Undead God Clan at that time.” Wu Zhi sighed: Actually I should not blame him, if he helps Undead God Clan, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains will be destroyed completely, even if he gets rid to help us, does not help matters, the surprise attack of that ten Great Heaven Star was too quick, is about other three big God Clan not to respond that completely was destroyed completely.” Yue'er said: That ten Great Heaven Star collaborate, our other three big God Clan at all are not the matches, moreover after these many years blockades and hiding, three big God Clan gradually will also decline.” So, three big God Clan people do not dare to take a walk at will, especially the God Clan characteristics are very obvious, if were discovered that that definitely will be seized.” Wu Zhi angrily said: That group of bastards, they, even if can live infinite life essence, sooner or later a day they must die.”