World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2297
Shen Xiang using the help of Divine Mirror of Six Paths, achieves the matter that oneself present strength cannot achieve! Refines these many Starry Sky Blood Devil, and has special strength, causing him to refine is also very strenuous. „Do you want to eat really?” Yue'er asked: Can have an accident?” Refined to say again, if when the time comes does not have the issue, I did not fear actually.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: In any case refinement time, other impurities were removed by me.” The process of compression is very long, Divine Mirror of Six Paths consumed almost own strength, Shen Xiang has to pour into Divine Power to enter Divine Mirror of Six Paths, was good has vast Six Paths Power in his Divine sea, enough Divine Mirror of Six Paths maintained very long a period of time. Three days passed by, in Shen Xiang's World Creation God Furnace is burning the raging flame, burns down that grain to turn into the blood-colored crystal crystal Divine Pill. Shen Xiang is realizing inside all cancels completely, such one, even if there is mistake, his consciousness will not receive anything to affect. Refines expects to be the same with Shen Xiang, is really crystal Divine Pill, now he also decided that must eat. At this time is very safe in Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but Shen Xiang to be safer, but also flies on a nearby dead star especially, causes a very deep hole, to underground deep place. Yue'er, if I have any mistake, when the time comes needed you to save.” Shen Xiang puts out grain of garnet crystal Divine Pill from World Creation God Furnace, Yue'er also comes out from Hidden Jade Ring at this time. In your hand has a grain of pill really?” Yue'er asked: How can't I see?” This strength cannot see, even if refined into pill is also same, only then can see with Dao Heart Eye, but can actually be able to feel!” Shen Xiang presses firmly between the fingers that grain of Blood Devil crystal Divine Pill to rub gently on the small claw of Yue'er. Good mysterious energy!” Yue'er surprisedly said: This grain of pill resembles stealth is the same.”

Um, I started to eat!” Shen Xiang nodded, then puts in here pill the mouth, swallows in the belly. Yue'er and Shen Xiang maintain the distances, at this time her in the heart also thump thump jumps, is very anxious, she is worried about Shen Xiang to have an accident, when the time comes she could not make anything to save. Had the response?” Yue'er low voice asking. No!” Shen Xiang frowned: „The efficacy started to melt...... Probably a little responded, is very cold!” Then, Shen Xiang induces to a chill in the air floods into his body various places, making his whole body violent trembles to twitch. Hello!” Yue'er is startled to shout that hastily runs, the Shen Xiang present appearance probably is eats the wrong poisonous mushroom to go crazy such, lies down is twitching in the ground, two turn white. After Yue'er runs, felt that Shen Xiang heat wells up, this makes her feel that is very strange, Shen Xiang also shouted a moment ago is very cold, but the body so is hot. Cold, was cold!” Shen Xiang suddenly sat, is holding the knee, shrinks insect such, the whole body is trembling. But your body is very hot!” Yue'er was ignorant, Shen Xiang was shouting is very cold, heat that but he at this time spout, makes people think that his within the body is burning. But...... I...... Thinks...... Thinks very cold!” Shen Xiang is trembling the [say / way]. Transports the merit, builds up that grain of pill's strength!” Yue'er hastily shouted: You must remember one eats up a grain of strange pill.” Shen Xiang is also suddenly thinks, a moment ago he understood distracted, hearing Yue'er to remind, then revolution Heaven Refining Technique, builds up that in strange strength that his within the body scurries about.

Soon , the Shen Xiang's situation has stabilized, Yue'er also relaxed, was a moment ago anxious she. Yue'er squats to sit nearby Shen Xiang, is swinging that small tail, carefully looks at Shen Xiang, once Shen Xiang has anything to respond that she must worry. Quite a while passed, in the Yue'er heart is startled suddenly, because Shen Xiang's body suddenly turns translucent, she has thought herself to misread, then she has narrowed the eye, rubbed the eyes again, discovers Shen Xiang's body month of transparent. Yue'er is startled unable to speak, she sees Shen Xiang to turn into the smog, but that is uses Divine Ability to turn, but now Shen Xiang actually when builds up Divine Pill, the body vanishes gradually! Soon, Shen Xiang only left behind light phantom here, he still sat cross-legged, built up to melt earnestly. Changed transparent, was the same with Starry Sky Blood Devil!” Yue'er could not see Shen Xiang finally, she ran to grasp Shen Xiang with the claw, can catch the clothes, but could not see. „The aura does not exist, if he cannot change, that......” Yue'er does not dare to imagine itself to live, in others cannot see in her world, that will make her fall insanely. Who said that cannot change!” Shen Xiang suddenly said with a smile, has frightened Yue'er. Heard the Shen Xiang's sound, Yue'er to look at the past immediately, only saw a Shen Xiang's eye float, this she frightened meow crying. Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang laughs, then all comes out own body, he revealed his two eyes a moment ago. Was all right?” Yue'er felt relieved, simultaneously in heart has criticized several, scared to death her a moment ago. „A matter does not have, has saying that this strength is really mysterious!” Shen Xiang praised: This is anti- strength, is very unusual!”

Said?” Yue'er asked. I use this strength time, occurred on me, sees with you are opposite.” Shen Xiang said: Is very strange, for example I thought a moment ago very cold, but you actually discovered that my body is very hot! I have used this strength, the heat regarding me is cold, cold is hot! This is because I had not controlled a moment ago, will therefore turn into such.” Now I can control, changed normal, otherwise after I do not dare to imagine me, how really must live in a normal world.” Yue'er said: Said that you can unable to see you?” Shen Xiang nodded: Actually I am exist, because just opposite, therefore does not exist in me in your lines of sight, is similar to these Starry Sky Blood Devil is the same! This has big use for me, can go into hiding including the aura.” Shen Xiang puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, after he has used that anti- strength, Yue'er sees Nine Firmaments Divine Sword suddenly to disappear, but she knows also on Shen Xiang's. Enough cloudy!” Yue'er said with a smile lowly. Very strange strength!” Shen Xiang laughed: This can make me more convenient, when I go back, must give a try, peak God Emperor can discover me.” Walks , to continue to look for Azure Dragon tomb!” Shen Xiang did not use Divine Mirror of Six Paths at this time, he directly became by himself transparent, was flying in the starry sky. Yue'er, I thought that constructs the tomb that strange and formidable fellow, is these Starry Sky Blood Devil concentrates fleshly body to turn into.” Shen Xiang said: Therefore Azure Dragon tomb definitely nearby this!”