World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2308
Shen Xiang looked at Long Yingyi, contacts the Long Yingyi vision, he feels thick killing intent! Great Elder also loud voice said: „In, you go in cannot open the buddhist commandment against taking life, can injure the opposite party, if slaughters, not only will be deprived the qualifications, after coming out, must be executed by the clan regulations, you must remember surely.” Great Elder looks at Shen Xiang, serious saying: Shen Xiang, when the time comes do not open kill, otherwise we same will execute your! Naturally, they cannot kill you, if they kill you, I will also make them pay with a life.” The Shen Xiang nod said: Great Elder, I remembered!” Good! However you go not to seek many dragon scales mostly, because you are not the dragon! But our Dragon Clan has induction to dragon scales, will therefore have many superiority compared with you! Naturally, you go are also informed and experienced, do not care.” Great Elder said. Heard Great Elder saying that in the Long Jinrong heart secretly has also felt relieved, he knows that Great Elder said well, sought for the dragon scales words, their Dragon Clan certainly be quicker than humanity. Then starts to enter Azure Dragon secret realm now! Is also waiting for you in some in many tests, dragon scales is not that easily can obtain, even if you can induce obtain, but must be able to obtain after many difficulties.” Great Elder said. Afterward, other Shen Xiang and ten Saint grandsons, in abundance plunges into the Azure Dragon lake! Just bumped into the lake water, Shen Xiang emits the white light at present, then he discovered that he falls in a piece of mire, made that the whole body is dirty. Induces dragon scales? It seems like must obtain the qualifications to be a little difficult, such rule needs a luck probably, even if I here, Long Yingyi may not obtain the only quota.” Shen Xiang gets up from the mire, releases water attribute Divine Power, float in own top of the head, hurries mire flushing, then releases the heat drying body. „Can you induce dragon scales? Otherwise on came in vain.” Yue'er said: In brief I cannot induce.”

Shen Xiang puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, said: I and Azure Dragon some descendant many contacts, now can only have a look at Nine Firmaments Divine Sword inside Azure Dragon part to have the response first.” Nine Firmaments Divine Sword also refines with the body of Azure Dragon, but that is descendant Azure Dragon, the strength does not have the great strength of this Star Law God Territory. Had the response!” The Shen Xiang draw lifts Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, turns circle same place, changes to a direction the time, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword suddenly trembled. Hehe, so long as some responses, I have the opportunity.” Shen Xiang receives Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, toward direction teleport that the sword referred to a moment ago in the past. In this Azure Dragon secret realm, airborne piece white, does not have the sunlight, the temperature is very balanced, once for a while will have the wind to blow, Shen Xiang thought that in this should not have the dark night. Azure Dragon secret realm is really big!” Shen Xiang teleport the small moment, has been able to feel, if outside, he already were far away from this Longcheng. Shen Xiang arrives by a hill, he saw a cave in the distant place, he puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, discovered Nine Firmaments Divine Sword , when the directional cave will shiver. In inside?” Shen Xiang is very discrete, releases wisp of Divine Soul to go in the investigation investigation, but Divine Soul just moved restriction of mountain cave entrance to disperse. Has formation barrier!” Shen Xiang arrives at mountain cave entrance, uses Dao Heart Eye to look to inside, five colors light glow that but sends out except for various attribute the air/Qi of Spiritual God, anything did not have. Nine Firmaments Divine Sword only then points at this cave to shiver, only then in going in knows. It seems like can only go to be able to know personally.” Shen Xiang displays teleport, smoothly across barrier of cave entrance, after entering to inside, he releases wisp of Divine Soul, making Divine Soul flutter to the end of cave, quick sees there to have a table, above was placing the azure armor piece of nail size.

dragon scales fragment?” The Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised [say / way], then walked, but he has not thought that just arrived by the table, works on the dragon scales fragment, he hears kā chā, triggered any mechanism likely. Had troublesome!” The Shen Xiang brow selects, immediately teleport leaves the cave, when he runs that cave, Shen Xiang has not seen that hill again, but those who let his creepy feeling, that hill turned into a giant toad. A moment ago I in this goods innermost?” Shen Xiang thinks that the body cannot help but trembled trembling. This fellow came!” Yue'er hastily shouted. Shen Xiang also saw, this grey giant frog jump, unexpectedly surmounts thousand zhang (3.33 m), jumped directly. You ugly, I do not want to fight with you.” Shen Xiang puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, the giant frog that flies to jump chops several waves of Sword Qi, then on the concealment aura, teleport is far away from here hastily. These dragon scales fragments is who lays aside? The pit deceased person, I must be careful next time!” Shen Xiang thinks one had entered in a disgusting giant frog mouth, is very at heart uncomfortable. Shen Xiang just came in shortly, to obtain the dragon scales fragment together, he lifts Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to turn circle same place, felt that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword shivers, he immediately stops, then toward that direction teleport in the past. Is a forest, trees is very crowded, should not have a moment ago that type of disgusting thing.” Shen Xiang enters in the forest, once for a while will put out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to confirm the discovery. Soon, he arrives under a great tree, this great tree compared with the surrounding trees big more than ten times, be this that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword refers to greatly sets up. Shen Xiang walked around the big tree, has not discovered anything exceptionally, he looked with Dao Heart Eye, but actually cannot see anything.

He also thinks strange, why is unable to see that giant frog with Dao Heart Eye a moment ago. In order to guarantee will not run up to the strange thing in again the mouth, he used Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to puncture this big tree several swords, did not have anything to respond, the sap that the big tree flowed was bringing thick Life Force. Yi brother, a grain of Evil Spirit Blood Pearl receiving in exchange together dragon scales fragment, this is you reach an agreement, now I bring the dragon scales fragment that you go to me to induce, so long as I take, you immediately give me Evil Spirit Blood Pearl.” Shen Xiang suddenly hears to have the sound to transmit, his hastily hides. This was Long Yingyi and another Saint grandson came, listened to that Saint grandson's words, they should be are making the transaction! Long Yingyi exchanges the dragon scales fragment with Evil Spirit Blood Pearl, this also to guarantee him can enter the Azure Dragon grave, so long as can enter the Azure Dragon grave, their plans will succeed, before then, the sacrifice many was also again worth. Good, you a bit faster go to take out the dragon scales fragment that you induce, I give you Evil Spirit Blood Pearl.” Long Yingyi said: Also only then your luck good to run into me, can receive in exchange for Evil Spirit Blood Pearl, you should be very clear, depending on your strength, you are very difficult to obtain that quota, might as well and I trades with the dragon scales fragment.”