World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2285

Shen Xiang teleport to that mountain Outer Sect, then penetrates the entire mountain with Dao Heart Eye, soon after found the position that Heaven Jade God Melon is, in the mountainside position of this mountain, hides in the middle. Has not seen the cave, should be sealed!” For all that but this actually cannot baffle Shen Xiang, his teleport comes to this mountain middle stone chamber. Ling Tianmen reluctantly is considered as medium sect, formation barrier anything is obviously shallow thing, Shen Xiang truly can break through very much. What person?” Shen Xiang appears after this stone chamber inside, suddenly hears some people startled to shout that afterward the ice-cold long sword punctured, his teleport avoids, simultaneously uses to separate takes the technique of thing spatially, in table in the stone chambers takes the two god melons of seal. That seal does not have seal space, Shen Xiang to use space power, the relaxedness can take it. These two god melon books are you rob our, this you should be clear.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: I help the disciple recaption of my hanger-on.” That how, we can snatch are also our skills! Although you now can recapture, but your other haughty, I already to all elder sound transmission, moreover Purple Yuan Heaven Star Purple Yuan Sect Dean will come quickly, when the time comes you only then at death's door, now your best obediently also comes back the god melon.” That is responsible for person said with a sneer of Protector God melon, he does not worry unexpectedly. He He!” Shen Xiang smiled: I come such easily, walks can also be so easy, you are think self-confidently can surround me who brings?” Shen Xiang said that teleport left, at this time he float in upper air, is making the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm to below entire ice fontanel! giant palm that flame Tengyun forms, covers the entire ice fontanel, the time that the bang pounds, wild heat that erupts, has made the construction of entire ice fontanel burn.

Does not discover right, the disciples of ice fontanel in abundance run, seeing flame giant palm to press, calls out is flying from the ice fontanel. But Shen Xiang teleport to Ling Tiancheng the distant place, looks at the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm pressure to fall, entire ice fontanel burning down in sea of fire, satisfied nod, then leaves Ling Tiancheng. Yue'er, have you heard Purple Yuan Sect? Sounds not to be aggressive, but looks like the strength is very good, otherwise does not dare to run the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains domain to demand the god melon directly.” Shen Xiang asked that if this Purple Yuan Sect Dean arrived, knew that the god melon was robbed, definitely will immediately investigate his. But before him, has used the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm in the big fontanel, therefore definitely will be connected these two matters, but if wants to know that his status was difficult, but this Purple Yuan Sect is also the Shen Xiang future archenemy, after is day star Big Shot. Yue'er, many purple bead? Duplicates the god melon, but these two god melons that group of fellows obtain, I must return to them.” Shen Xiang said that he has not been thinking must embezzle, otherwise that and Dan God institute was different. Shen Xiang returned to the Blue Clouds City mountain village quickly, and convenes Dai Donggong, Wu Zhi, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian, meanwhile has that several men. This is the White Jade big watermelon that you discover!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, then gave a guy. Right! Dean your line realistic agile, such quickly found!” Saying that a guy face admires, how his also curious very Shen Xiang makes. This...... Probably is Heaven Jade God Melon in Legend!” Experienced Wu Zhi knits the brows saying that but is unascertainable, because this type of thing is very rare, he cannot believe appears in own at present. Heaven Jade God Melon? Wasn't this type of thing vanished?” Dai Donggong is also startled.

The Shen Xiang nod said: This is Heaven Jade God Melon, to obtain these two god melons, Purple Yuan Heaven Star Purple Yuan Sect Dean caught up.” The guy said panic-strickenly: This unexpectedly is such precious thing! We do not want, Dean you are receiving!” Hehe, I took the seed, later I can plant, you can keep to use! Naturally, if can refined into pill be best, this that big god melon, I thought that at least can refine five grains of Heaven-Grade Divine Pill, but I will not have refined Heaven-Grade Divine Pill now.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. He has duplicated one, therefore he does not need, but Wu Zhi is Undead God Clan, oneself will not die, naturally also has no need! The Dai Donggong life, is not having any idea to the god melon steadily. Dean you do not want, but we remain are not having the use, we can also very be exactly long now, does not need to be used to continue the life.” That several people nod in abundance, they are the sincerity give Shen Xiang's. Good, I accept, later you dislike life short time looks for me again!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, received these two god melons, then gave these male many low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, everyone had 100 grains of this. These Divine Pill can receive in exchange for divine yuan stone, but you sell needs more careful, if did not feel relieved, can make Elder Wu help you leave to fall.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. low-grade skeleton Divine Pill is easiest to obtain to Shen Xiang, Teng Yong and Jing Ze get so far as many divine medicine, he can refine casually, sufficed him to use for a long time. So long as these people know that Shen Xiang vented anger to them was very happy, they wanted was this sense of belonging, was bullied some people to them over, and Dean! But at this time Shen Xiang also delivers them these many low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, making them be wild with joy, this sufficed them to spend very long a period of time.

Elder Wu, you pay attention to that side the ice Tianmen trend these days, has not thought such quickly with the Purple Yuan Heaven Star bar on.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: This fellow is very definitely depressed, far away comes, this thinks that can be increased life essence Divine Pill, has not thought of actually came in vain.” Wu Zhi also thought that at this time vents spleen very much: This bastard initially had not been short to our clansman fight, does not know that he led many people to come, otherwise we can ambush him now, killed him!” Shen Xiang looks immediately to Dai Donggong, the Dai Donggong look flashes through together the none remaining. I think feasible, or three of us send out now, gives a try can be him.” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited: If he comes, three of us collaborate to kill him people should not be difficult!” Wu Zhi took a deep breath, he somewhat is also excited at this time: This truly is an opportunity, he definitely thinks that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that guts have not gotten rid to them, but we actually.” Dai Donggong has pinched the fist: Although kills this Dean not to let the Purple Yuan Sect chaos, but can actually increase many pressures to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, because Dean is dies here.” Good, now I go to Ling Tiancheng to have a look, blows away this fellow as far as possible.” Shen Xiang has been ready to make trouble, he also wants to have a look in this Star Law God Territory with own eyes, day star peak God Emperor strong.