World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2294

Purple Yuan Sect comes, Shen Xiang did not think that this is disadvantageous to him, he instead thought that this is very good.

All right, in any event, we must face all formidable day stars in any case finally the influence! Even if Purple Yuan Sect does not come, we cannot act rashly before the absolute strength, will otherwise be joined up to destroy completely by Big Shot of other day of stars very much easily.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: We continue to develop in secret, so long as us can have several peak God Emperor, when the time comes we can do some to resist their matters.” Wu Zhi nodded. Was right, if concentrates the disciples of seven skeletons, told me, I ate a fruit to them, can make them concentrate immediately the eighth skeleton.” Shen Xiang said. Dean, I now am seven skeletons!” The Wu Zhi running together of two syllables in rapid speech asked: Has that mysterious fruit really? Eats up can the congealing skeleton?” The Shen Xiang nod said: Only can eat the eighth skeleton, first time eats, so long as eats one, surely can concentrate the skeleton, except for the ninth skeleton!” He puts out skeleton Divine Fruit to give Wu Zhi: First eats up, waits for Elder Wu your eighth skeleton Divine Soul to find considers the ninth skeleton again!” Um!” Wu Zhi some cannot believe that eats up to be able the congealing skeleton, for these years, when his congealing skeleton needs each time very for a long time, and is very painful. Dean, did the skeleton of your forehead find Divine Soul?” Wu Zhi asked. Did not have, I go to Earth Dragon Star make this thing!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: My something want to ask Elder Wu.” Asked! I know that definitely will tell you.” Wu Zhi receives skeleton Divine Fruit, has put out transparent crystal ball, he guessed the matter that Shen Xiang must ask probably needs him and many clone establishes the relation.

I heard that Star Law God Territory had Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, this four divine beast, right!” Shen Xiang asked: Does not know that currently also has?” In the past in Star Law God Territory these four divine beast, does not exist now, when a global development stable, they will also die, his life is also limited, is not Long Life undying.” Wu Zhi said: Our Undead God Clan has very exhaustive record to four divine beast, where wrapped them dead.” I need these materials!” Shen Xiang said: They, if died, should have any thing to leave behind!” Has is the affirmation, initially for serveral days star Big Shot held our clansmen, where also pressed for an answer their four divine beast dead with the torture, as for having to reveal, I was not clear.” Wu Zhi has sighed deeply, then looks to Shen Xiang, earnest asking: Dean, why can you tell me you to look for these four divine beast tomb?” I need their Divine Soul, integrates in my skeleton.” Shen Xiang replied truthfully that these skeletons prepare for his forehead another skeleton. Good, but four divine beast tomb are not good, this our clansmen do not know! We only know that four divine beast tomb are one crowd of very strange fellow constructions.” Wu Zhi fingertip in the Shen Xiang's forehead, tells Shen Xiang the position that and four divine beast tomb are. Very strange fellow? Is humanity?” Shen Xiang curious asking. Does not know that they are humanity, we know that crowd of fellow very savage, moreover there is an appearance of humanity, but their behaviors actually likely are not the person.” Wu Zhi said: For example, they hunt and kill different divine beast time, will rip open to eat uncooked directly! If catches the person also to be accepted uncritically, moreover their strengths are very strong, they use is not Divine Power.” Isn't Divine Power?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: Is physical strength is inadequate?” „It is not physical strength, in brief they do not have the head, their fleshly body will move heedlessly also to erupt very strong strength strength, in brief that will be very strange strength, I will not be quite clear, this will be in the clan the elders tells us.” Wu Zhi said.

Shen Xiang had known that now four divine beast tomb, his forehead two skeletons, must integrate to live to kill Divine Soul, but another, he decides to integrate five beast Divine Soul, four are four divine beast. Initially in Yin and Yang Diagram in his dantian, five beast image, what middle is an elephant, now still so, he does not know where went to seek for Divine Soul of that elephant, therefore can only find four divine beast first. If among were Qilin beast that were likely easy to do, why not?” Shen Xiang also feels very puzzled. Wu Zhi returned to the secret room to eat skeleton Divine Fruit, Shen Xiang looks for Feng Wu to chat a next day, returned to the secret room to refine skeleton Divine Pill. One month, Shen Xiang has refined many skeleton Divine Pill, top rank has, Highest quality slightly few, he giving Dai Donggong, then and several elders will greet, left Eternal Heaven Star. ...... Shen Xiang leaves Eternal Heaven Star, must seek for four divine beast tomb. Where?” Yue'er asked: I am quite familiar with Star Law God Territory, moreover I can induce the stars.” In very far away death star, Undead God Clan also knows a general idea.” Shen Xiang said: Had looks!” Ah? Yue'er calls out in alarm said: In dead star? The Star Law God Territory death star were most, cannot look!”

Has a general range! Right Yue'er, if the dead star, you can establish the relation with the dead star?” Shen Xiang asked. Cannot, the dead star be dies, no matter huge, so long as is dying does not have the star spirit in the interior, I am unable to induce obtain.” Yue'er said: If general scopes, is not very difficult.” Shen Xiang transmits through Eternal Heaven Star to Earth-rank Stars, then arrives at the profound level stars through this Earth-rank Stars, only then these stars have Teleportation Formation, then he must cross in the endless starry sky. „Shouldn't this divine beast stars, be lose heart are right? Even if their corpses, can make the dead star produce the star to work.” Yue'er asked: Shen Xiang, what divine beast tomb do you want to go to now?” Azure Dragon!” Shen Xiang used space wind, quick is far away from that profound level stars, entered in the dark starry sky. This star territory I have come, initially I still came across the quite strange matter here.” Yue'er suddenly startled shouted: You must be careful.” What strange matter?” Shen Xiang was worried that strange fellow who Wu Zhi said that he also is very curious, can help four divine beast construct tomb, but itself actually very much savage, one listens to know that they were instilled into some mission. Here has Starry Sky Blood Devil, braves the bloodthirsty like suddenly the thing, this cannot see! I had initially met much, moreover was pursued very far long journey, this fellow can also the shuttle space capture you, how afterward did not know, that fellow died on suddenly, that is very difficult to kill.” Yue'er said: This issue has puzzled my many years!”