World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2299

Investigation investigation said again, here definitely has other people in brief , will otherwise not have that formidable barrier to exist.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang nodded, then flies in mouth, flies in a direction, simultaneously pays attention under carefully, soon, he sees different divine beast! This different divine beast has seven gigantic tiger head, the body is also very huge, is similar to a small hill, at this time an erect quick pursuit great bear. Is Sacred Level different divine beast!” Shen Xiang said: It seems like this Heaven-rank Stars did not have for serveral days star that many people, here definitely had the large amounts of resources not to be discovered that but was too huge, I could not find anything.” Shen Xiang uses anti- strength, by own body stealth, below that seven tiger strange beast had not been discovered him, he with seven tigers, has wanted to have a look at these seven tigers to be able finally catch to that great bear. The strength of great bear is weak . Moreover the body also has the wound, knows one hit seven tigers , can only escape dashes about wildly. After the Shen Xiang less than half double-hour, his suddenly hears dragon roar, afterward does not know where leaps up red Fire Dragon to come, a claw according to the head of great bear, then simply pinches to explode! Fire Dragon suddenly appears, Shen Xiang had not discovered that let alone is that seven tigers! However the responses of seven tigers are quick, in instance that Fire Dragon presents, flees, however the response of Fire Dragon let alone, braves the flame crazily dragon tail fierce flings, sweeps away, sweeps seven tigers flies, hits on not far away rocky mountain. Snort, all day does this matter on allows me to come!” Fire Dragon turned into a red clothed stature fiery red clothed female, her face is not feeling well received the corpse of great bear storage ring, then flies also to receive seven tigers. Knows that bullies the female! That group of fellows think a little strength, disdains in handles this matter, always loses to me, real his mother is not the thing.” This fire Female Dragon puts out a bulk meat, is on fire to bake same place, the mouth was cursing unceasingly. Here unexpectedly will have Fire Dragon of this strength, the relaxedness has killed two fierce Sacred Level different divine beast seconds, this strength was also very strong.

Is Dragon God Clan?” Shen Xiang inquired Yue'er. Definitely is Dragon God Clan, but don't they hide in Earth Dragon Star? Why does here have?” Yue'er also thinks to feel strange: „Do you deal with the woman not to have one set very much? Gets down to gang up with her on, didn't know?” Shen Xiang also can only ask this female to ask now that he receives anti- strength, was revealed by oneself, then lands on the ground. He falls to the ground is very peaceful, but this fire Female Dragon is keen, immediately realized, set out to look at him suddenly. Who are you?” The fire Female Dragon delicate eyebrows raise up, cold voice asked that the double fist full was the flame. I am...... Just arrived at this stars.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Beginning me this place, is not ripe, therefore wants to ask the miss you.” have lied, Outer Sect has formidable barrier, the turnover is very difficult, can you come in easily? Said quickly that who you are? You are not our Dragon Clan!” The fire Female Dragon whole face is vigilant, body murderous aura four dew. You think that who I can be?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile, he displayed actually very amiably. Here, only then our Dragon Clan and Evil Spirit Clan, you are not our Dragon Clan, that is Evil Spirit Clan!” Fire Female Dragon coldly said: You approach again, I kill you immediately, hurries get lost, I do not want to kill your this thing in this pure lands! I worried that your blood here will make is infertile.” Do not be excited! I said I from outside, I am humanity.” Shen Xiang said: „Haven't you seen the person class?”

I, although has not seen, but I know that humanity will not have the Evil Spirit Clan aura, but on you have!” Fire Female Dragon was getting more and more excited, exclaimed to Shen Xiang: Hurries get lost, otherwise I wanted fight!” In the Shen Xiang heart is very depressed, he fused that anti- strength before, therefore currently also has that type „the Evil Spirit Clan aura, he must explain that was very also difficult. In your Evil Spirit Clan, there is a camouflage very fierce fellow, our Dragon Pearl ate several times to owe, do not want to deceive me again.” Fire Female Dragon also said: Walks quickly, leaves our domains quickly.” Shen Xiang knows now that this Heaven-rank Stars has been divided as two regions, one is that Evil Spirit Clan region, one is Dragon Clan. How can you be able to believe my humanity?” Shen Xiang affirmed at this time, Azure Dragon tomb here, will otherwise not have Dragon Clan to be stationed here. „Do I know? You, how you must prove are actually one humanity?” Fire Female Dragon retreat, Shen Xiang is seeing in her hand suddenly to present a bead gradually. Hello, wait / etc., do not give your clansman sound transmission, I do not want to discover the conflict with you.” Shen Xiang suddenly shouted: Was right, here does Evil Spirit Clan understand alchemy?” Divine Pill?” Fire Female Dragon asked: They not, here only then our Dragon Clan supreme Dragon Emperor understands alchemy, if you understood that refines Divine Pill...... or you have Divine Pill, that can show that you humanity that came from outside.” Good! You said that what Divine Pill your Dragon Clan has, I have a look here to have.” Shen Xiang said. Dragon does Elemental Spirit Dan, have? Skeleton Divine Pill?” Fire Female Dragon asked: This is our Dragon Clan most precious Divine Pill.”

Skeleton Divine Pill I have, dragon Elemental Spirit Dan does not have actually.” Shen Xiang pulled out grain of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill to throw immediately: You have a look, is this skeleton Divine Pill that you are familiar with?” Fire Female Dragon sees Shen Xiang to run over, catches hastily, said: I know that is skeleton Divine Pill? I have not eaten, I have eaten dragon Elemental Spirit Dan!” „Should you not be will be deceiving my skeleton Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang is somewhat speechless. Who wants your broken thing, with!” Fire Female Dragon is angry immediately, vigorous losing in the past, then flushed, she no longer with the Shen Xiang idle talk. Shen Xiang catches skeleton Divine Pill time, immediately teleport avoids the Fire Dragon fist that this fire Female Dragon hits. You, although has 90 five Godhead, but you do not have a skeleton, I must cut you to be relaxed!” The skeleton of Shen Xiang use both eyes, sees through this fire Female Dragon strength. You...... Dies I also to with you spell!” Worthily is Fire Dragon, is similar to the flame same explodes, firing into Shen Xiang not awfully. Heavenly Dragon Seal, Suppressing Dragon!” Shen Xiang fast knot hand imprint, several Azure Dragon suddenly fly from the Shen Xiang's body, turns into one circular Azure Dragon mark law, covers that whole face shocking fire Female Dragon. Heavenly Dragon Seal, can you? Moreover is lost Heavenly Dragon Seal that very long White Dragon Clan understands.” Fire Female Dragon by the anchorage, the whole body could not be moved.