World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2284
Shen Xiang thought that now with ease, skeleton Divine Pill was not that scarce, Teng Yong and Jing Ze they also brought these many divine medicine, if desired, he can refine quickly. Shen Xiang and Feng Wu walk in the mountain village, was chatting with her, suddenly ran into the man who one crowd ablazed with anger, after they saw Shen Xiang, shouted Dean hastily. What matter? These many fire Qi?” Shen Xiang is smiling asking. This...... Nothing!” A man must say, but he thinks that has not said. Thanks to you are a man, speech Aunt Grandma, what matter? Said with me quickly directly that was bullied outside, was worried that I laugh at you, therefore doesn't dare to say?” Shen Xiang has patted the shoulder of man, said with a smile. Dean, we truly were bullied, if not for Hua Lang urged us not to act unreasonably, we already went all out with that group of fellows.” The man said. The Shen Xiang nod said: Hua Lang said right, if comes across this matter, hits can run first, then comes back to call the person, this does not have anything to be good to laugh! Was bullied by whom?” Another guy said: We hunt and kill different divine beast, cut to kill different divine beast, the accident discovered this different divine beast den, after going to his den, we discovered two White Jade same big watermelons there, but actually suddenly ran several people to rob at this time, their strengths were very strong, we could not hit them, moreover two buddies were injured by them.” White Jade same big watermelon . Moreover the different divine beast guarding, one listens to know that compares high level divine medicine. „Do you know the origins of these people?” Shen Xiang asked. They shook the head.

You still remember when their appearances, as well as they fight the move of using?” Shen Xiang also asked. Sees them to nod, Shen Xiang said: You look for Elder Wu, said in detail to them this matter, if finds out that group of people are any background, I help you retract personally these things, the lesson they, unexpectedly dare to snatch our things while convenient maliciously!” These men look for Wu Zhi immediately, soon, Wu Zhi arrives at the Shen Xiang's residence. Elder Wu, this has promised you, every year gives you 30 grains of Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang gives Wu Zhi Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill. Such quickly refined? Really fierce!” Wu Zhi Hehe said with a smile, received Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill, continued saying: Snatches that crowd of little rascal fellow, should be neighbor Ling Tiancheng the ice fontanel disciple, this group of fellows are very always rampant, moreover now has formed an alliance with Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, was supercilious.” Shen Xiang nodded: My this asks Ling Tiancheng to have a look, unexpectedly dares to rob our people!” „Do oneself go?” Wu Zhi asked. Naturally!” Shen Xiang is quite self-confident to own strength, Wu Zhi cannot see clearly the Shen Xiang's strength at this time strongly, therefore some worries. Shen Xiang transmits from Blue Clouds City to Ling Tiancheng, then goes to the ice fontanel. Shen Xiang also prepared to confirm that with some time is the thing that the ice fontanel robs, which knew just arrived, heard some people to discuss the ice fontanel just to obtain two Heaven Jade God Melon!

Heaven Jade God Melon, but Heaven-Grade divine medicine, it is said eats up one, can make these peak God Emperor increase the millenniums life essence, precious incomparable! This ice fontanel luck is so good, unexpectedly can get so far as two.” Does not know where they make! They definitely will become friends with that peak God Emperor because of these two Heaven Jade God Melon evidently.” Shen Xiang is first one had also heard Heaven Jade God Melon, this after is Heaven-Grade divine medicine, has King-Grade rarely is much rarer. Really has this type to increase life essence divine medicine, refined into pill certainly compared with eat directly!” Shen Xiang confirmed White Jade big watermelon that in now that several mouth of person said that is that so-called Heaven Jade God Melon, but was robbed by the disciple of ice fontanel. He rushes to the ice fontanel immediately, he walks , on road, sees many old man to quicken pace to rush to the ice fontanel, these old man look likely is oil completely lamp dry that life essence is about not to have, now they hear Heaven Jade God Melon to appear, catches up, if they can obtain, can perhaps prolong a life, if the success breakthrough present bottleneck, can live a period of time. peak God Emperor ate Heaven Jade God Melon to increase millennium life essence, if cultivation base were low, can increase, but Heaven Jade God Melon was Heaven-Grade divine medicine, rare incomparable, even if were peak God Emperor wants to look is not good to find. Therefore, that crowd of old man that at this time hurries , is also having a hope! Shen Xiang arrives at the front door of ice fontanel, although at this time the front door opens wide, but more than ten guys are actually defending, does not let the person going in person, but was shouting with the worn out sound in Outer Sect old man, hopes that can make them see that god melon, can perhaps make them break through, or lived for several years and so on...... Heard that other day of stars Big Shot already on road, these fellows be much more formidable than Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, although the ice fontanel is the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains ally, but if Big Shot of these days star wanted, the ice fontanel did not dare not to give!” „The Eternal Heaven Star strength is too weak, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains this time also can only swallow an insult.”

Big Shot of other day of stars sent out, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart dark startled, but thinks that has not thought anything, for serveral days the star to increase life essence, has disregarded including the rule that they formulated, slaughtered to Undead God Clan directly. Must a bit faster move, if peak God Emperor expert arrives, taking, you perhaps will not have the opportunity.” Yue'er said: This god melon cannot fall into the hands of these bastards.” Shen Xiang nodded, turns into wisp of smog, from high-level run ice Tianmen, he uses space teleport, very relaxed on defensive formation of breakthrough ice fontanel, enters in ice Tianmen. After mixing, he releases number colored cord hung on a child's neck for good luck on his first birthday Divine Soul to seek immediately, quick found an elder, he teleport to this elder by, will use the spiritual attack immediately the lane corona, then searched for his memory with Grasping Soul Devil Curse, where quick found that two Heaven Jade God Melon conceal. The overall strength of ice fontanel is not very strong, here elder also more than 80 Godhead, Shen Xiang with ease can put them. This ice fontanel has formed an alliance with Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but actually kneels to lick another day star Big Shot influence now! It seems like whose fist is big, this ice fontanel kneels who!” Shen Xiang said that he arrives at the back side of the mountain of ice fontanel at this time, here has dozens mountains, Heaven Jade God Melon on conceal. Shen Xiang searches for the useful thing from the memory of that elder, although that elder the strength is not strong, but in ice Tianmen is also quite strong, can therefore know the secret matter! And also has certainly Heaven Jade God Melon the place of hiding.