World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2307
Shen Xiang is holding appreciatively in the hand that four grains of Evil Spirit Blood Pearl, he also thinks that before this thing is unusable, has not thought that Dragon Clan that attaches great importance to this Blood Pearl. How does your dragon use this Evil Spirit Blood Pearl generally?” Shen Xiang asked. Eats! Although Evil Spirit is called Evil Spirit, however their strength actually very pure, for example this Evil Spirit Blood Pearl , to promote Godhead cultivation base to have very big help to us, because inside contains pure blood energy, after eating up, can the building up strength strong body.” Long Peijin said. Your does if wanted give a try?” Shen Xiang hands over one grain. Does not use, I practice to 90 five Godhead, fleshly body was also very formidable, words that eats again, the request to skeleton Divine Pill extremely will be also high.” Long Peijin said. Shen Xiang eats up one grain, after Evil Spirit Blood Pearl enters his body, immediately melts, is similar to cool wind is swaying in his within the body in all directions, quick integrates with his flesh and blood bone. Good mysterious Evil Spirit Blood Pearl, I also think that must build up one!” Shen Xiang exclaims, then eats up the remaining three grains. Your this was equal to fusing four skeletons!” Long Peijin said: You had not perceived that what the body does have to change?” Has, has not thought that the speed of fusion is so fast, if are more, can perhaps help me concentrate the skeleton.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he also casually said that what because he then must concentrate was the ninth skeleton, was final, very difficult. Long Peijin said: So long as this time we can break bad dragon Jinrong their plan that's alright, waits for Dragon Emperor to come out, I will tell him this matter.”

Enters the quota of Azure Dragon grave, only then, so long as can obtain can break bad dragon Jinrong their plan, even if Shen Xiang cannot enter the Azure Dragon grave finally, so long as can obtain the quota, the plan of Long Jinrong fathers and sons will still be scrapped. Shen Xiang loathed this to the fathers and sons, but they sent Evil Spirit to catch him before unexpectedly, this enabled in his heart to have killed the heart, he most disliked others such to treat him. More than ten days must start that qualifications to inspect, concrete content Long Peijin does not know, but she actually knows that qualifications inspection is conducted outside the Azure Dragon grave. In the following time, Long Peijin grasps the time practice skeleton, in her hand also has skeleton Divine Pill that Shen Xiang gives, she has despised the Long Jinrong fathers and sons, although the Dragon Clan stipulation cannot kill one another, but she actually does not care, so long as has enough cuts to kill the Long Jinrong fathers'and sons' strength, she will certainly get rid. Quick, more than ten days on the past, Great Elder also arrived at the Long Peijin cave. For serveral days, Long Peijin cultivated a skeleton, now she had the second skeleton. She goes to hunt and kill different divine beast frequently, therefore in her hand is taking many good Divine Soul, can integrate in her skeleton. Great Elder, you come really early.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Can you make me carry on the qualifications inspection really smoothly?” You could rest assured that I received your grain of Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill, I ensure can make you smoothly.” On the Great Elder serious face has shown a smiling face, could see that grain of skeleton Divine Pill makes him harvest much. In the Shen Xiang heart thinks secretly strange, this Dragon Clan inside dragon practice skeleton was also too quick a point! Long Peijin these more than ten in days, practice two to come! But at present this Great Elder, as if also just cultivated one, otherwise whole face serious he, will not smile. Long Peijin is also same, although she has not smiled, but can actually be able to see that her is happy, she is also accompanying Shen Xiang, goes to carry on the inspection with Great Elder the place.

Now the direction, was the middle of this city, Shen Xiang also touches to this inside environment ripe, but where he did not know the Azure Dragon grave. The middle has one looks like the quite worn-out dwelling, before this dwelling Shen Xiang, has looked with Divine Soul, he has not thought of the Azure Dragon grave unexpectedly nearby this. Before Long Peijin, has said that carries on the inspection the place outside the Azure Dragon grave, this worn-out dwelling inspects the place, then said the Azure Dragon grave in the nearby. The courtyard is quite big , the small lakes in the courtyard, the lake middle builds one is looking like very fine blue brick small stone building! Before Shen Xiang's Divine Soul has grazed this dwelling time, noted, he also had appreciated at that time. Great Elder, do you lead them to do? This is qualifications inspection, the female and other families person cannot participate.” What speech is Long Yingyi, his look brings gloomy and cold to look at Shen Xiang and Long Peijin, their four strength good Evil Spirit, they think that is Shen Xiang and Long Peijin does. Long Jinrong takes the elder , here, him said: Great Elder, if you make them come to see to watch the fun I not to have the opinion...... If you allow them to participate, I must oppose.” Long Jinrong has planned, cannot have uncertainties! Great Elder goes to Shen Xiang and Long Peijin personally calls, understood at a glance that this is not the simple invitation watches, is very likely must allow them to participate. Great Elder coldly said: Our Dragon Clan may not have any rule to say does not allow outside the clansman to participate! Pei Jin comes to see lively, what participates is this little brother, outside his arrival, lets the matter that we know have, moreover he also obtains the protection of Evil Spirit Clan, weakens the Evil Spirit Clan strength.” Shen Xiang simply has not obtained the protection of Evil Spirit Clan, that is only Long Jinrong to look for trouble made Evil Spirit Clan say that intentionally, now has not thought that unexpectedly became Great Elder must let the reason that Shen Xiang participated in the qualifications inspection.

Great Elder, you...... I do not allow him to participate.” Long Jinrong thought that Shen Xiang is not simple, otherwise he sent out four Evil Spirit skilled people unable dying quietly. Long Jinrong, you managed probably too widely! In Dragon Clan, your some responsibility, I never inquired about! But the inspection is I am responsible, if you want to change my decision, you also can only kill me, otherwise in any event, I must allow him to participate today, or please come out Dragon Emperor, making him make the decision.” The Great Elder expression is very strong, he very serious face, at this time looks like scarier. Great Elder very much has the prestige in this, at this time several elders stand to speak for Great Elder, after all his strength is placed there. How at this time Long Jinrong does not want again, does not have any means that can only make Shen Xiang participate in the qualifications inspection! In addition Shen Xiang, altogether is ten dragon and a humanity! That ten dragons are the Saint grandson, the strength are very strong, Long Peijin beforehand detailed has told Shen Xiang their strength. Good, the inspection preparation starts, first said the rule with you! When the time comes you need to plunge into this Azure Dragon lake!” Great Elder has referred to the front that small lake: Do not look at this is a small lake, after you jump, will go to secret realm, that was Azure Dragon established in the past, went in three days later, you will be delivered to the water surface automatically.” However you go in the inspection that must face seek for many dragon scales fragments, that is Azure Dragon with the fragment that own dragon scales refinement becomes, three days later, whose dragon scales are many, who obtains first! Remember, obtains dragon scales to drop the blood to go, such one, even if were robbed, will not keep a promise.” Sounds to be very simple, but enters secret realm together, definitely will have the conflict!