World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2287
Shen Xiang looked around Wu Zhi, he guessed correctly immediately that Wu Zhi revealed one are the Undead God Clan status, can therefore direct Chi Yuan, Chi Yuan participates has slaughtered Undead God Clan, Wu Zhi also was very a moment ago normal to his fight, he immediately pursued. Wears the young child, depends on you also to kill me with these two small mixed fish? You were too naive, do not think that you are peak God Emperor, can be equally matched with me! I make you know that now anything is called the disparity.” Chi Yuan that full is on face of folding fills to sneer and disdain, Dai Donggong was smaller than a generation him, in his eyes is the child, therefore he does not look down upon Dai Donggong very much. Let alone initially Dai Donggong had not participated to slaughter Undead God Clan, at that time they looked at Dai Donggong not to be feeling well, at this time has the opportunity, he also very much wants to teach Dai Donggong. Dai Donggong said with a sneer: Chi Yuan, you do not illuminate your mirror, having a look at some oneself also multi- youngster to live, you are strong and what kind, finally wasn't tossed about dead by the time?” Wu Zhi sees the Shen Xiang fist to grip tightly, then holds down hastily the Shen Xiang's shoulder, he knows the Shen Xiang's strength, but he can affirm that Shen Xiang is also not peak God Emperor, so long as has not arrived at that rank, is hard to defeat Chi Yuan! He realized a moment ago. He thought that he was also very strong, although almost arrives at the boundary of peak God Emperor, but had been rumbled a move by Chi Yuan, he was injured. That is Chi Yuan does not want to kill in his situation, because Chi Yuan needs the undying bloodlines of his within the body to increase life essence. We fall back on the, first lets on Elder Dai.” Wu Zhi said to Shen Xiang that then draws Shen Xiang to arrive at the barrier edge. Elder Dai? I also think that you supported oneself the gateway, has not thought that you were also only an elder? Who then your head is? Is that Undead God Clan?” Chi Yuan looked at Wu Zhi and Shen Xiang. Relax, before you at that moment, whose I will tell you at the point of death my Dean is, you may probably be careful that a point he, his strength is very strong.” Dai Donggong smiles dark, he has not told Chi Yuan Shen Xiang directly is Dean, this is he was worried that and other Chi Yuan will kill Shen Xiang reckless specially. Chi Yuan coldly snorted, in the heart secretly is also guarding, he does not certainly think that Shen Xiang this has the fellow of young face is Dean, generally can become the influence Big Shot person, cooked down the white hair old man! Let alone can who Dai Donggong this peak God Emperor follows, definitely is also peak God Emperor. He does not come out now, I kills you to the opportunity, I must thank him but actually.” Chi Yuan said that mouth suddenly opens, together purple light spout, unexpectedly is together the purple lightning.

This attack suddenly, making Dai Donggong virtually impossible to guard against, the chest was hit, was flown by that strength violently, is good has divine armor on him, but also leaves the hole that a hole has belched smoke. Good fearful purple lightning!” In the Shen Xiang heart is exclaiming in surprise, that purple lightning hit a moment ago, a aura does not have, but can actually cause the so huge damage, if not for Dai Donggong wears formidable divine armor, the body definitely was pierced. Generally displays this powerful attack, will start a very wild fluctuation, will affect all around, but Chi Yuan emitted that purple lightning a moment ago time does not have. Overreaches oneself......” Chi Yuan to speak, in the mouth unexpectedly spouts several purple lightning, this Dai Donggong can avoid completely, making people think what is strange, after that several purple lightning infiltrate the ground, has not had the sound, probably is the air moves the earth, does not have the stimulation the vast sound. Dai Donggong is not a vegetarian, can avoid that strange purple lightning again and again, the hand grasps the long sword, chops several blue Sword Qi toward Chi Yuan, Sword Qi turns into a leader beast of prey, from plunges Chi Yuan in all directions. This Chi Yuan purple lightning is really strange, he released a moment ago time, seeing Dai Donggong suddenly to avoid, he can also receive immediately strength, takes and puts away freely.” In the Shen Xiang heart is analyzing. Shen Xiang also discovered that Dai Donggong utilizes Divine Power time is also very centralized, his Divine Power of Sword Qi implication is very formidable, but this Sword Qi goal has Chi Yuan, outside the goal to Chi Yuan will not cause the destruction. On this ability?” Chi Yuan that pair of skinny old hand, purple lightning glow sparkles, picks up whipping of palm palm to the blue color that Dai Donggong is hitting in the past. hōng hōng hōng! Chi Yuan destroys Dai Donggong powerful Sword Qi completely, shakes to have bang the bang, barrier shakes.

Felt that heads on is wild, Shen Xiang finally feels Dai Donggong Sword Qi now fearfully, looked a moment ago is blue brilliance, a aura fluctuation does not have, now was destroyed, raises intermittent wild getting up. Eternal God Mountain Seal The Dai Donggong big hand wields, within the body hundred Godhead absorptions ** the strength of Divine sea, coordinates nine Godhead again, erupts instantaneously very strong Divine Power, turns into a great mountain to appear on Chi Yuan! This great mountain was the flash appeared, then immediately pounded, Chi Yuan also expected, he exuded one to yell that was pressed. Bang! Instance that the great mountain falls to the ground, stimulates very fearful shake strength, all around earth suddenly split open, the fissure extends to go to all around distant place unceasingly! From this also some Ling Tiancheng of distance, was divided into several by that deep fissure. little bastard!” Chi Yuan is angry, sees only purple lightning to cover that great mountain. Bang! purple light explodes the instance that dodges, the great mountain vanished, the whole body is been angry by the Chi Yuan whole face that the purple electricity silk covers, making his the faces of many wrinkles more fearful, but he is very distressed at this time, clothes are tattered, that white hair is very chaotic, was burnt much.

Puff!” Chi Yuan has spurted a blood, he has not thought that Dai Donggong understands this move of fearful banning technique unexpectedly. Shen Xiang looked at Dai Donggong, discovered that Dai Donggong complexion some are not right, immediately understands that move made Dai Donggong lose a moment ago much, he just found out handle Dai Donggong to transfer, has not actually expected Chi Yuan suddenly to turn into very thick purple lightning, fires into Dai Donggong. Ah! Dai Donggong called out pitifully, flies to Shen Xiang and Wu Zhi! Wu Zhi catches Dai Donggong hastily, at this time Dai Donggong looks deathly pale, in the mouth the blood gushes out unceasingly, the five main internal organs (entrails) in within the body caused heavy losses. unexpectedly made me receive that heavy wound, your young animal!” Pond Yuan Qi results in the whole body to shiver, sees only his eyes to turn into the purple, in eyes glittering the purple electricity silk, but his double palm emits steaming purple Qi mist, in pā lā with electricity silk that makes noise. You die together!” Chi Yuan both hands gather, one pile, is similar to purple lightning of water jar size attacks forward together, that formidable pressure, unexpectedly breaks entire barrier completely, between Heaven and Earth changes color immediately, the dark cloud is billowing, the thunderclap four shake. Shen Xiang emits Divine Mirror of Six Paths instantaneously, the mirror surface to Chi Yuan, all Divine Power pour into Divine Mirror of Six Paths completely! Wild purple lightning that this peak God Emperor makes, hits on Divine Mirror of Six Paths, had been emitted by the mirror surface, hits on Chi Yuan!