World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2286
Wu Zhi puts out crystal ball, his both hands according to crystal ball, then close the eye. I ask first I in Ling Tiancheng clone, has a look at now Ling Tiancheng is any situation.” Wu Zhi said. Is evolution clone in transmission?” Huang Jintian surprisedly said. What evolution is clone?” Shen Xiang sees Brother Huang Jintian so to be surprised, knows that on this day spreads out clone to be fierce. Dai Donggong is also very curious, looks at Huang Jintian, hopes that he can explain. This is Heaven's Divination Master very fierce talent Divine Ability, can have innumerable clone, but these clone can also live independently, with common person not different, even these clone do not know one are clone! But the main body needs time, searches for the clone memory through the strength of evolution, can know many matters.” Huang Yantian said. These clone do not know for a lifetime one are clone! Also does not know that Elder Wu has many clone in Star Law God Territory, I have thought this is only Legend in Heaven's Divination Master, has not thought that unexpectedly has.” Huang Jintian exclaims: No wonder Elder Wu knows that many matters.” I also think that Elder Wu is uses Heaven's Divination Technique to calculate, has not thought that unexpectedly depends upon clone.” Shen Xiang also broadens the outlook, unexpectedly has the clone technique of such mystical. Wu Zhi happily said with a smile: Sometimes I also calculate with Heaven's Divination Technique! However must investigate the news, is quite quick with clone, I for many years had 100,000 in clone of Star Law God Territory each region breeding, the strength arrives at nine ten Godhead also has dozens! In order to raise these clone, I need many skeleton Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang they have inhaled cold air immediately, over a hundred clone were surprising, but this Wu Zhi unexpectedly has hundred thousand many!

These clone have the weakness, is very difficult to train! Because is not true humanity, therefore somewhat a little problem, unstable also from exploding!” Wu Zhi said: I for these years, trains about 1000 quite stable clone, is the comparison has the potential! Naturally, if I need, they can fuse with me. I can also instill into me to give their goal in their consciousness deep places, like this they will defer to this goal to go diligently.” Dai Donggong sighed: Your these God Clan, have such fearful talent Divine Ability. Some are unfair!” The Wu Zhi forced smile said: Cannot say that our Undead God Clan didn't exterminate the clan? Purple Yuan Sect Dean came, he is flying into a rage now, we can go to Ling Tiancheng now!” Initially slaughtered in the Undead God Clan person, had this Purple Yuan Sect Dean, Wu Zhi at this time also very happily, because this was their opportunities. He is comes, three of us collaborate, can definitely take him!” Wu Zhi said with a sneer: This fellow continues the life with the blood of our clansman, now makes him also come back.” Shen Xiang said: What had to plan? The fellow could not find the god melon, can leave immediately?” Wu Zhi said: Not, because the elder of ice fontanel told him, making him wait a bit, they investigated, quick can have the result, when the time comes only needed him to get rid to seize!” We walk, now goes to Ling Tiancheng.” Dai Donggong said. Shen Xiang and Wu Zhi also had Dai Donggong simple change appearance, then went to Ling Tiancheng through Teleportation Formation.

Directs to go out of town him quite well, when the time comes can consume his some strength, if makes war in Ling Tiancheng, the people in entire city will be extinguished kill.” Wu Zhi said that he does not like slaughtering, especially slaughters the no relationship whatsoever person. Purple Yuan Sect Dean named Chi Yuan, what practice is strange Purple Divine Thunder, uses lightning attribute Divine Power, everybody must pay attention to a point, his whole body Purple Qi steaming time, must use that strange god thunder.” Wu Zhi said: I go to make go out of town him now, you are at outside the city that mountain inferior I.” Shen Xiang and Dai Donggong go out of town immediately, quick arrives under that mountain that Wu Zhi referred to a moment ago. First time must with expert of peak God Emperor rank to the war, be somewhat anxious!” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile, although he said that but the intense appearance did not have. This Purple Yuan Sect Dean, although is earliest a number of expert, but does not represent him is very strong, I belong to younger generation peak God Emperor, even if there is disparity with him, but the disparity will not be far, when the time comes is diverted him by me, you and Elder Wu joint effort, can definitely strike to kill his.” Dai Donggong said with a smile: Does not use extremely anxiously, this Chi Yuan wants is one, where horizontally to does not go! To peak God Emperor this rank, everybody was unable to break through, the strength is also equally matched, at this time only looked where person are many.” „Can Elder Dai, the person break through the peak on nobody really? If broke through, meets is what kind.” Shen Xiang is curious. This I am not clear, initially my teacher very much long time ago left, he said that is seeks for Long Life and breakthrough peak, but many years he had not come back in the past, moreover initially with his same batch of peak God Emperor, does not have one to break through.” Elder Dai shakes the head to say. Shen Xiang has heard in Undead God Clan in God Clan, old Patriarch broke through, but after the breakthrough, does not know the outcome, otherwise Undead God Clan now will not be miserable. Came!” Dai Donggong complexion suddenly enforces, shouted.

Ling Tiancheng the direction, Wu Zhi turns into together the blue light, flies to shoot fast, but behind together purple light is in hot pursuit in him, that is Purple Yuan Sect Dean Chi Yuan! Dai Donggong emits three formation plate pack of together hastily, then opens formation plate, releases very formidable barrier, this is to prevent Chi Yuan runs away. Shen Xiang looked at that three formation plate, vanish from sight, was unable to induce gradually obtains, this avoids being destroyed to cause barrier to disintegrate. At this time Shen Xiang they and Chi Yuan in this barrier, they cannot exit, others cannot come. Time that this barrier maintains is limited, everybody makes the best use of the time!” Dai Donggong to Shen Xiang and Wu Zhi sound transmission, after Wu Zhi comes, Dai Donggong dodged, a palm hits, melts purple lightning that flies to strike. Shen Xiang sees the Wu Zhi complexion to be somewhat white . Moreover the corners of the mouth have the blood, Wu Zhi unexpectedly was injured! Although he hundred Godhead, but his skeleton quantity and Chi Yuan have the disparity, caused him and Chi Yuan overall strength compares to be weaker, he in running over by Chi Yuan, was received some wounds. Wears the young child, your this is...... I understood, you must kill me unexpectedly! Ha Ha...... Your this young bastard leaves Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, wants to support oneself sect, initially I know that you do not blow Dan God institute that group of slippery fellows.” After Chi Yuan sees Dai Donggong, said while loudly laughing, unexpectedly is not surprised. Regarding Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, other day of stars also quite pay attention, therefore knows that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains this time situation, initially hearsay Dai Donggong left Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, they have not been surprised.