World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2301

Shen Xiang is the first humanity that Long Peijin sees . Moreover the strength is very formidable, be more formidable than her, some body also strange matters, she also thought that if brings back to Shen Xiang the clan, definitely will annoy many matters to come, she in old antique to clan very much understood.

Also right, you with the words that I go back, can perhaps have the conflict with these arrogant fellows!” Long Peijin sighed one: You in Outer Sect also very danger(ous), you, if runs up to that side Evil Spirit Clan, was grasped more troublesome by them, Evil Spirit Clan is very strong.” „Do you know the Evil Spirit Clan matter? Why your can Dragon Clan with Evil Spirit Clan on this stars?” Shen Xiang asked. Evil Spirit Clan is one group of food corpse ghosts, wants to eat the corpse that formidable Heavenly Dao divine beast died specially, reputation it is said that is helps to construct tomb, but their goals are devour Heavenly Dao divine beast Divine Soul and body.” Long Peijin said: That group of fellows want to eat our Dragon Clan Azure Dragon Protector.” Said that Azure Dragon does die here?” Shen Xiang had already determined, but he does not know place that now Azure Dragon buries. What's wrong? Are you also interested in our Azure Dragon Old Ancestor? Although his tomb is the Evil Spirit Clan construction, but our Dragon Clan comes luckily quickly, can therefore rob promptly! Azure Dragon tomb is being guarded by our Dragon Clan strongest ten Old Dragon now, if you thought that your strength is formidable enough, can try.” Long Peijin said. Your Dragon Clan strongest Old Dragon strong? Does inside have your Dragon Emperor?” Shen Xiang asked. They equally are formidable with our Dragon Emperor, Dragon Emperor is responsible for outside, therefore you must enter Azure Dragon tomb, must first defeat Dragon Emperor and our these Long Zilong grandsons.” Long Peijin both hands hold the chest, said: You should not want to enter Azure Dragon tomb really!” Shen Xiang also thinks Azure Dragon tomb was occupied by Evil Spirit Clan, has not thought that had been controlled by Dragon Clan completely! I am curious, wants to go to have a look, but heard you saying that I thought or consider as finished.” Shen Xiang does not want to rush hardly, because Long Xueyi is her woman, moreover in world of Nine Heaven Azure Dragon also with him is the good friend, therefore he does not want to offend here Dragon God Clan.

He planned quietly mixes, his ability to oneself this aspect is very self-confident! Dragon miss, why can this stars have such formidable barrier? Wraps entire great Great Heaven Star! Moreover big is such day star some waste, lets the center outside Star Law God Territory, the biggest Heaven World stars be smaller than this.” Shen Xiang asked: That is barrier the Evil Spirit Clan lane?” Naturally is not, here is the Azure Dragon birthplace, this stars are Heavenly Dao grant his family, was our Dragon God Clan native place! Not is only Azure Dragon, like White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, they also has similar stars, but they do not have their tribal group, therefore tomb cannot obtain to protect, was occupied by Evil Spirit Clan.” Long Peijin said. Has this matter? That other three divine beast have tomb met with a disaster?” In the Shen Xiang heart bewept secretly that such one, he must find the way to seek for other three divine beast Divine Soul. I do not know, in brief before all divine beast at the point of death, will find the way to protect own body!” Long Peijin shook the head: I must go back, returned to the late point to be scolded, actually I thought that you should go back to have a look with me quite well, by words that they repelled, came out again that's it.” Shen Xiang had considered, nodded: Good, I go back to have a look with you.” Long Peijin urged him: When the time comes may not use that Evil Spirit Clan strength, I do not think anything actually, but these old fellow did not think.” Good!” Shen Xiang complies with Long Peijin, he also knows that cannot by Dragon Clan be known he controls anti- strength, this will annoy to him much troublesome. Shen Xiang returns to Dragon Clan with Long Peijin, he understood that on the road Long Peijin has many complaints to Dragon Clan, because she was being looked down upon in the clan, but also was bullied frequently no matter the men and women bully her, from infancy to maturity is this. However she is very optimistic upwardly, otherwise she will not practice 90 five Godhead to come.

Why do they want to bully you?” Shen Xiang said: Is your a little issue? Otherwise the females of same clan absolutely not like this, moreover you very grow are also attractive, should be the comparison gets on well with others.” This is related with my father, my father has made the huge mistake, when I was just born, he was executed, my mother commits suicide together in the name of love to commit suicide.” Mentioned this matter, on the Long Peijin face has not revealed any sad color to come, Shen Xiang is unable from her look and facial expression catch to anything, is hard to know that this moment innermost feelings were thinking anything. I displayed in childhood very well, compared with fighting I can win frequently, lose to my person to refuse to accept, frequently takes my parents the matter, my very angry, then maliciously punches them! Because I also this matter was closed frequently, gradually, I have become a bad child, nobody and I played.” Long Peijin sighed. Let Shen Xiang to a point that she compares to admire is, although she treatment in the clan is not good, but she has the family idea very much, the sense of responsibility is very strong, wants to go all out to be able a moment ago to look with Shen Xiang from her. Long Peijin can practice to 90 five Godhead, definitely is also receives a point to look, otherwise this also very much has the difficulty, she was not favored by the elders, but the junior actually has a grudge with her, causing her not to get on well with others. Shen Xiang ran more than double-hour with Long Peijin, finally saw this Dragon God Clan the empire that constructed here, the scale was very big, looked in the distant place, that was a very huge city. „Are you many here dragon?” Shen Xiang asked: This city was also too big!” „More than 10,000, compared with Evil Spirit Clan, we are very little and very few.” Long Peijin said. These many dragons were also many!” Shen Xiang thinks that over ten thousand big dragon in the air leap the dance, thinks very fearful. This is also Dragon God Clan another branch . Moreover the strength is very strong.

Long Peijin brings Shen Xiang to arrive under the front door of city, here has a door of special difference! Sees the Long Peijin belt to come back a very strange person, these hair gray guarding the door old men are accidental, moreover is vigilant, they put out a grain of transparent bead. Who is he?” That old man asked that they will certainly not make Long Peijin bring Shen Xiang to go. He is humanity, does not intrude in barrier carefully, I worried that he was killed by Evil Spirit Clan outside, I led him to come back, I had confirmed his status, he was not Evil Spirit Clan.” Long Peijin said. Shen Xiang sees Long Peijin not to understand that him the Transformation Technique matter said that in the heart thought secretly Long Peijin definitely was thinking of him, after all this was White Dragon [lineage/vein] quite precious secret technique, initially White Dragon [lineage/vein] arrived at world of Nine Heaven, has spread, Shen Xiang saw other dragons to use Transformation Technique.