World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2291
Ge Long is Star Master, definitely lives in the Dragon Emperor city, Shen Xiang strolled in the Dragon Emperor city, the unusual accident discovered that he can induce to the aura of dragon here. „Does here have a dragon?” In Shen Xiang heart surprisedly said. Dragon God Clan also hides now! This Earth Dragon Star should exist was very long, for serveral days star Big Shot definitely also came to here to look, who makes him give such name.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang inquired the place that this Dragon Emperor city Star Master is, there named Dragon Emperor mountain village, stands in a strip width big street, can see front to have a mountain, that was the Dragon Emperor mountain village. Should not be......” Yue'er suddenly will have thought of anything. What is?” Shen Xiang asked. That Ge Long settles on Life Jade God Lotus very much, but Life Jade God Lotus is the disintoxicating uses, refines three lotus Divine Pill to divine medicine! But he is willing to give that skeleton Divine Fruit, explained that he arrives at Life Jade God Lotus urgently needed, he requests lotus seed to be many enough, the toxin that in other words needs to solve deeply is very very heavy, or needs to meet the toxins of many person.” Yue'er said: This place has Dragon Qi, then explained that here has the dragon, the dragon most feared that one type was poisonous!” Heard a Yue'er saying, Shen Xiang also to think so to have the possibility, but toxin that the dragon most feared, naturally was the Black Dragon flower is poisonous! Long Xueyi is so fierce, but has attracted Black Dragon flower poisonous poisonous mist, wanted half life. Before the Shen Xiang half step arrives at the Dragon Emperor mountain village gate, although the gate is opening, but does not have difference jade token, the person who or does not guard the understanding, cannot go. I must see Star Master Ge Long, you and he said that Life Jade God Lotus he knew.” Shen Xiang told that gate guard, making the gate guard convey a message. Please wait a bit!” This out of the door leaves hastily, his step is quick, could see that he attaches great importance to this matter, obviously is Ge Long has told, with the Life Jade God Lotus related matter must circular as soon as possible.

Soon , a shadow dodges suddenly, Shen Xiang saw the familiar face, Ge Long to fly directly. actually is Brother Shen, comes in quickly!” Ge Long said with a smile hastily, then brought Shen Xiang to enter the Dragon Emperor mountain village, arrived in a lonesome and quiet bamboo grove. „The Brother Ge words are not really false, that skeleton Divine Fruit makes me concentrate really the skeleton.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. My Ge Long words definitely real, I have not deceived people.” Ge Long he he smiles: Brother Shen you, since congealed skeleton, then must celebrate now well, which food and wine I told person.” Quick, the liquor and dish arrived, is very sumptuous, Shen Xiang is impolite, is trying the cooked food of delicacy. Brother Ge, I am not clear, this skeleton Divine Fruit can concentrate surely the skeleton, why do you want to take the exchange? So long as eats nine, that can concentrate nine skeletons?” Shen Xiang and Ge Long have done one bowl of liquor, asked. Brother Shen you have not to know that this skeleton Divine Fruit is also very strange, except for the ninth skeleton, other Godhead can through eating skeleton Divine Fruit concentrates! For example your first eating, so long as eats one ironclad to concentrate, but concentrates the second skeleton to need 500 skeleton Divine Fruit, concentrates the third skeleton to need 1000, fourth needs 1500...... Ex analogia, needs to increase 500 to give based on actually.” Ge Long sighed: For all that so long as type a period of time this type of fruit, can eat eight skeletons, but to ninth did not have the effect, is unable to eat.” Oh? that Brother Ge your this skeleton Divine Fruit?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said, they affirmed that has attempted, will otherwise not say. Before were many, but is short now!” Ge Long said: At that time I forgot to tell Brother Shen, when best was remained to congeal the eighth skeleton uses, to eat one to be good again, really did not do right by!” All right! Do you have to try skeleton Divine Fruit refined into pill? Can such effect be better?” Shen Xiang also asked.

„It is not good, is unable refined into pill! Our can refine King-Grade Divine Pill old fellow to try many times, cannot succeed, but also has wasted over a thousand fruits.” Ge Long shakes the head to say. Shen Xiang has big interest immediately, others cannot achieve, he most liked challenging, before that Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill were so! Brother Ge, your this skeleton Divine Fruit also how many? I want to make one batch!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he looked at the Ge Long appearance, knew to have many, otherwise can waste over a thousand casually. If before , many, now is short really!” Ge Long shakes the head saying: Naturally, if Shen Xiang wants, you open a price, I can help you make actually.” Brother Ge you, although is Star Master, but you overall is a big influence is right! Your interior also is very evidently harmonious.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „The Brother Ge such straightforward person, will definitely not have clashes of opinion with whom.” Naturally, our Dragon Emperor mountain village, although is not the day of star that formidable Big Shot influence, but we have the loyalty very much, if these big influences want to move us, we wrestled the life also to make their Yuan Qi damage severely, has not counted the hundred thousand year unable to restore.” Ge Long Ha Ha said while loudly laughing. If I do leave three lotus Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang asked that his present purple bead are not many, but actually many spirit seed, can make that three divine lotus give birth to lotus seed to come, gave him to select the time he to achieve. Shen Xiang was saying, puts out grain of three lotus Divine Pill, previous time he has refined a furnace for the Dai Donggong daughter, he has given the Dai Donggong two grains, oneself leave behind one grain. Really is three lotus Divine Pill . Moreover the quality is very high!” Ge Long surprisedly said: Brother Shen do you get so far as? I have seen three lotus Divine Pill, but the quality is actually inferior to your good!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally is I refines, the previous time when the trade fair, these skeleton Divine Pill are I refines, I am also Dan God!”

Fierce!” Ge Long has raised up the thumb to Shen Xiang: It seems like you refine the King-Grade Divine Pill old ghost compared with our that.” What kind of? How many skeleton Divine Fruit my this grain of three lotus can Divine Pill receive in exchange for?” Shen Xiang also wants to try to be able with skeleton Divine Fruit now refined into pill, if he patience, duplicates with purple bead, but that requires a lot of time. Ten!” Ge Long said. I know that Brother Ge has many, you look at this not!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Skeleton Divine Fruit that I cannot take casually, our tree, period of revolution formation accelerates to tie, for many years we consumed earth core many energies, therefore accelerates now becomes very slow, before not having, that many.” Ge Long said. Brother Ge, your does here have the dragon?” Shen Xiang just asked that Ge Long is vigilant, in the look is having a hostility. Does not need to be worried! I know the dragon present situation, but I do not want to catch you like these bastards, to be honest, I have a wife am White Dragon, because she Black Dragon flower was poisonous, therefore I far away run Star Law God Territory to seek for three lotus Divine Pill divine medicine! After I found laboriously, has succeeded to refine three lotus Divine Pill, and detoxified for her.” Shen Xiang said hastily.