World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2298

Shen Xiang hear of Wu Zhi had said constructs tomb that life, the body has strange strange strength, that strength Wu Zhi their Undead God Clan could not say is anything comes, therefore Shen Xiang thinks that life was the Starry Sky Blood Devil evolution. The Shen Xiang of shuttle in starry sky becomes oneself the whole body is transparent at this time, this is to prevent to be discovered by wave of Starry Sky Blood Devil, in this vast starry sky, Starry Sky Blood Devil quantity, what his former catch arrived was only extremely few part. Front also had Starry Sky Blood Devil, but they cannot discover me, perhaps I can with these fellows, where having a look at them to go, if they evolved finally that life, then I can perhaps find Azure Dragon tomb was.” Shen Xiang said: Because Azure Dragon tomb is being guarded by that type of thing now.” In the front has a very long red band of light, but also only then Shen Xiang uses Dao Heart Eye to see, that is comprised of Starry Sky Blood Devil, does not know that they why such orderly neat will be arranging. Really many, how do they come?” Shen Xiang is having the doubts, flew, follows in this crowd of Starry Sky Blood Devil behind. Starry Sky Blood Devil has not discovered him, float in dark starry sky, their traveling speed are not quick, likely in deep sleep, simultaneously by a strength slow hauling front. Shen Xiang grasped these Starry Sky Blood Devil special strength at this time, can utilize, therefore he does not need to grasp alchemy again. Should walk in that direction?” Shen Xiang looked at the Starry Sky Blood Devil team of this row of adolescence dragon, the two sides cannot see the end. He intertwines now is because these Starry Sky Blood Devil have the possibility to be summoned very much, because was killed by him a moment ago, made these Starry Sky Blood Devil things possibly to discover! Therefore perhaps with the direction of Starry Sky Blood Devil advance, can find to make the Starry Sky Blood Devil place.

Meanwhile he also guessed that Starry Sky Blood Devil continually was being made, the direction of Starry Sky Blood Devil advance, perhaps is assigns them the region, but said following Starry Sky Blood Devil reverse direction that may is the source. „The reverse direction that goes to them to go forward!” In the Shen Xiang heart smiles, he cultivates this strange anti- strength, the decision also a little opposite feeling of now making. Under Dao Heart Eye, these Starry Sky Blood Devil is a blood red person's shadow, at this time red shades line up neatly, their quantities are many, therefore is very long in the rock row of starry sky, Shen Xiang flew following this team continuously for several days, suddenly saw front to have a very huge death star. I have really guessed right, source on this dead star!” Shen Xiang is looking at distant place that group of shadows, in the dark death star region, is only fuzzy one group of black Qi, but Shen Xiang has Dao Heart Eye, can see clearly the outline. Good huge death star, I make Law Enforcer that many years, has not seen such greatly huge death star! This dead star in biggest compared with day star also want big several times.” Yue'er exclaims: Moreover hides very covertly, Outer Sect is black Qi covers intentionally, on this definitely has any thing.” Shen Xiang nodded, if not approach, is very difficult to discover in the distant place that Shen Xiang with Dao Heart Eye can clear seeing, the Starry Sky Blood Devil long team connects this huge death star. Star law Azure Dragon tomb might very much on this!” Shen Xiang thought that even if determines Azure Dragon tomb above, but must find the thing that he needs not to be easy, creates this Starry Sky Blood Devil thing, is definitely fearful. Shen Xiang teleport, arrives at giant dead star that to roll being assigned away from the capital of black Qi, so long as he across this group of black Qi, can see clearly the giant dead star the true feature!

Is barrier!” After Shen Xiang approaches, very affirmative saying: Evidently is very strong protection barrier, this need very many energies can maintain the revolution, this barrier revolved many years, was the energy of which coming? Must maintain this formidable barrier, only then Heaven-rank Stars earth core can provide.” In is Heaven-rank Stars?” Shen Xiang thinks, only then this, can make this barrier revolve for many years. He used the hand to touch barrier, unexpectedly has traced to very firm thing likely, is unable to penetrate the past, before this barrier him, has not met, before he has met barrier, felt one at most, causing him unable to forward, but at present this barrier, can actually turn into the iron wall to be so firm the energy. Good fearful barrier, if the storm, that breaks through very much.” Shen Xiang uses space power to carry on teleport, wants to break through through the space, but he was actually defeated. My space strength unexpectedly is unable to break through!” Shen Xiang is one startled, afterward he looked at not far away that to brave the red light place, that was the place that Starry Sky Blood Devil braved unceasingly. He flies immediately, discovered there, only then a hole of pinhole size, but Starry Sky Blood Devil pushes from the hole of this pinhole size. It seems like can only go from this place.” Shen Xiang uses anti- strength first by own stealth, then uses Divine Ability to turn into wisp of smog by own body, then penetrates through cave entrance of that pinhole size. After going, he by a light cyan ray shocking, him has not thought of that by giant dead star that one group of death Qi wrap, unexpectedly is cyan beautiful stars.

This makes him feel that does not enter in barrier, but entered another world, he can see this giant stars from the upper air clearly by the big piece blue sea already green forest coverage, seems like very beautiful stars. Has not thought really here unexpectedly has fairyland.” Yue'er is also very surprised, she once was Star Law God Territory Law Enforcer, unexpectedly does not know that this place was hiding so huge day star. The day star is more giant, means that the day star the resources are rich, in Star Law God Territory that several Great Heaven Star, not having one to be able compared with this big. Has a look!” Shen Xiang looks at the long line that Starry Sky Blood Devil platoon has become, leads to under this Great Heaven Star. Shen Xiang can see that unceasingly spout the Starry Sky Blood Devil place from the upper air, is braving weak red light! Naturally, only then uses Dao Heart Eye to see. Quick, Shen Xiang lands on ground, he still uses anti- strength to get up by his stealth, after all goes to a very mysterious place, here danger(ous) definitely has, but he had not discovered at present. Air is very good, abundance of sunshine, the temperature also just right, is really a good place! What thing is here hiding? Can continually make that fearful Starry Sky Blood Devil to come.” Shen Xiang looks to connect that red line of upper air, continuous Starry Sky Blood Devil was being made, escorts to that to fill the dark death star region.