World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2302

„Is he really humanity that outside comes?” These old man of two guarding a gate hesitate erratically, they take that grain of transparent bead to turn circle side Shen Xiang, but also gathers the Shen Xiang's forehead.

Two grandfathers, you thought that Evil Spirit Clan will have skeleton Divine Pill? This fellow has, moreover his skeleton Divine Pill has seen with me is not quite same.” Although Long Peijin looks like careless, but is very careful, she had not said that Shen Xiang is Dan God, this definitely has her intention. Puts out to come to see!” These two Old Dragon two shine immediately, Evil Spirit Clan does not understand alchemy, because the Evil Spirit Clan practice way is different from them, therefore does not need Divine Pill to be auxiliary. Two Senior are good, this gives to you, but also after please, looks after much, after all I have not known when can leave this damned place.” Shen Xiang puts out two grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, gives these two Old Dragon. And old man is taking here skeleton Divine Pill, has stroked the beard, exclaims: This is High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill . Moreover the quality is very high, is the excellent quality! Is rare, Dragon Emperor he refines the excellent quality, leaves aptitude to be best.” Long Peijin has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly has directly delivered two grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, this is precious regarding her, low-grade skeleton Divine Pill was one type has expected for her, she has not eaten. Two Senior are really the good eyes, then can look.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Also asked you to accept.” Shen Xiang thought that Dragon God Clan dragon alchemy is definitely not much, otherwise these two old men will not make much ado about nothing to these two grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill! Long Xueyi, Leng Youlan and Long Huishan, Azure Dragon, is some fellows of not being able to sit still, he guessed that Dragon Emperor definitely was also forced, has obediently alchemy, or Dragon Clan cannot develop. Gives to us really?” In a old man heart was secretly excited. Naturally, I mean what he says!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This matter can not make widely known temporarily, otherwise too many people asked me to want, I now also only then such several grains! Two Senior defend in the entrance of this city, the duty is arduous, the strength also is very definitely strong, later also please give the point to facilitate anything.”

Shen Xiang in speaking flattery words, he saw these two dragons a moment ago is Thunder Dragon, and has hundred Godhead and five skeletons, such dragon in this Dragon Clan, definitely is also quite powerful, will otherwise not be used to guard a gate. Wants you are real humanity, we very much welcome! Relax, we speech in the clan are quite useful!” old man receives with a smile skeleton Divine Pill: „Different, me who came from outside already heard that outside barrier has many splendid Dan God, refinement Divine Pill is the quality is very good.” Evil Spirit Clan will not refine pill, do not say that put out two grains of quality excellent High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, therefore these two Old Dragon have believed Shen Xiang's words, before they had also tested with that type of bead, has not examined anti- strength that Evil Spirit Clan had. , Shen Xiang was very then relaxed has bribed guarding a gate two Old Dragon, entered in the city with Long Peijin, inside was also not a city, but was a tribe. For example thing that Long Peijin goes to hunt and kill, taking carry back apportions everybody. She brings Shen Xiang to arrive at a stone building, two different divine beast that hunting and killing hand over, on the road many dragons noted Shen Xiang, they inquired that who Long Peijin Shen Xiang was, but a Long Peijin character did not say that she had said before she here was not very popular, therefore she was also disinclined to respond, in her opinion, so long as Shen Xiang can through entrance two Old Dragon, she not need to explain that many again. Two heads that five Sir, this time I hunt and kill, can put for several days false to me!” Long Peijin said. Well, you can rest for one month, one month later comes here to report again.” That old man said with a smile, then looked to Shen Xiang: Who is this young fellow? How I have not seen, is he, as soon as were born to be hidden to raise by you?” Naturally is not, he astrays barrier humanity, I lead him.” Long Peijin replied, she said these many with this old man, can see her and being on very good terms of this old man.

actually this, determined that he wasn't Evil Spirit Clan?” These five Sir just asked that also knows one asked that if unascertainable, Shen Xiang cannot come. Because has many dragons to see Long Peijin to lead a strange man on the road to come, they are very curious, ask Long Peijin, Long Peijin did not reply, therefore they run up to the entrance to ask that two guarding a gate Old Dragon. These two Old Dragon will certainly not deliver the skeleton Divine Pill matter to say Shen Xiang that they also fear are kept thinking on. Shen Xiang thought that Azure Dragon tomb may very much in this city, he does not plan to rush hardly, now can only stay first here for several days, has a look to have other means that lets he quite smooth going in tomb. Long Peijin led a person of genuine goods at reasonable prices to come, this matter has spread quickly over entire Dragon Clan! In this city has the construction stone building , many mountains and rivers, but Long Peijin in being far away from the mountains and plains of stone building group, that is a cave. At this time, outside the Long Peijin cave has many dragons to surround, they want to see so-called humanity, most dragons have not seen! Actually, they want to know that outside world is what kind. Raging fire girl, be not hiding treasure, makes him come out with everybody to meet quickly.” This is the voice of female, hears charmingly, is full of the show vigor. Right, makes him come out with us to talk about outside matter quickly, the raging fire girl, we had not offended you before! The fellow who these and you have a grudge, where dares to be thick the face, they not.” In cave inside Shen Xiang, said with a smile: It seems like I am very popular!”

Also is only three points of heat degree, when they satisfy their curiosity, perhaps you will be said this and that by them.” Long Peijin said. Afterward, she arrives at mountain cave entrance, loudly exclaimed: Your this group of bored fellows, have this free time do not hunt for the beast, does here goof off, human such, anything has not made much ado about nothing, they except for will not melt turn into dragon, is the same with our present human shapes.” Gets out of the way quickly, do not quarrel I to rest.” The quick person completely was exposed, they also know that Long Peijin disposition, usually they are also look cold and indifferent to Long Peijin, now suddenly is so attentive, Long Peijin like this will not be strange. Pei Jin, did your father make mistakes? Unexpectedly receives that serious penalty!” Shen Xiang asked that he knows that Long Peijin did not evade such matter, therefore he also boldly asked.