World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2282
Yue'er and Wu Zhi thought that at this time three big God Clan are very weak, wants to reverse is also difficult, after all that ten Great Heaven Star influence was extremely powerful. „Are they so really fierce?” Shen Xiang asked that his strengths to ten Great Heaven Star did not have what concept. Is very fierce, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains peak God Emperor has three! However in ten Great Heaven Star the strongest influence, more than 30, have not added on other every large or small middle-and-small influences, if in addition, but there are 100-200! But this Eternal Heaven Star peak God Emperor, a hand can count.” Wu Zhi said. Now you know that ten Great Heaven Star collaborated multi-! That is close over a thousand peak God Emperor.” Yue'er said. peak God Emperor are really many!” The Shen Xiang whole face is also surprised. „A population of day star has several hundred hundred million, moreover emerges from the nearby innumerable Earth-rank Stars profound level stars the elite since day star, how for many years, can leave 200 peak God Emperor is very normal.” Wu Zhi said: Entire Star Law God Territory, the stars of some people, the population has thousand on trillion, but peak God Emperor 1000, therefore this is few.” Shen Xiang flexure scratching the head: „Will Eternal Heaven Star so be why few?” Wu Zhi said: Has relationship with Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God institute is very selfish, Divine Pill is controls, moreover controls is also strict, does not allow other middle-and-small influences to have the large-scale pills business! But Divine Pill that their Dan God institute refines, provides to Inner Disciple, but the Inner Disciple majority are one flock of pigs, raises unable to raise.” What is pitiful, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains outstanding Outer Disciple, regards as a slave by them, was swindled to hunt and kill different divine beast by them, goes to Danger Zone to seek for divine medicine, for many years the casualty have been innumerable, gradually, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains does not have any expert to stay here, runs up to other day of stars.” Yue'er said: Wants into peak God Emperor, most difficult should be the skeleton! In Eternal Heaven Star, skeleton Divine Pill controls most dies! Skeleton Divine Pill of Dan God institute gives that crowd of Inner Sect pig waste, if to Teng Yong and Jing Ze this type the disciple who has the potential, already left peak God Emperor.”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Later this situation will be changed, but must kill Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains this group of bastards now is good.” Wu Zhi perceived that they somewhat grew in the time that this inside stayed, Outer Sect also had Dai Donggong and Huang Jintian is waiting! After Shen Xiang they walk, Dai Donggong asked hastily: Discussed?” Shen Xiang nodded with a smile: Later he was Elder Wu.” Huang Jintian said with a smile hastily: Elder Wu, welcome you to join us, I am Elder Huang!” Shen Xiang remembers one had not discussed with Huang Jintian to matter that he works as the elder, he became unexpectedly. Naturally, Shen Xiang has not said anything, when Huang Jintian the elder deserves. You should be my junior, now the status is unexpectedly same as me, considers as finished......” Wu Zhi he he to smile, it seems like he already in secret and Huang Jintian sound transmission has exchanged. Then, Shen Xiang this young Dean, is leading three elders, walking swaggering on street, returns to the mountain village. Returns to the mountain village, Shen Xiang and three elders meet.

Elder Dai, you should grasp many cultivation technique in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains! Then, you are familiar with these disciples, according to their situations, teaches cultivation technique that is appropriate they to use, and once for a while instructs their practice! Also, you are Refining Master, has the words of condition, can help them refine to call divine tool and divine armor of hand.” Shen Xiang said. This does not have the issue, now they are closing up, when they go out, I will call them, then instructs them well.” Dai Donggong nodded. Elder Wu, you strengthen the defense of mountain village first responsibly! Then picks up your senior old profession, inquired that the high level divine medicine whereabouts, then told, let Feng Wu or Hua Lang they finds the way to do.” Wu Zhi nodded, his one year takes 30 grains of Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill, this was very rich treatment, Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill was very precious. I?” Huang Jintian asked hastily. You are responsible for the idea Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains trend, for example they are quite good with relationship of that sect family, for example does the origin of their divine medicine, is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains these elder Dan God have to go out, you can first and Elder Dai exchange! Then makes Hua Lang help you find the person who several this aspect comparisons are an expert and you do together.” Shen Xiang said: And other similar time, we must to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains fight, therefore understood first Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains will be quite useful.” The Wu Zhi nod said: This I can also provide some help! The big fontanel was just extinguished, they definitely will take an action, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains should realize now one will be overthrown.” Probably these many, this is our current main directions, first stabilizes, develops, simultaneously understands the enemy, then eliminates the enemy, then expansion.” Shen Xiang said: However my main work, is alchemy! Divine Pill wants with the place, will have very major function.” Right Master, Hua Lang had said before the fellow betrays them, when the time comes solved that fellow! Simultaneously makes Hua Lang they propagandize Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect all sorts of inside stories everywhere.” Shen Xiang looked at Dai Donggong, asked: Elder Dai, your present if wanted tells Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, said that you no longer do hold the post of Dean?”

Dai Donggong said: Wants, but must coordinate Hua Lang their propaganda, when the time comes I announced me to go into seclusion again, such one, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains was doomed to decline, they also were very suddenly difficult to promote good Dean to come.” Then this, I first went to alchemy temporarily! Master, if Teng Yong and Jing Ze come back, immediately told me.” Shen Xiang's middle-grade Divine Pill and High-Grade Divine Pill have used up, this currently most needs, Jing Ze and Teng Yong have not come back, he also has to use Life Slaughtering Technique to duplicate divine medicine to refine first. Outer Disciple that just joined may be an elite, before their skeleton cultivation base, stopped for a long time, now obtains good skeleton Divine Pill, can break through rapidly, concentrates the new skeleton. They close up, looks for Wu Zhi to inquire that different divine beast whereabouts, they do not want to eat for free, is thinking must make anything. Hunts and kills different divine beast, obtains the different divine beast corpse, can sell divine yuan stone, on the different divine beast majority of materials can refiner, regarding an influence, this be very important, let alone their newborn skeletons need stronger big Divine Soul to integrate inside, this can only obtain from different divine beast. In the following several months, Shen Xiang is refining middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill and High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, he planned to fiddle with that skeleton Divine Fruit well, but also can only postpone now.