World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2304
What important matter? Said!” Long Peijin coldly snorted, she does not trust Shen Xiang completely, therefore she rests kept Heart Eye. Long Yingyi and his father unite with Evil Spirit Clan secretly! They are planning to help Evil Spirit Clan enter Azure Dragon tomb.” Shen Xiang said. „Is this possible? Although they are hateful, but is insufficient to be able with other families to collude!” Long Peijin is somewhat surprised, said: Said again, must enter tomb not to be easy, even if Dragon Emperor is also very difficult.” Right? I listened to them saying that so long as obtained any qualifications, can enter Azure Dragon tomb! Also, that Long Yingyi is any Saint grandson, he is very self-confident to himself.” Shen Xiang said: Your does Dragon Clan have such matter?” Hears Shen Xiang such to ask that Long Peijin in great surprise, said suddenly hastily: Really has such matter, every other a period of time, Azure Dragon tomb will open the period of time! Only allows to have the dragon of qualifications to enter, has a quota each time.” Now believes that I, I also listened secretly them to speak a moment ago know! What what consequence if makes Evil Spirit Clan enter Azure Dragon tomb to have?” Shen Xiang asked. Consequence is serious, now Evil Spirit Clan is similar to our strengths, once they enter tomb, body of devour Azure Dragon, then their strengths will increase, when the time comes we are not the Evil Spirit Clan matches, we will be eliminated by them.” Long Peijin knits the brows saying: Then troubled!” Can be able to obtain the qualifications? We when the time comes obstruct him, didn't let qualifications not that's alright that he obtained?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This does not have anything to be difficult, or you told other elders. Reveals their fathers'and sons' plots.” „It is not good, their fathers and sons have the prestige in the clan very much, other elders will not believe my.” Long Peijin said: However because of me female, therefore I cannot participate in that qualifications to inspect, otherwise I will certainly prevent his.” What qualifications inspection is? Can I participate?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I want to go to Azure Dragon tomb to have a look actually.” You......” Long Peijin are looking at Shen Xiang, at present one bright, said: Could, but can you participate in the love, but must look at Great Elder, our Dragon Emperor are closing up, when the time comes he possibly cannot come out, moreover he usually the irresponsible this matter, gives Great Elder.”

You , to participate, so long as levelled that's alright Great Elder, although Great Elder was quite usually severe, but in secret to our these juniors was very good.” Shen Xiang understands that meaning of Long Peijin, is makes him use skeleton Divine Pill to make Great Elder stretch the rules. Words said that I am humanity, if I obtain the qualifications of entering successfully, your dragons do will think that isn't very willingly?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, this Dragon Clan very deficient Divine Pill, but Shen Xiang happen to had many, he thought that he can definitely level that Great Elder. But he somewhat was worried, the qualifications that if he obtains, here dragon makes not to allow him to go in greatly, then he wastes time. Finally can go, but must look at the consciousness of Azure Dragon, although Azure Dragon died, but he also leaves behind some consciousness, so long as when the time comes can step into tomb that sliding door, our Dragon Clan will not say anything.” Long Peijin said: Must know that in the past many dragons through the qualifications inspection, obtained first, but is actually not finally able to enter that gate! Hundred years one time, but can truly entitled actually not be many.” Good, tomorrow you will lead me to look for your Great Elder.” Shen Xiang nodded, he does not know can one stride in that sliding door finally. If can succeed, this is he will enter the Azure Dragon tomb most relaxed way. Dawn, Long Peijin has made eating giving Shen Xiang, she did not know about humanity very much, but she gets up to eat a thing every day to be comfortable, therefore she also thinks that humanity gets up also to need to eat the thing in the morning. The mortals truly must eat, but Shen Xiang this cultivation base, ate pill that's alright! Naturally, he eats now is also only the mouth addiction, tastes the flavor. Walks, I lead you to look for Great Elder, you do not speak on the road, do not pay attention to them.” Long Peijin said. Shen Xiang goes out of the cave with Long Peijin, arrives at the lively stone building group, here is equal to causing trouble such.

This is humanity! Does not have anything special, but looked like be more than spirit that Evil Spirit Clan pretended to be.” Face is also much longer, humanity that Evil Spirit Clan that group of fellows pretend to be was really too ugly, initially how did that many idiots believe?” Raging fire girl, did you toss about one him yesterday evening all night? How or he does not speak now, it is estimated that was made to toss about very tired.” Male laughing. In this crowd of longans, can be together a evening in a cave with Long Peijin, that has the skill, although Long Peijin does not get on well with others, male Dragon Keduo but who wants to conquer her, but nobody can ride until now her. Shen Xiang thinks very speechless, any words of this flock of dragons dare saying that now he understands why Long Peijin does not want to respond them. Long Peijin brings Shen Xiang to arrive at quite big stone building Outer Sect, she knocks on a door, shouted: Great Elder, do you have free time now?” Whole face serious white hair old man opens Stone Gate, in the eye full is severe. Pei Jin, is this that humanity that you pick?” Great Elder looked at Shen Xiang, put out a grain of transparent bead to shake shaking in front of Shen Xiang, saw the bead not anything difference, nodded: „It is not Evil Spirit Clan.” On road that came a moment ago , many dragons take this type of bead to run up to by him to sway, for has a look at him is Evil Spirit Clan. Comes to speak!” Although Great Elder looks like ominous, but is very good to speak, please enter in Shen Xiang and Long Peijin the room.

After going, Long Peijin comes straight to the point, said: Great Elder, his named Shen Xiang, he does not know that any reason enters in barrier, now does not have the place, I worried that he was caught by Evil Spirit Clan, therefore led him!” Great Elder nodded: In outside truly very danger(ous). Takes to bring in him also well, can allow us to understand that the barrier Outer Sect world, little brat, can say with me?” Naturally! The matter in which aspect do you want to listen to?” Shen Xiang asked. Listens to the Dragon God Clan matter, Dragon God Clan is Star Law God Territory one of the four big God Clan, is strongest God Clan, you said Dragon God Clan first, then said other three big God Clan.” Great Elder is a little excited at this time, initially he was sent to guard Azure Dragon tomb by Dragon God Clan, a twinkling on the past these many years. Dragon God Clan, had not exterminated the clan, but also hides now, they have hidden long time, therefore I did not understand, recently Dragon God Clan situation!” Shen Xiang sighed. Dragon God Clan must hide unexpectedly, this lets Great Elder and Long Peijin very suspects the Shen Xiang's words.