World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2295

Shen Xiang hears Yue'er to mention any Starry Sky Blood Devil, he stops immediately, he knows that has danger(ous) in this star territory likely, but he thought that even if has danger(ous), oneself can also perceive ahead of time, but this anything Starry Sky Blood Devil sounds to be fierce, without a trace. Starry Sky Blood Devil?” Shen Xiang asked. Ambush in one special Spirit Body of dark starry sky, their initial stage shapes does not have fleshly body, but cannot see Spirit Body that cannot feel, walks randomly in the starry sky, specially attachment humanity and beasts the body of quietly, quietly hemophagia, hemophagia time you are unable to discover them, waits for you to realize, your blood has been short instantaneously.” Yue'er recalls this matter, the sound has one to shiver: I was attracted many blood in the past, almost by suck dry.” This fearful? How didn't you say earlier?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, in heart is also the infant, must know that the Yue'er sensation strength is strong, words that she cannot discover, other people are also very difficult to discover. Has not arrived at that region! Here is very safe, but went, I cannot induce to Starry Sky Blood Devil exist, you used Dao Heart Eye actually, can perhaps see directly.” Yue'er said: I in the past and stars communication, knew the region that Starry Sky Blood Devil most likes hiding is the darkest place.” Shen Xiang in vast starry sky, between stars and stars is separated by at this time majority is very far, only then few stars will shine, most stars are the dead stars, itself does not have the ray, if far away has the ray stars, these regions will be dark. Shen Xiang can see from star light in all directions now, although is somewhat gloomy, but will not let a region darkness that he is. This is Starry Sky Blood Devil born? They by the Spirit Body condition, can hemophagia unexpectedly!” Shen Xiang is also quite curious to Starry Sky Blood Devil at this time. I do not know that I have asked our Stars and Moon God Clan old man, they did not understand very much that only knows Starry Sky Blood Devil a little fears light, hemophagia practice to certain time, will congeal fleshly body! Moreover these Starry Sky Blood Devil lives are also very long, is almost Eternal Life undying, is only their existences is extremely secret, sometimes you go to the dark place, is very difficult to seek.” Yue'er said: Only then bad luck proficient time, will meet in the starry sky.”

Knows after they concentrate fleshly body, will turn into the type?” Shen Xiang is very curious, says with a smile: „To stress 1-2 to study.” This thing very awfully, do not bump, so as to avoid will be attracted turn into a human to do.” Yue'er said: Our clan old man does not know that they concentrate the fleshly body appearance, but these old men said that research of Undead God Clan to these things is quite deep, Undead God Clan exists very much long time ago, must be born early compared with other three God Clan.” Shen Xiang continues to walk forward, he does not know that can find this Star Law God Territory Azure Dragon tomb, even if had found, may not have formidable beast soul that they leave behind, but he has a look, so long as thinks to have the possibility, he will not give up. He uses space wind to hurry along, the speed is quick, soon after entered a dark region. Some are not right!” Shen Xiang said that teleport the 1st Stage distance, after having returned hastily backward, saw immediately luminously. Yue'er also understood at this time, that region that Shen Xiang entered a moment ago has some mysterious strength to prevent the ray, does not let enter that region! Death star that Azure Dragon tomb is, in front, but front has huge barrier probably, covers a star territory, making inside very dark!” Shen Xiang said that afterward his teleport in the past, entered the dark star territory forward. Is intentionally the tomb choice in this place? Will this be safer?” Yue'er said: I in the past time was too hurried, unexpectedly had not discovered that here actually has huge barrier.”

Yue'er, why can you come to this place in the past?” Shen Xiang has not continued to use space wind now, but is flying in the dark starry sky, simultaneously opens Dao Heart Eye, is observing all around, Dao Heart Eye said sees is also a darkness, means that here is really a deathly stillness, an energy does not have. I in the past was Law Enforcer, made an arrest everywhere, I pursued a fellow to pursue here, then on met that Starry Sky Blood Devil bewilderedly.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang, puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths for safety, oneself sit on the mirror surface, controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths to release a guard shield again, this is lax does not need to be worried to be sneak attacked, his defense to the Divine Mirror of Six Paths is very confident. Shen Xiang pays attention to float every large or small the death star at this time in this, these stars is a deathly stillness, above does not have the life, dark. „Can this look? If tomb buries on these dead star, this is unable to see!” Yue'er said. In Undead God Clan ancient Legend, tomb is a very strange fellow construction, you should listen to Elder Wu to say!” Shen Xiang said: On that stars, so long as found this type of thing, that is the stars that Azure Dragon tomb is.” „Is this real?” Yue'er some do not believe: „Does this place survive? That strange fellow who Elder Wu he said sounds to be very formidable, in this type of dead star cluster, does not have enough energy support, they are unable to be formidable!” Shen Xiang shook the head, he is not clear, but currently he only had these clues, he can only seek according to such clue, otherwise he does not know how must look.

Just took to open Dao Heart Eye in Shen Xiang, has a look at the front these dead stars time, actually suddenly sees in some red dot float starry skies, probably is moving fast toward him. He thinks himself to misread, immediately receives Dao Heart Eye, front is a darkness, when he uses Dao Heart Eye once more, saw that dot, dense and numerous. I saw!” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm. „Did Ah? such quickly find Azure Dragon tomb?” Yue'er pleasantly surprised asking. „It is not, I saw Starry Sky Blood Devil, I used Dao Heart Eye to see! The quantity, traveling speed is quick, they are away from me is very far, but now is getting more and more near.” Shen Xiang also somewhat worried at this time that he worried these Starry Sky Blood Devil will destroy the defense of Divine Mirror of Six Paths. Met really! Your luck is good, you can see fortunately, if cannot see, but also runs toward that place, now definitely changed turn into a human does.” Yue'er said: What appearance can see them to be long?” Cannot see! They came, I can only see the human form red shade, these things truly are Spirit Body, but their within the body has a very special energy, can make them have special strength.” Shen Xiang said.