World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2289

Shen Xiang remembers itself to eat up skeleton Divine Fruit, then starts the skeleton that sought for oneself that just to congeal, soon, he has exclaimed in surprise one. Also really congealed!” Shen Xiang think inconceivable, in the past congealing skeleton time, always meets the pain to live to might as well die, but this time so is relaxed successfully to congeal, but slept, moreover rests very comfortably. Before Ge Long had said with him, ate up this skeleton Divine Fruit congealing skeleton time will be relaxed, now Shen Xiang entirely believes that Ge Long words, he thought somewhat puzzled, this type of good thing to be precious, but Ge Long took the exchange! This fellow takes such good thing, is he also has this type of thing?” Shen Xiang said that he can only think of such reason. Congealed really the skeleton? In what spot? Your both arms both legs, chest back also has the eye, altogether seven places had the skeleton!” Yue'er has not thought that Shen Xiang comfortable sleep awakes, unexpectedly concentrates the skeleton, she is also unreadable, this skeleton Divine Fruit was really good. Yue'er, skeleton in forehead, like this?” Shen Xiang said: My forehead currently has four skeletons! Before both eyes congealed two, currently the entire head also has two!” „It is not strange, has the place of bone, can concentrate the skeleton! Generally speaking, place that most often presents was the leg and foot, this must appear, other places I was not clear, even if congealed in the finger, the skeleton same can display very strong strength to come.” Yue'er said with a smile: You do not need to worry that moreover is also good in the forehead, at least can make your head very hard . Moreover the forehead and Divine sea have the connection, this can strengthen your Divine sea.” Where can go to seek for good Divine Soul to match the new skeleton?” This is Shen Xiang eighth time concentrates Godhead, similarly is the double skeleton, before seven times were this, therefore he did not think that had anything to be accidental. Asks Wu Zhi not to? You told him directly, this was your eighth Godhead, moreover in the forehead, what Divine Soul making him help you have a look to seek to be quite good.” Yue'er said with a smile: Wu Zhi, although is not the peak, but his fearful clone technique is useful, let alone he also understands Heaven's Divination Technique.”

Shen Xiang has also closed up for several days, after he exits, quick had found Wu Zhi, Wu Zhi in own study room, is writing anything thing at this time. „Is Elder Wu, what busy at?” Shen Xiang walks to look that sees only on the Wu Zhi tabletop on that paper to write all over many cultivation technique names. This is I through my clone acquired many cultivation technique, I plan to make a detailed record, after letting , the disciple acts according to own situation study, cultivation technique are many, I had am busy.” Wu Zhi said with a smile, his clone were many, pay respects to join these sect, studied good cultivation technique from these sect everywhere, this can by Wu Zhi including in inside. Elder Wu, you said that if concentrates in the skull above skeleton, what Divine Soul can look to be appropriate? I do not understand to these.” Shen Xiang asked. Concentrates in the skeleton of brain bone? This is very rare, did you concentrate?” Wu Zhi one startled, puts down living on hand hastily, said: Sits down quickly, I help you have a look, I may have the research to the skeleton, although the skeleton can appear in the bone of body each region, but is few in the forehead.” Shen Xiang sits, Wu Zhi feels his head carefully, is wrinkling the old eyebrow, induces the Shen Xiang forehead skeleton. What's the matter? I induced mistakenly, unexpectedly had four skeletons!” Wu Zhi, yelled panic-strickenly: How is this possible?” „!” Shen Xiang has given a hand signal hastily: Why is this impossible?”

Dean, you now how many skeletons? Four did concentrate completely in the forehead? This situation was rarer!” If not for Wu Zhi personally see, he does not believe absolutely that persons head department unexpectedly will have four skeletons. Wu Zhi induces also has two skeletons of Shen Xiang eyes, in addition Shen Xiang just congealed, that was four! This...... Is my secret, Elder Wu do not speak irresponsibly everywhere!” Shen Xiang whispered, he quite trusts Wu Zhi. Wu Zhi nodded: I know that your forehead concentrates the skeleton, do you have other feelings? Or has presented in other ordinary days no response.” Shen Xiang shook the head, except for the skeleton of eyes, two skeletons that he just congealed is secret, causing him to awake finally, did not look carefully could not find. I concentrate, I must seek for one to find well, can say that a response does not have, but I have tried, can use, can absorb Divine Power in my Divine sea.” Shen Xiang said: Elder Wu, how can the forehead skeleton utilize generally?” Cannot like the skeleton of fists and feet! I fight, how could it not be can have a specific use to hit?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Naturally is not has a specific use to hit, that will look like will be very silly.” Wu Zhi said with a smile: Forehead skeleton is quite special, appears after the forehead, will have other spot skeleton no special capabilities.”

Head that first, can let is harder, this is the same with other skeletons, can strengthen the spot that the skeleton is at! Also, the forehead skeleton can also absorb to transform Divine sea internal Divine Power, becomes very strong, then transmits other spots the skeleton.” Likely is the skeleton of leg and foot, because of convenience attack, will therefore meet the use quite to be direct!” Shen Xiang said that the skeleton of his eyes can also absorb Divine sea strength like other spots skeletons, then coordinates other skeletons. Right, but the chest back is also concentrates the skeleton quite common spot, this mainly plays the role of defense.” Wu Zhi nodded: However the forehead skeleton, not only can protect the head, but can also protect Divine sea! Many peak God Emperor, understand the Divine sea attack, therefore needs to protect own Divine sea when the fight frequently!” If the forehead has the skeleton, that does not need to protect desirably, can play very formidable defense! This is the big advantage of forehead skeleton.” Wu Zhi touches the Shen Xiang's head , to continue saying: „The protection to Divine sea is important, if your Divine sea were not destroyed completely, then you can very easy rebirth! For example your fleshly body was extinguished, but your Divine sea protects well, will then flutter along with your consciousness, others are unable to rumble to kill your Divine sea! Like this you only require some time, can practice fleshly body once more, but the body can also like actually powerful, will also have the skeleton!” This is our Undead God Clan ancient book records, our Undead God Clan has Senior is the forehead has the skeleton.” Then except for this, what other big uses but also there are?” Shen Xiang thought that own Divine sea defense was very strong, because before , has the eyes skeleton, he hopes that can have a better use.