World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2296

During Shen Xiang and Yue'er talked, that big wave Starry Sky Blood Devil arrived at side him, surrounded his heavily, crazy dashed Divine Mirror of Six Paths to release the defense guard shield that. „A defense guard shield pressure that Hehe, Divine Mirror of Six Paths releases does not have, this type of thing also has the special hemophagia skill evidently, other places are not fierce!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace with a smile, then uses space strength, World Creation God Furnace teleport to guard shield outside. Really are much more, are they born? At this time surrounds my several millions! Yue'er, previous time you were almost attracted the dried blood, possibly is not one is pursuing you, but is tens of thousands, but you cannot see.” Shen Xiang said. Yue'er hears, in the heart is scared, around Shen Xiang has over a million this type of things, she thought that previous definitely have these many. My previous time also hit the Blood Devil nest to depart? My blood are luckily many, otherwise early died.” In the Yue'er heart the fear, sighed. Shen Xiang controls World Creation God Furnace to have the suction, attracts completely Starry Sky Blood Devil. „Are you doing?” Yue'er is startled to ask, but she now anything sees, can only see pitch-dark one piece, she may not have Dao Heart Eye. Shen Xiang has Dao Heart Eye, he can see these Starry Sky Blood Devil at this time probably is the blood-colored smog, emerges in World Creation God Furnace unceasingly. I must receive in World Creation God Furnace these things, then carefully studies!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Has a look at this type of thing to have any use, wants to have a look at them is any strange strength breeds.” Perhaps you want to take a look to be able refined into pill!” Yue'er happily said with a smile: You see any strange thing, wants to build up.” First had a look to say again that also is very instead bored on the road.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he really had that idea.

Quick, these surrounded his Starry Sky Blood Devil to be received in World Creation God Furnace by him, he just received, saw the front the beginning point red light. unexpectedly also has!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said, but this time is his rush over, moreover controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths to release the intense white light. After Divine Mirror of Six Paths flies rush over, releases very intense white light, after Starry Sky Blood Devil sees, in abundance is running away, several hundred thousand Starry Sky Blood Devil scatter in all directions looks like, the scene is also very magnificent, but also only then Shen Xiang can see. These Starry Sky Blood Devil fear the white light very much.” Shen Xiang said that this is a discovery: However their shapes is a person's shadow, it seems like after they concentrate fleshly body, definitely is the human form.” He receives the white light, these disperse immediately to fly to all around Starry Sky Blood Devil, can see these Starry Sky Blood Devil not anything intelligence, but recognized the goal, flying that then went all out in the past. Before such, Shen Xiang makes World Creation God Furnace, then releases a suction, inhales draw in these Starry Sky Blood Devil completely. Didn't have?” Yue'er asked. Temporarily did not have!” Shen Xiang has patted World Creation God Furnace: Inside is filled up, hoping this type of thing to be able a little use.” Shen Xiang carefully observes the World Creation God Furnace interior with Divine Sense, anything has not seen, he has to use Dao Heart Eye! After using Dao Heart Eye, he suddenly one startled, in World Creation God Furnace probably is filled with the thick blood, these many Starry Sky Blood Devil push together also to push unexpectedly, moreover turned into the blood, but these blood are the Spirit Body conditions.

What thing is this?” The Shen Xiang mutation uses Dao Heart Eye, at the same time releases the produce fire flame to come, to burn to build up inside these Starry Sky Blood Devil. Just burning down, World Creation God Furnace slightly swayed, Shen Xiang surprisedly said: unexpectedly will have such powerful energy! These Starry Sky Blood Devil definitely are very unusual and formidable strength breeds.” Shen Xiang like alchemy, burns to build up these Starry Sky Blood Devil at this time, before long completely by his refined into enriching thick red liquid, still only then can see with Dao Heart Eye! Feeds, should you not want it refined into pill, then to eat?” Yue'er suddenly thought creepy feeling, Starry Sky Blood Devil this type of thing sounds to be fearful, unexpectedly must eat it refined into pill, this matter never had the person to be done. Fears anything, after my refined into pill, will not have problems! As great Dan God, tries pill to personally.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile, he was confident to Heaven Refining Technique, he thought that after Heaven Refining Technique refined, that Starry Sky Blood Devil turned into the pure energy. From the beginning is very smooth, completely refines all Starry Sky Blood Devil together, turns into the energy shape completely, when he planned that these energies fuse completely, thinks very difficult, is unable to fuse, because he felt that is very weak, he exhausts all strength, cannot succeed! The fusion yes, is only his strength is insufficient! He is the first time comes across this matter, even if before him, cultivation base very low time, he refines crystal Divine Pill also to go to concentrate finally pill's stage. But now, fusion from the beginning is unable to arrive! Was Starry Sky Blood Devil is excessive?” Shen Xiang has been sweating profusely, he fused a moment ago fully time, can induce to that strength that he must compress clearly is fearful. It seems like can only like this!” Shen Xiang made Divine Mirror of Six Paths increase, has then placed among Divine Mirror of Six Paths World Creation God Furnace.

„Do you want to rely on Divine Mirror of Six Paths strength?” Yue'er looked that can guess correctly. Good, in Divine Mirror of Six Paths many formation are natural formation, can produce very formidable strength, these strength under my control, can extrude together World Creation God Furnace internal Starry Sky Blood Devil strength.” After Shen Xiang World Creation God Furnace places the Divine Mirror of Six Paths middle, then starts to control in Divine Mirror of Six Paths several large formation to combine together. Divine Mirror of Six Paths oneself can produce massive Six Paths Power as maintaining only uses, therefore temporarily do not arrive at Shen Xiang strength. Divine Mirror of Six Paths under the Shen Xiang's control, stimulates very strong strength, this strength under the Shen Xiang's control, enters World Creation God Furnace! Shen Xiang and Divine Mirror of Six Paths are perfect fuse, strength that therefore Divine Mirror of Six Paths produces is also equal to Shen Xiang's strength, enters World Creation God Furnace time, World Creation God Furnace has not repelled. Has Divine Mirror of Six Paths this strength to enter World Creation God Furnace, inside that rolls the blood of invisible gradually changes is small, compresses along with Shen Xiang unceasingly inward, is the liquid, becomes thickly is gradually thick, turns into the wet putty group to be the same. At this time that group of things are very big, moreover some are unstable, is shivering slightly, when the compression energy, has this situation is very normal. Turned into the solid, will congeal evidently finally crystal Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang is excited, he has not thought that Starry Sky Blood Devil unexpectedly is this treasure, can refine crystal Divine Pill, but this is quantity very many Starry Sky Blood Devil.