World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2292

Hears the Shen Xiang following words, the Ge Long complexion became moderate. It seems like Brother Shen has guessed correctly our something!” Ge Long sighed one: I do not fear to tell you, my within the body has the bloodlines of Dragon God Clan, but I am humanity!” I have sworn sister, is the same with Brother Ge.” The Shen Xiang nod smiled, White Dragon Bloodline of Leng Youlan within the body is also very powerful. Black Dragon flower toxin, only then these bastards have, since you remote world from Star Law God Territory, that are poisoned? Was these fellow running of far away intoxicated in the past?” Ge Long said that listens to his expression, knows that he hates to the person who these intoxicate. Shen Xiang nodded, he initially the memory of devour that person, knows that they from Star Law God Territory were entrusted by one person of crowd, but does not know that who concrete is. I only know at that time that group of people are Star Law God Territory send, I arrive at Star Law God Territory, slightly has the understanding to here influence!” Shen Xiang said: Simultaneously I also heard that Dragon God Clan matter, after all my wife is White Dragon, she should also be Dragon God Clan! Now looks like, Brother Ge your here has the dragons of many poison!” White Dragon is rare, has not appeared in Star Law God Territory Dragon God Clan, but in the transmission has actually, in other places.” Ge Long so was no longer vigilant to Shen Xiang at this time. Dragon God Clan truly had been intoxicated by them, some formidable old Divine Dragon are poisoned, at present frozen, our these Long Zilong grandsons can only rush about to seek for the disintoxicating everywhere Divine Pill.” Ge Long sighed. How many grain of three lotus Divine Pill then you can now actually?” That grain of three lotus Divine Pill of Shen Xiang in the hand hands over: You take away temporarily!” After Ge Long received, has given Shen Xiang ten skeleton Divine Fruit, said: We also need 30 grains probably, this is not a small number! Naturally, if there is Heaven-Grade divine medicine that other can detoxify, or Divine Pill also yes! Solves the Black Dragon flower to be poisonous, three lotus Divine Pill are best.” I, if gives you 30 grains of three lotus Divine Pill, whether you do give me 300 skeleton Divine Fruit?” Shen Xiang asked that he thought that this was not very difficult, he does not need to duplicate divine lotus, so long as carried on the accelerate ripening through spirit seed and Six Paths Divine Cup to three divine lotus, can make divine lotus concentrate lotus seed.

So long as can refine three lotus Divine Pill with lotus seed, moreover his furnace can also leave the pill many grains! If Brother Shen can help us get so far as 30 grains of three lotus Divine Pill in a short time, we can give you 500 skeleton Divine Fruit.” Ge Long said: Although I have not reported report to come up, but they definitely will comply.” Good, in a short time, how many days is?” Shen Xiang has made Yue'er plant spirit seed at this time, so long as dilutes with purple bead to the water in waters spirit seed, can the Large expanse of type, the speed be quick. In one year!” Ge Long said that at this time his in the heart is also very excited, if Shen Xiang can help them get so far as these many three lotus Divine Pill, then Dragon God Clan Old Dragon can untie the Black Dragon flower to be poisonous quickly. Dragon God Clan formidable Old Dragon has not assumed personal command, lets entire Dragon God Clan terrified restless, has hidden here and there in all directions many years! Shen Xiang also listened to Yue'er saying that in four big God Clan, only then the Dragon God Clan battle efficiency was most fearful, before Yue'er thought has doubts, why Dragon God Clan has not counter-attacked, the present was understood, actually the Black Dragon flower was poisonous. Good, in one year can definitely to you, divine medicine I have, I only need to close up a period of time now then.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Can Brother Ge help me arrange an environment good point place to me alchemy?” Ge Long surprisedly said: „Can you, in one year refine 30 grains of three lotus Divine Pill? That is King-Grade Divine Pill!” For these years, Ge Long they are seeking for three lotus Divine Pill everywhere, therefore knew about three lotus Divine Pill that naturally knows three lotus Divine Pill are not good to refine, many Dan God that they know, had said refines furnace three lotus Divine Pill, takes several months short, if the time is long, several years are very normal, more than ten years, over a hundred years can refine! But Shen Xiang, in one year must refine 30 grains, in the Ge Long cognition, this needs to refine 30 furnaces to be good.

I can be good, you equipped skeleton Divine Fruit to give me to be OK!” Shen Xiang laughs: Leads me to go to alchemy quickly!” Ge Long brings Shen Xiang to arrive in a Dragon Emperor mountain village quite peaceful small courtyard. I will tell that does not make the person approach here, Brother Shen you feel at ease alchemy!” Ge Long said that hastily leaves, he must go with his clansman at this time discussed this matter. Shen Xiang enters in the courtyard, making Yue'er start accelerate ripening that three divine lotus, making divine lotus a bit faster grow lotus seed! He must refine 30 grains of three lotus Divine Pill, needs to refine ten furnaces, so long as three divine lotus congealed ten grains of lotus seed to suffice separately, in one year, such one, he can trade to 500 skeleton Divine Fruit completely. If he must duplicate 500 skeleton Divine Fruit, has not known that must arrive at anything lord knows. Yue'er, you accelerate ripening these divine lotus, I give a try first now can refine become god pill skeleton Divine Fruit!” Shen Xiang said. He refines three lotus Divine Pill to be only getting quicker and quicker, so long as has enough divine medicine, he can refine immediately! But now Yue'er wants accelerate ripening divine lotus, more than Duan Kong time, in his hand also ten skeleton Divine Fruit, therefore he first tries trial system skeleton Divine Fruit. Yue'er said with a smile: If can refine Spell Bound Pill, what Divine Pill this is called? Cannot also call skeleton Divine Pill!” Refined to say again that was very not evidently good to refine!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, loses skeleton Divine Fruit, but just released the flame, that skeleton Divine Fruit unexpectedly turned into Qi mist, integrates in the flame, making the flame more exuberant.

His mother!” Shen Xiang cannot help but lowly scolded, this made him not think that , this skeleton Divine Fruit such feared the flame unexpectedly, but just moved the flame not to have. Before Shen Xiang, eats skeleton Divine Fruit time knows that skeleton Divine Fruit is frail, the tooth bites to bite gently, is different from the ordinary fruit, therefore he, when the release flame also as far as possible emits the weakest flame. Which knows, even if the weakest flame, skeleton Divine Fruit bumps into, immediately has gasified, like water! How?” Yue'er sees the Shen Xiang's complexion, hastily to ask. Did not have, that skeleton Divine Fruit has wasted, has not thought that unexpectedly is so frail, the flame touches gently is evaporated.” Shen Xiang said: I must think to look how must be able to deal with this special situation, before had not met, my flame under my control, the quantity of heat of having is low, even if the paper bumps into, a short time will not burn.” But this skeleton Divine Fruit is very strange, can absorb the massive flame to enter own within the body self-immolation likely on own initiative.” The time of although a moment ago refining is very short, but Shen Xiang has discovered many matters.