World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2300

Shen Xiang grinning walks, traces fire Female Dragon that creamy handsome face, said with a smile: I said I am external humanity, you do not believe!” Dies!” Fire Female Dragon was angry, unexpectedly broke away, fought with the fists to the Shen Xiang's face. Bang! The fist of this fire Female Dragon is bringing the flame of angry dragon, pounds when the Shen Xiang's face, blows out very strong flame, flies the Shen Xiang bang. Although Shen Xiang was hit to fly, but is only the face is also quite painful, he has 16 skeletons at this time, fleshly body is powerful, but this fire Female Dragon skeleton does not have, could not injure him. You touch my face, this is gives back your.” Fire Female Dragon coldly snorted. Good, then we have now averaged, can speak well?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, lets in the fire Female Dragon heart the startled anger, her fist has not hit Shen Xiang to spit blood unexpectedly, she suspected that at present this is real humanity, in her cognition, fleshly body of humanity was similar to the mud is equally frail. She was also a moment ago worried one killed Shen Xiang, did not have to think one that angry fought with the fists, Shen Xiang can also smile unexpectedly. „Do you come in? Our Dragon Emperor have said that turnover is very difficult.” Fire Female Dragon this time manner was also better, she can determine that Shen Xiang is not that Evil Spirit Clan, otherwise she possibly already died, she can feel itself clearly and Shen Xiang's disparity. „Isn't there the exit / to speak of Starry Sky Blood Devil? I use Transformation Technique to turn into wisp of smog, has infiltrated then, difficultly what has?” Shen Xiang refers to the direction that Starry Sky Blood Devil gushed out unceasingly. „Can you see these thing?” In fire Female Dragon heart many questions, afterward also asked: Transformation Technique is also our Dragon God Clan not the secret of passing on, moreover only then White Dragon understands, White Dragon [lineage/vein] vanished were very long, where did you study?” „My wife is White Dragon, you said where I do study? Is she teaches me.” Shen Xiang laughed: Before she always with my, me now also very much thinks her, the first time period in her the Black Dragon flower was poisonous, I used the big effort to refine Spell Bound Pill to help her detoxify.”

„Do you see that type of thing? I also only then can see with this thing.” Fire Female Dragon puts out together transparent crystal, gives Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang by this crystal, does not use Dao Heart Eye, really can see these Starry Sky Blood Devil. „The method that I practice can make my eye very fierce, therefore I can see on you not to have the skeleton a moment ago.” Shen Xiang said: What thing your this is crystal?” Our Dragon Emperor refines, is very precious! I kill the reward that many strange beast obtained.” Fire Female Dragon hastily receives, looks like this crystal in her eyes precious incomparable. Has not thought really White Dragon unexpectedly will marry humanity.” Fire Female Dragon coldly snorted. This does not have anything, you can also marry my, my White Dragon wife will definitely not oppose that perhaps, she also very much happily has Sister Fire Dragon.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Gave up any idea of!” Fire Female Dragon tenderly snorted and said: „, Why on you have the Evil Spirit Clan aura?” I discover many Starry Sky Blood Devil on the way, I have stressed then 100 several hundred thousand, refined into pill will eat up, then on me had that ability.” Shen Xiang is also very curious: You discovered that on me has that type of aura? How haven't I induced?” This!” Fire Female Dragon puts out a grain of red bead: This was transparent, but after you approach, turned into the red! Our Dragon Clan has eaten owing of Evil Spirit Clan, they emitted humanity to mix in our Dragon Clan before, afterward to prevent such matter, our Dragon Emperor have refined this type of thing.” Shen Xiang nodded, then closes the eye, receives completely that part anti- strength, hides in the Divine sea deep place. „It is not red!” Fire Female Dragon is somewhat surprised: Has not thought of your unexpectedly to be able such free control Evil Spirit Clan strength! Right, you have Evil Spirit Clan strength, what ability has?”

You make small Fireball to lose to me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. A fire Female Dragon fingertip ball, makes a flame group. Shen Xiang hastily catches with the hand, then emits that anti- strength, the hot group hits after his palm, turned into beach water. „The strength of reversal.” Fire Female Dragon nodded: This truly is Evil Spirit Clan strength.” At this time she looked at that grain of bead, changed red. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Fierce! Do you want this strength? I can grasp some Starry Sky Blood Devil now, then refined into pill eats up to you, perhaps you can also have.” Does not use, is known by them, I will be expelled Dragon Clan, will be regarded as the rebel.” Fire Female Dragon shakes the head hastily. You had 95 skeletons, quick have filled on the practice, had nine skeletons again, that arrived at the peak!” Shen Xiang said: Your Dragon Clan skeleton is Divine Pill very scarce? A your how grain has not eaten, you have 90 five Godhead, explained that your aptitude is good.” Mentioned this matter, fire Female Dragon coldly snorted, in the whip with hand got in the grass of tread: I female, they do not eat to me, said that will waste the skeleton, added anything our female was responsible for laying eggs that's alright.” You are Dan God, do you give you that White Dragon wife to eat skeleton Divine Pill?” Fire Female Dragon asked that it seems like she to herself in Dragon Clan inside status felt that was not feeling well very much. Naturally gives! She eats my Divine Pill like eating bean such, she eats pill become stronger that I refine.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You mix with me, skeleton Divine Pill wants many to have many.” Regarding this potential very big beautiful woman dragon, Shen Xiang likes, after flickering, gives Lu Qilian, such one, later Lu Qilian Hundred Flowers Village can have many formidable Divine Dragon.

Was right, do you name?” Shen Xiang asked. Long Peijin, you humanity?” Long Peijin in the heart almost complied with Shen Xiang to mix with him a moment ago, but she compares to have the reason, knows one fully had not known about Shen Xiang, moreover she entirely does not believe to the Shen Xiang's words. Shen Xiang!” Your does if wanted and I return to Dragon Pearl? You understand alchemy, our Dragon Emperor very much will perhaps welcome you.” Long Peijin said. This...... I went, what to do your does Dragon Clan bully me?” Saying of some Shen Xiang worries: I worried that can have the conflict with them, therefore I do not plan temporarily! I want to ask that has the matter about that Evil Spirit Clan...... Why your Dragon Clan will be stranded here.” Shen Xiang affirmed, Azure Dragon tomb here, but this stars are so giant, he must find Azure Dragon tomb not to be easy, if can directly ask that should better. Moreover he also determined that Dragon Clan definitely knows Azure Dragon tomb where, they are responsible for protecting Azure Dragon tomb here. Shen Xiang is digs the grave, he definitely cannot directly ask that Azure Dragon tomb where, that will cause the suspicion of Dragon Clan.