World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2303
Massacres same race! In the clan has the stipulation, regardless of contradiction is big, cannot under the pain the killer, my father he be here violates the dragon of this clan regulations only.” Long Peijin is busy pouring various types of fruit juice from two bottle gourds, is mixing anything, although has not done well, but fragrant has overflowed. Therefore I since childhood am considered that inherits my father's bloodlines, was worried that I will also make such mistake, therefore everybody does not dare to approach me, but powerful does not fear me, but also enrages me intentionally, this matter occurred frequently, I have been used.” Long Peijin takes one bowl of fruit juice to hand over. Shen Xiang has drunk one, said with a smile: Good, has not thought that your this tall raging fire Female Dragon, understood unexpectedly makes this type of fruit juice.” Thinks tasty, here also has!” Long Peijin gave Shen Xiang but actually one cup, Shen Xiang thought that she was very good. Shen Xiang drinks completely in the hand this cup, just took up another cup, hears the shout on hearing outside Long Peijin, hurries to come out that human belt, my father must see him.” This sound is very unfriendly, is having very rampant expression. Go away!” Long Peijin roared, roar was bringing dragon roar, could see that she was angry. Shen Xiang was also frightened a big strip, moreover he also clearly induced to Long Peijin killing intent a moment ago! Before Long Peijin added in the clan cannot kill similar, but she had so big killing heart, if obviously did not have this custom, she already started. little girl, do not know good and bad, how I said that is also the elder, you are impolite to the elder, but must subject to a penalty.” This is the old sound, is having one ice-cold and threat. Go away!” Long Peijin also shouted one. Long Peijin, my good and bad is the Saint grandson in Dragon Clan, but my father is also the elder in Dragon Clan, you are so impolite to us, waits to subject to a penalty!”

Long Peijin has no longer responded them, but puts out a bulk meat, slivers the scrap, prepares to roast to Shen Xiang eats. Quick, that walked to fathers and sons, Shen Xiang asked: Pei Jin, why do you hate this fellow? if wanted do I help you tidy up him?” Does not use! This is false very to the fathers and sons, only then I know that they have how evilly evil and cruel, my mother will not commit suicide in the past, but was actually slandered by them, said that my mother also participates to massacre the same race matter...... Also, that Long Yingyi once conspired to me, I know luckily since childhood they are big rascal, therefore I pay great attention to my strength promotion very much, otherwise, was already tarnished by that bastard.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Really was goes bad to the family, this was the enmity of cannot live under the same sky! Perhaps your father massacres the same race matter, is related with that elder!” I am not clear, I do not have the evidence, in brief in the clan has some fellows is the restless good intention.” Long Peijin said: If Dragon Emperor must see you, I felt relieved actually makes you go, for many years, has been Dragon Emperor his old man in secret is helping my. Now Dragon Emperor has closed up, if he goes out, definitely the meeting sees your.” Shen Xiang nodded: Pei Jin, why didn't you say to fathers'and sons' matter that? Haven't you told Dragon Emperor?” Said that also nobody believes that was very good to fathers'and sons' image here that won the respect and trusts of many people! I have also told Dragon Emperor, but Dragon Emperor listened to me to say each time that they will avoid this matter.” After Shen Xiang hears, said: Very obvious Dragon Emperor also knows that what fellow they are, but Dragon Emperor has not coped with them , because their strengths are very strong? What handle does Dragon Emperor have to be held by them?” Before Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dai Donggong, was because was under the control of others, causing Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains to be controlled by the Dan God institute. „It is not clear! Must want to ravel, only then holds that to the fathers and sons, pressing for an answer maliciously can know, but this need strength! Long Yingyi is one of the Saint grandsons, his strength is not weak, but Long Jinrong is an elder, hundred Godhead and 78 skeletons, I am not his match.” Long Peijin has to grasp this unexpectedly to fathers'and sons' thought.

They, if so is really bad, I can help you get rid actually, even can clarify them also to do any matter wicked, I have cultivation technique that searches others to remember.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: These days we cannot stay here, don't you lead me to exit to stroll?” Tomorrow morning will exit again, today first rests.” Long Peijin has referred to a stone chamber: You rest in inside tonight! I now was somewhat tired, first rested!” ...... After the darkness, Shen Xiang has not rested, but lies on the bed, release quietly wisp of Divine Soul exits, float in upper air, observes the entire city. The dark night, here has the full moon, does not have the stars, Shen Xiang not to know where that moon comes, he felt that the moonlight is familiar with him is not quite same. The city does not have barrier formation anything, therefore Shen Xiang's Divine Soul can round trip free, now where he is seeking for Azure Dragon tomb, wants to have a look at Long Yingyi and Long Jinrong this to the fathers and sons where. Quick, Shen Xiang had found Long Yingyi, he alone walks on the road, clothes are somewhat chaotic, moreover on the face completely is also enchanted by, understood at a glance that just the ramble merrily came back. Long Yingyi lives in a big dwelling in stone building region, he just went back, Long Jinrong flies to leap up on hastily, said fierce: Exits to indulge in dissipation, when is dishonest!” Father, isn't my this sad? Long Peijin this inexpensive girl unexpectedly dares such to us, if falls into my hand, I must make that she lives to might as well die.” Long Yingyi whole face mean saying. Sooner or later she can be your, what are you anxious? In entered said!” Long Jinrong said solemnly.

In the Shen Xiang heart, this to such that the fathers and sons really and Long Peijin said that was badly the proficient bastards, moreover now is still planning any plot. Father, so long as I obtain to enter the qualifications of tomb, certainly can find the thing that we want.” Long Yingyi said with a sneer: When the time comes is Dragon Emperor, must kneel we.” I have related with Evil Spirit Clan that side! When the time comes you must win, like this you can through magic treasure that I refine, leads into Evil Spirit Clan the grave.” Long Jinrong said: These days you must practice, not make a mistake surely well at crucial moments.” I but now in the clan the Saint grandson first person, who is my match?” Long Yingyi very self-confident saying. I know, but this matter is important, once has succeeded, we can control this day star, entire Dragon Clan must listen our.” Long Jinrong severe saying: These days you must to me honest stay here, if makes a mistake, I could not forgive you.” Good, I rested!” Long Yingyi said that then returned to room. Shen Xiang listens secretly not ** the thing that explodes, then goes into the Long Peijin stone chamber during the night, these stone chambers do not have the gate, went in directly. Long Peijin is very vigilant, perceived that some people come, jumps hastily from the bed, to Shen Xiang angrily said: „Do you want to do?” Pei Jin, do not misunderstand, I have the important matter to tell you!” Shen Xiang whispered: „Really important, if I must play a dirty trick to you, you think that you can prevent me?”