World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2290

Has! So long as cultivates Divine sea, Divine sea world, but in most things are you fantasize . Moreover the Divine sea world internal space is also miserably small! But if your head concentrates the skeleton, you can regard your Divine sea world the skeleton the essence, molds earth core in the Divine sea world, then exterior strength of this world through skeleton absorption!” Wu Zhi said here, smiled: Such one, you can mold a real Divine sea world.” Real Divine sea world? Where can that?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: If a real world, others can break through the space to come in? Is this so-called real world, like storage equipment inside space?” No, this real world real, you are the god of this world, you can assign this world to revolve according to your thought! The time, space and sunrise sunset, Big Dipper, can make you control with wishes fulfilled! But you also since your real world, enjoy this real world to the advantage that you bring.” The Wu Zhi complexion is serious: According to our Undead God Clan Legend, to break through peak God Emperor Realm, the forehead must concentrate the skeleton.” Our old Patriarch breaks through peak God Emperor Realm, now he does not know the outcome, we suspected that he immerses in his real world, in his world, he can control the myriad things, can absorb the inexhaustible resources, can make him arrive at another Realm peak.” Shen Xiang was shocked, this sounds to be very mysterious, but seems not impossible, he has also experienced many mysterious matter, for example he has two Divine sea, this is the matter that Yue'er is unable to understand. Wu Zhi sees Shen Xiang to ponder, said: Before our Undead God Clan some elders were doing the experiment, for example these have nine Godhead elders, they will discard Godhead, then concentrates through various means weak does not congeal in the forehead, they will discard again, the regelation comes out...... So repeatedly circulates, but concentrates Godhead not to be easy, concentrates is not easier in the forehead, for many years, our Undead God Clan did not have Godhead to appear in the forehead.” Shen Xiang is thinking, his forehead four Godhead, two already in eye, moreover concentrates and eyes fuses together, it can be said that has been separated from the bone! But two skeletons that this just congealed are the forehead skeletons in the true sense! He thought that he concentrates each time skeleton is the double skeleton, this has second Divine sea to be related with him, a moment ago if said according to Wu Zhi, the forehead skeleton is equal to a earth core essence of world, two skeletons that then his forehead just congealed, there is his second Divine sea earth core?

Controlling force of Shen Xiang to Divine sea has come is very strong, before for example him, has attempted alchemy in Divine sea! Although Divine sea contains very powerful Divine Power, but the interior is extremely frail, releases Illusionary Brilliant Furnace alchemy that momentarily will explode in Divine sea, this is equal to the suicide. But Shen Xiang has actually achieved, but his Divine sea is also stable, can allow him to make this danger(ous) matter! Has come, Divine sea was responding innermost feelings of person yearned, now Shen Xiang's this Divine sea, was yearning a gentle peaceful world, this is because he year to year comes to be extremely exhausted, for family member friend, for can survive, runs around to keep, participates in various great war, experiences many dangers to be difficult! Therefore his heart of hearts are many to long for this tranquil gentle life! But his heart of hearts has a bigger desire, a bigger ambition, he does not know that is anything! For many years, because of various matters, having caused this fearful ambition not to erupt, was gradually quiet, may still follow him, still has his heart deep place! That is his second Divine sea, is his Divine sea true appearance! My second Divine sea, I came quickly, so long as concentrates hundred Godhead, nine skeletons, I can see oneself true Divine sea.” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist. Wu Zhi said: earth core is hot, but this skeleton uses as the essence, therefore naturally is fire attribute best! Naturally, you can also choose other attribute.”

I understood!” Shen Xiang nodded, he had decided that in which of two skeletons just congealed, must integrate to live to kill Divine Soul, this can make his Divine sea world fill with many vitalities, is more beautiful. But another, then for the second Divine sea preparation, to correspond his second Divine sea, he needs to find five Divine Soul! Also is in his second Divine sea that five beast image corresponds! Now Shen Xiang was unable to congeal ninth Godhead, because of before then, him must do well Divine Soul, concentrates to fill Godhead to 100, carries on the final sprint, definitely will not be when the time comes difficult, because he eats up skeleton Divine Fruit, can very smooth concentrates. Elder Wu, I in seek for Divine Soul, possibly requires some time to come back, Divine Pill that if the disciples need is insufficient, you make them many and other a period of time.” Shen Xiang said. Divine Pill has definitely sufficed, you gave them to be many these days, they were very satisfied! Because of the Purple Yuan Sect Dean death, cannot make them exit now, causing them to shout to consider to hunt and kill different divine beast all day, helping you gain selects divine yuan stone.” Wu Zhi said with a smile. This is good, my probably about three months come back, when the time comes Purple Yuan Sect should also take an action, they will not give up, like this lets off Eternal Heaven Star.” Shen Xiang said. Purple Yuan Sect had new Dean, their Dean die here, therefore they will come to here to look for a matter in any event! This group of fellows very much have the ambition, they definitely want to borrow this good opportunity annexation entire Eternal Heaven Star, such one, they can hold two day stars, becomes the Star Law God Territory first big influence.” The Wu Zhi nod said: We cannot be worried about anything, they could not find us temporarily.”

After Shen Xiang changed the appearance, goes to transmit plaza, he is not looks for Divine Soul now, but must go to Earth Dragon Star, looks for that Ge Long, he wants to know that has about that skeleton Divine Fruit more matters. If can obtain this skeleton Divine Fruit, he can build a peak God Emperor army quickly! After several transmissions, Shen Xiang arrives at Earth Dragon Star this Earth-rank Stars finally, Ge Long is here Star Master, he arrives at the Earth Dragon Star biggest city directly, the Dragon Emperor city! Why isn't here called Longcheng? But is called the Dragon Emperor city?” Shen Xiang arrived at the Dragon Emperor city through Teleportation Formation, thought aloud with a smile. Land Dragon was very coarse, it is estimated that not long, Earth Dragon Star will be called the Dragon Emperor star.” Yue'er said with a smile.