World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2293

Shen Xiang closed eyes seeks for solution from Heaven Refining Technique, if could not find, he cannot progress now. alchemy time, needs the accurate skilled control flame, builds up the material internal energy, leaves behind the essence the part, burns down the impurity completely! However this skeleton Divine Fruit to alchemy master almost, he cannot ignite itself, lets the fast cremation. First uses Imaginary Fire to give a try, perhaps is useful!” Shen Xiang suddenly is unable to find the appropriate solution method from Heaven Refining Technique, has to think the feasible method with oneself first. After he displays Imaginary Fire, pill furnace is peaceful, when Shen Xiang thinks possible, skeleton Divine Fruit suddenly fierce burns, suddenly on vanish from sight. Has wasted one!” Shen Xiang is very speechless, this skeleton Divine Fruit was almost bumps into the flame not to have, he does not know how must start, if did not use the flame, he does not know how must refine. He does not dare to attempt now again, can only continue to look for the solution from Heaven Refining Technique, he such looks is ten days, but does not have any clue, making his whole person very agitated. Skeleton isn't Divine Fruit able to build up become god pill really?” Shen Xiang is self-examining. Heaven Refining Technique did not say can refine the world myriad things? Definitely has the means that but you had not found.” Yue'er said with a smile: Now had three to refine three lotus Divine Pill divine medicine, can you start to refine?” Shen Xiang nodded: With gives me, first refines three lotus Divine Pill Jing Jing (quietly) hearts!” Before he refined Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill with three lotus Divine Pill time came across very big difficult problem, finally can a little clue, but this skeleton Divine Fruit clue does not have now, how regardless of he pondered that does not know how should deal. Suddenly, ten days passed by, the Shen Xiang success refines 12 grains of three lotus Divine Pill, he refines now time, can a furnace concentrate the pill four grains, is satisfied regarding this him, this may be not the small breakthrough, if the beforehand furnace refines three grains likely, he also can only obtain nine grains now.

Now only requires ten days, Yue'er can cause three divine medicine, therefore Shen Xiang just completed three furnaces, must start to refine. The time of March, Shen Xiang has refined eight furnace three lotus Divine Pill probably, each furnace four grains, altogether are 32 grains! Also does if wanted continue to refine skeleton Divine Fruit?” Yue'er asked. „, It is not able to start, refines also wastes skeleton Divine Fruit.” Shen Xiang said: First exited to receive in exchange for that 500 skeleton Divine Fruit saying again, moreover before me, had said three months must go back. Waited to return to the mountain village to say again!” Shen Xiang goes out of the courtyard, had found Ge Long! Also less than one year, Shen Xiang did you come out? Was too stuffy?” Ge Long said with a smile. Naturally is not, I must go back anxiously! This is 30 grains of three lotus Divine Pill, your skeleton did Divine Fruit prepare?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Ge Long in great surprise, is only about three months, refines 30 grains of three lotus Divine Pill, Ge Long is hard to believe that this is real. This... Can I have a look?” Ge Long cannot believe. Shen Xiang puts out a jade box to hand in front of him, Ge Long brings looks, is surprised took a deep breath: Really real! Really is this you refines in three months? Do you refine? I told us old man you in clan in one year to refine 30 grains of three lotus Divine Pill before, he was shouting not possibly... But now you have been ahead of time, three months handled.”

„Do I certainly refine with pill furnace?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I very fierce Dan God, these Dan God is different from you have seen! Right, Brother Ge your skeleton Divine Fruit? Will not have prepared! Did I refine too quickly?” Prepared!” Ge Long gives Shen Xiang storage pouch hastily: You count!” Shen Xiang received to count, altogether was 500. Brother Ge, you know that these three months Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains what happened?” Shen Xiang asked that because Purple Yuan Sect Dean died here Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, later will definitely have the matter to occur. This... I also think very strange, passed for three months, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is unexpectedly uneventful, is not very really normal! If we are Purple Yuan Sect, already killed, was even the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains shovel, wrests away entire Eternal Heaven Star.” Ge Long said: But Purple Yuan Sect or Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains do not have what sound, looks like has not had any matter to be the same.” Shen Xiang also thinks very strange, he said: Then I first said goodbye, next time my actually skeleton Divine Fruit time, then looks for Brother Ge you!” Brother Shen you in Eternal Heaven Star where? If I must look for you, how can relate?” Now Ge Long knows that Shen Xiang is very fearful Dan God. Has a mountain village in Blue Clouds City, you went to there to look for my that's alright, but if wanted reported my name, only said that looked for Dean then.” Shen Xiang said. Dean? Good!” Ge Long thought one can realize Shen Xiang such Dan God, was very big luck, can in such a short time solve the matter that they for many years could not accomplish. Shen Xiang left Earth Dragon Star, returns to own mountain village.

Elder Wu, I in Earth Dragon Star, according to my knowledge, Purple Yuan Sect did not have what sound before, but Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is also so, why is this?” Shen Xiang comes back, immediately found Wu Zhi, was inquiring this matter. Wu Zhi is still making these cultivation technique, he sees Shen Xiang to arrive, sets out hastily, said: Other day of stars and major influences regarding this are also very puzzled, but I actually understand many inside stories through my clone!” This really has the fishy!” Shen Xiang sat. Is very simple, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains worry was affected, the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard unanimously agreed that merges into Purple Yuan Sect, and Eternal Heaven Star is also Purple Yuan Sect, Purple Yuan Sect will have sent for taking over control of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains after a period of time, and that person also will become Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean.” Wu Zhi said: Such one, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains will not be attacked by Purple Yuan Sect, that group of fellows do not have anything to lose, can continue to be gluttonous and lazy! But Purple Yuan Sect does not need to wage a war, obtains Eternal Heaven Star, controls Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, they thought that delimits very much comes.” Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that group of idiots, do not know how really they think! After Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains was taken over control, they later definitely will not have any auspicious day, especially these strength faint Inner Disciple.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. Dean you planned to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains hit! Now looked like must become more difficult, in these days, the Purple Yuan Sect land will send a replacement person own influence to come, takes over control of the Eternal Heaven Star quite lively place, when the time comes can coming many peak God Emperor.” Wu Zhi said. This book first round from 17 K novel network, first looks at the legal copy content!