World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2305

Shen Xiang sees their facial expressions, said: I only know that expert in Dragon God Clan, majority the Black Dragon flower was poisonous, this was Star Law God Territory for serveral days star Big Shot did!” This what's the matter? Will Star Law God Territory have such matter? Is humanity too envies our Dragon God Clan, therefore is ruthless to us?” Great Elder angry saying. Naturally is not, your Dragon God Clan is good! Undead God Clan entire has exterminated the clan, only then the scattered undying person, roams about in various places.” Shen Xiang then knows about this matter oneself complete said. After listening, Great Elder sighed very: Young heart in the old days! Star Law God Territory turns into this unexpectedly, initially our Azure Dragon Old Ancestor clearly knows own life essence will be near, didn't appoint?” Shen Xiang said: Dragon God Clan should quick be able to get up from new cheer up, Star Law God Territory certainly must when the time comes hit. Dragon God Clan joins up with other two big God Clan, should be have the good strength.” Great Elder, Shen Xiang he also wants to participate in the qualifications inspection, he also wants to have a look at Azure Dragon tomb.” Long Peijin said that this is they looks for the Great Elder goal today. This, somewhat is perhaps improper, after all he is humanity.” Great Elder shook the head. Great Elder, Shen Xiang can come here, has very big help to our Dragon Clan.” Long Peijin also said: Participates in qualifications inspection to him, finally can enter Azure Dragon tomb, the consciousness of Azure Dragon makes the decision.” Shen Xiang puts out two grains of Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill hastily, said with a smile: Great Elder, I listened to Pei Jin saying that your here was deficient this Divine Pill, sure.” This Great Elder saw these two grains of Divine Pill, old eyes to look straight, exclaimed: Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill!” Really, this was only the regard of younger generation, Great Elder should not be polite.” Shen Xiang grinning fills Highest quality Divine Pill: Said, I participate in the qualifications inspection also goal, wants to have a look at own strength to differ far with your Dragon Clan talent.”

Before Long Peijin, had suggested Shen Xiang bribes this Great Elder with some skeleton Divine Pill, at that time she also only thinks that Shen Xiang will use High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, has not thought that now unexpectedly is Highest quality! Great Elder thought that Long Peijin said is also very reasonable, but makes Shen Xiang participate in the inspection, finally can go in not necessarily, Shen Xiang in the inspection may also be defeated. If Shen Xiang can go in really Azure Dragon tomb, then their entire clan did not have any words saying that this obtained the Azure Dragon approval after all. Since the young fellow is so warm, I embarrassed have also rejected, many thanks.” Great Elder remembers when his previous time sees this quality good skeleton Divine Pill, was very remote matter, but Dragon Emperor closed up the alchemy practice all day, pill majority that refined were quite disappointing, even if he can obtain, was not big to his help. But this quality excellent Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill was different, can perhaps make him concentrate the skeleton. 12 days later, you looked for my that's alright, I led you to participate in the qualifications inspection.” Great Elder said. Solves this matter, Shen Xiang and Long Peijin were loose much, before they came, thought invalid, when the time comes needs to try to find another way. After returning to the Long Peijin cave, Long Peijin said: Your unexpectedly also understood that refines Highest quality Divine Pill, it seems like your alchemy technique be higher than compared with Dragon Emperor, can look from the Great Elder facial expression.” Your present does if wanted eat the skeleton Divine Pill practice skeleton?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Your present foundation is good, starts to practice the skeleton quite to be also easy, but must bear not the small pain, this pain you have not possibly attempted.” You did not say how many skeleton Divine Pill you didn't have? You leave you!” Although Long Peijin wants, but she thinks that thinks or leaves Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang needs to flatter the Dragon Clan elder here with skeleton Divine Pill.

My skeleton Divine Pill is not many, but my some divine medicine, momentarily can refine!” Shen Xiang puts out several grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill to give Long Peijin. Long Peijin now 90 five Godhead, therefore the body also was very definitely strong, therefore she cultivates the first skeleton time, with low-grade skeleton Divine Pill is incorrect. Takes away!” Shen Xiang fills in the hand of Long Peijin, then spoke the main point of congealing skeleton to her. Long Peijin keeping firmly in mind, because she must become stronger, cultivates matter that the skeleton is she has also expected. She after own stone chamber, Shen Xiang also goes back alchemy, he currently has the time, but in his hand many skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, he must refine more while the present, when he returns to Blue Clouds City, must provide one in large numbers. Several double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang hears the weak pain to chant in a low voice, this makes in his heart be startled secretly. unexpectedly only eats one grain successfully to congeal the first skeleton, very fierce!” Yue'er also heard, said with a smile: It seems like she with your help, quick can concentrate many skeletons.” If I can skeleton Divine Fruit success refined into pill, the congealing skeleton be perhaps quicker.” Shen Xiang recalled when he concentrates the eighth skeleton experience, thinks very crisp. Shen Xiang continues alchemy, perhaps he also needs to use skeleton Divine Pill here, he thought that is used to buy these Divine Dragon to be easy-to-use, he even wants to turn a number of Divine Dragon. Quick in one day, Shen Xiang arrives at Long Peijin the entrance of stone chamber, seeing inside to have crash-bang the underwater sound, knows that Long Peijin is flushing the body. He knows before Long Peijin, was almost encroached by Long Yingyi, running off that therefore he is tactful very much, Long Peijin in this aspect is very sensitive.

Shen Xiang is fiddling with these earthen jar in the hall, inside has the fruit juice good ratafia, he made a point to come out to drink. Soon, Long Peijin comes out from the stone chamber, at this time she congealed the skeleton, was also very happy, seems like also more attractive. Long Peijin was called is the raging fire girl, knows that her disposition is fiery that how Shen Xiang also thought that when he sees the Long Peijin careful mixing ratafia now that gentle side, thought that is very pleasant. Feels what kind of? Thought did one become fierce are more?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Um, the process of congealing skeleton is very painful, but for me nothing.” Long Peijin carries pot ratafia to come, has filled to the brim one cup to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang just wants to drink, dragon roar transmits like thunder cry, shakes Deuksan-dong to sway slightly! Long Peijin complexion big change: Was Evil Spirit Clan has invaded, I must exit to accept a challenge now, your stay here!” Shen Xiang thinks immediately strange, Long Yingyi and Long Jinrong father and son, do not help Evil Spirit Clan mix in Azure Dragon tomb, now Evil Spirit Clan should staying well be right in own domain.