World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2288

„After you......” Chi Yuan were hit, the whole body becomes burned black, flew, but he can also come to a stop, after is his strength, he can absorb most, but also some controls, wounded him.

A moment ago Chi Yuan with banning technique hit by Dai Donggong, received very heavy wound, at this time was in the wound adds the wound! Old bastard, your time of death.” After Shen Xiang sees Chi Yuan was hit to fly, immediately teleport to Chi Yuan behind, extracts Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, is dividing maliciously to Chi Yuan. Although Chi Yuan severe wound, but responded that actually quickly must make Shen Xiang surprised, sees only him behind suddenly to present a purple great shield, but he has actually underestimated Shen Xiang's Nine Firmaments Divine Sword! Shen Xiang's Nine Firmaments Divine Sword chops, that divine shield looks like the bean curd is broken out equally, the body of Chi Yuan also while the great shield was divided rotten turns into two halves. You...... Who you are!” The body of Chi Yuan was divided slantingly from the shoulder, turned into two, he had not died, stares old eyes that the big that pair fills does not abandon, he lived was so long, moreover had found to increase the life essence means that he did not give up such died, he also wants to continue to live. I am Dean!” Shen Xiang said that puts out World Creation God Furnace, he increases World Creation God Furnace, and control flame overflows, making the divine furnace Outer Sect flame steaming. The Chi Yuan pupil contraction, has been full of fear, he has not thought that can let formidable Dean that Dai Donggong follows, unexpectedly is one looks like very young little rascal, before causing him, did not have the vigilance to Shen Xiang, he knows that he died! Bang! World Creation God Furnace presses on the body of Chi Yuan, pounding will become piece of spark...... Chi Yuan is peak God Emperor, under being extinguished kills, leaves behind very strong strength, but had been absorbed by World Creation God Furnace, Shen Xiang does not know why World Creation God Furnace must absorb, this he did not control.

Dai Donggong and Wu Zhi also had a scare by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang got rid a moment ago very smoothly, forms a coherent whole, killed Chi Yuan. Naturally, several divine tool in Shen Xiang hand also make their impression profound, they know certainly that is not the ordinary thing, they have thought one are experienced and careful, works is also cloudy enough, but has not thought that Shen Xiang hides deeply, they think that Shen Xiang is very small and weak in front of peak God Emperor. Has killed peak God Emperor, but also is not really easy!” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile, walked to hold hastily Dai Donggong. Dean, you are really deep conceal do not reveal! I also think that you are only alchemy are quite fierce.” Dai Donggong he he smiles. alchemy at the same time, I do not forget to promote my strength, I have many enough Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, then opened space passage: We go back.” He is bringing Dai Donggong and Wu Zhi, steps into space passage, returns to the mountain village directly. I first therapy, I have therapy Divine Pill, quick can restore, Elder Wu you pay attention to the Purple Yuan Heaven Star trend these days, they died here Dean, can definitely come to have a look!” Dai Donggong said: Purple Yuan Sect died Dean, other elder assembly die happily, especially takes over the Dean fellow, but he to set up prestige, certainly must be the Chi Yuan revenge.” This I am clear, Elder Dai you well recuperate!” Wu Zhi nodded, his wound is quite light. ...... Purple Yuan Sect Dean died! This matter spreads over the Star Law God Territory major stars quickly!

Eternal Heaven Star is flustered, because Purple Yuan Sect Dean dies when Eternal Heaven Star, moreover some people see the great war scene great mountain that presents, that is only then Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean understands the use the banning technique! However, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean Dai Donggong has been separated from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, does not know why the reason and Purple Yuan Sect Dean attacks brutally, but according to something that before had, the people associated to this are possibly concerned with Heaven Jade God Melon! Chi Yuan comes time, Heaven Jade God Melon was just robbed, then the person of ice fontanel investigates, finally Chi Yuan hit outside the city with Dai Donggong. Has not thought that the time of fight is very short, moreover Chi Yuan was also extinguished kills, dies not entire corpse! But this matter also makes peak God Emperor of many older generations feel unbelievable, although Dai Donggong peak God Emperor, but belongs to younger generation, got off the subject according to logic is inferior to of their these elders, but can actually extinguish in a short time kills Chi Yuan! Before had the hearsay, said that Dai Donggong has been pressed by the Dan God institute with Divine Pill in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, therefore the powerful strength is unable to show, but now Dai Donggong is separated from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains shortly, kills influence Big Shot, this strength made many people feel shocking. The Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard now are also worried, Purple Yuan Sect Dean dies here, what is bad luck is their Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, because when the time comes Purple Yuan Heaven Star has very sufficient reason to rush to here, if the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains strength is insufficient, in the end will be invaded by Purple Yuan Sect, this is they do not want to see. Eternal Heaven Star is so big, nobody knows where Dai Donggong hides, but Huang Jintian they have also made the disciple all come back, wait for the rumor to move from now on again, that side Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains knows that Shen Xiang establishes the influence in secret, has won over Outer Disciple completely, definitely also will suspect that Dai Donggong joins. ...... Shen Xiang in the secret room, looks at that black skeleton Divine Fruit, sighed: Currently finally has the time to have a look at this skeleton Divine Fruit is the good thing! If, I certainly will not go to Earth Dragon Star to look for that Ge Long.”

He trades with precious divine lotus, he cannot suffer a loss. This skeleton Divine Fruit had been duplicated two by Yue'er, therefore he feels relieved attempts. First eats to look, if can concentrate really the skeleton, then brings alchemy.” Shen Xiang has nipped skeleton Divine Fruit vigorously, the unexpectedly extraordinary sweetness, the pulp looks like apple such, this lets him is very surprised. Quite strange, before I refined three lotus Divine Pill time, these lotus seed were very hard, but this skeleton Divine Fruit should be King-Grade divine medicine, unexpectedly is so crisp!” Shen Xiang is chewing, the fruit pulp is very delicious, he knits the brows: „Was I deceived? Does Ge Long that bastard coax with the quite strange delicious fruit my?” His several eat to eat all one's food this skeleton Divine Fruit, is feeling the efficacy, may instill the strength not to discover that he thought more and more one were deceived! Should not be false, I duplicate has used many purple bead, the ordinary fruit does not need that many.” Yue'er said. I give a try again!” Shen Xiang closes the eye , to continue to induce the efficacy, why also does not know, his suddenly thought one are very exhausted, unknowingly, unexpectedly has fallen asleep, moreover rests very soundly, how Yue'er shouted that also shouted does not awake. Next morning, Shen Xiang hears Yue'er to shout him, opens the eye hastily, then stretched oneself, praised: For a long time has not rested such crisply......” Wait / Etc.!” Shen Xiang knits the brows, said: „Should I in congealing skeleton, how I fall asleep?”